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Hey everyone!

Sorry I've been so quiet. A LOT has been going on in life, and most of it has been Not Fun(tm). But, things are finally looking up, and I'll be more active here/there/everywhere soon. I currently have no cons scheduled, commissions are closed (and I have a backlog to finish), but the comic will is back on schedule. I'm hoping 2017 will see us back in the convention circuit, which means stalking con reg this summer. Fingers crossed that we can hit FC, Rainfurrest, BLFC, something on the east coast (not sure what), and if we're VERY lucky-- Confuzzled. Not sure. But we'll work on that. I miss it. I miss YOU guys.

This year is all about getting things in order now that Aaron and I both have jobs again- good jobs! -upgrading equipment, paying things off, repairing credit, etc. Maybe getting a car, since ours was repossessed this last summer (yeah it was a FUN year lemme tell ya). I'm also finally going to get the medical care that I've needed for a while, which will allow me to be at my desk without so much pain. That means MORE art and MORE writing. Yay!

Anyway, just know that I'm not dead. In fact, I'm posting really crappy sketches on my tumblr quite often, which you can see here:

I say crappy because I draw doodles while at work and take photos with my cell phone (that has had no service for months) in poor lighting. But there are occasionally fun things, so go watch me if you're of a tumblring sort!

THANK YOU for your patience and continued support. You're all the best! <3
TrueError Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Do you smosh a temmie? 
JordanGreywolf Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ouch!  That's pretty bad about the repossessed car, but I'm so glad to hear that the job situation is improved -- and the medical care, too.

That crazy "Rabbit Rabbit" routine is stuck in my head every time a new month rolls over (I BLAME YOU!  ;D ) and if nothing else serves as a reminder for me to pray for you two.  I wish I could be more helpful in terms of, say, sharing opportunities, but things have been pretty sparse around here for a long time.

I hope you find time to post some more of your doodles.  I enjoy them!  :)
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Submitted on
January 6, 2016