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Didn't make the CUT

By Gabasonian
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Commission for :icongraycomputer:

He wanted a comic about cutting the grass in Pokemon.
You could cut grass in Generations 1-3 like so (to avoid wild pokemon encounters, etc.):…

However (Generation 4-6), you can't go cutting grass like that anymore yo.

Anyway, thanks for commissioning me!
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Happy Holidays  :santa:
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I think they did that for the challenge, sib!
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They took it out in Gen 4, where the encounter rates were the highest!
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I didn't know you could do that in the older games!  Why did they get rid of it?  To keep the repel companies in business?
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I don't remember ever hearing people complaining about cutting grass because of environmental loss. The grass literally grows right back if you leave the route/town and walk back. Also, almost no one knew about the feature anyway. Not to mention people cut grass in real life and no one complains so why would a game be any different. Also, I don't think Nintendo would take out a feature because of that I mean people complained about pokemon fighting in general and their answer to that was team plasma. I don't think sjws caused them to remove it and even if they did don't you think almost every pokemon fan would know about it.  There are plenty more logical reasons to why Nintendo could've gotten rid of it then some invisible sjw that almost no one knows about forcing Nintendo to make the decision, don't you think that would be kind of a big deal in the pokemon community or possibly even the news. Some more plausible reasons why they could have taken it out because, it was just a little easter egg, almost no one used it, almost no one knew about it, it was underused, grass was meant to be an obstacle and cut was a move that you literally have to have anyway so your getting rid of an obstacle for no cost, they didn't think it was important or people didn't care about it, same reason they have gotten rid of features in the past like pokech, c-gear or pokegear, not because it was bad, but just to try something new. And it's not like anyone complained since like I said no one knew about it. Also cut doesn't exist in Alola as an HM now anyway so even if it was there it makes no difference know.
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Dude, I was making a joke.
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PokeSpe - Blue icon : repel is way easier than using cut.
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And less time consuming.
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That's one reason. The other reason is that a bunch of SJWs were crying foul of all the Pokemon losing their habitats.
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You do realize I was joking, right?
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Wow, I played the Gen 3 games, and I never figured out you could cute the grass!
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It was like a harder but free repel system. And I still wish that was in Gen 4, where encounter rates were the highest
Also "cute the grass?" Is grass too creepy or something, so have to make it kawaii?
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No, that was just a typo! :D
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Sorry, I meant to say cut!
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Yeah, I miss using Cut on the tall grass as well, especially when I discovered that I could cut the grass by accident. My guess as to why the stopped this was because of the shift to 3D-based maps in Gen 4, so it was probably taken out because of technical related stuff.
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another thing i know you can do in pokemon is move multiple pokemon in the boxes, is really helpfull when organizing stuff
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Did PETA change it over the year?
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I miss cutting grass
Dinahmite64's avatar
What?! You can cut the grass?! :wow: How did I not know this?? :O
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Me neither!
i didn't play the old games :/
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I didn't either, my first games were XY and ORAS. But now it's time for I CHOOSE YOU LITTEN! Icon I CHOOSE YOU POPPILO! Icon I CHOOSE YOU ROWLET! Icon 
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