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Head. No background : 3 USD --300 pts

Yuuri - Eros by GabbrielFrost  Kiss by GabbrielFrost

  Waist-up. No or simple background :4 USD -> 400pts
  Knuckles human 2 by GabbrielFrostOliver by GabbrielFrost  
Couple  halfbody  - $5 USD -> 500pts


 Animals and beasts - Fullbody. No or simple background : 6 USD -> 600pts

The Bugbear redrawed by GabbrielFrost  Tanuki by GabbrielFrost

Fullbody. No or simple background : 6 USD  -> 600pts
  Tatsuya II by GabbrielFrost  Jack Pumpkinhead by GabbrielFrost

Fullbody, 2 Characters 7 USD -> 700pts

Nevaeh and Heaven by GabbrielFrost

Colorful 9 USD -> 900pts
Amatrolos-Contest Entry by GabbrielFrost
Page 11 USD -1100pts

Pag-2 by GabbrielFrost

My commission terms:

- You can change the drawing while it is still in the sketch, so make sure that's what you want.
- I will send to you the WIP by note, for you know how it's going .
- And finally, I'll post the drawing .

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