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More Mario Puns



Some of these you might have heard of before, others may be new to you. Beware of bad puns, lol.

- When Luigi's says "mustache," he means "must ask." (I must ask (mustache) you a question). You probably heard of this one before =p
- Y'know how you're pruney after staying in the water for a long time, like pruney fingers? And also how peaches can get wrinkly like a prune? ...That's kinda what the Peach pun is about :0
- Mario Kart ==> Wario Fart... I just changed two letters xD The 'Paperless Mario' part was based from the Paper Mario series.

Anyways, hope this was easy enough to understand XD Making a second set of puns was harder though, but not too bad :)

The first set of Mario puns:…
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No, Toadsworth. No, you're not.