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I've been pretty active on twitter and tumblr, though!
Hey everyone!

Sorry I've been so quiet. A LOT has been going on in life, and most of it has been Not Fun(tm). But, things are finally looking up, and I'll be more active here/there/everywhere soon. I currently have no cons scheduled, commissions are closed (and I have a backlog to finish), but the comic will is back on schedule. I'm hoping 2017 will see us back in the convention circuit, which means stalking con reg this summer. Fingers crossed that we can hit FC, Rainfurrest, BLFC, something on the east coast (not sure what), and if we're VERY lucky-- Confuzzled. Not sure. But we'll work on that. I miss it. I miss YOU guys.

This year is all about getting things in order now that Aaron and I both have jobs again- good jobs! -upgrading equipment, paying things off, repairing credit, etc. Maybe getting a car, since ours was repossessed this last summer (yeah it was a FUN year lemme tell ya). I'm also finally going to get the medical care that I've needed for a while, which will allow me to be at my desk without so much pain. That means MORE art and MORE writing. Yay!

Anyway, just know that I'm not dead. In fact, I'm posting really crappy sketches on my tumblr quite often, which you can see here:

I say crappy because I draw doodles while at work and take photos with my cell phone (that has had no service for months) in poor lighting. But there are occasionally fun things, so go watch me if you're of a tumblring sort!

THANK YOU for your patience and continued support. You're all the best! <3… !!!

12-3pm Mountain: Let's Write!
I'm going to start from scratch on the bonus story for the first Dangerous Cute book... and I want you to contribute!

4-7pm: Doodle Requests
5-10 minute doodles for anyone in the stream! More info coming soon -- different location and a special surprise!…
THIS IS THE ADDRESS FOR THIS STRETCH! Yes, it will redirect you somewhere, but that's part of the surprise~~

8-11pm: Campfire
I have a prompt and we're ALL going to draw! It'll be a fun night of show-and-tell!

All donations go toward helping me get moved this week! My paypal address is -- Thank you for your support!
I just made a huge post on my tumblr blog about commissions, since I owe people art AND an explanation. Please see here for more details:…

TL;DR - I'm no longer taking personal commissions. I will, however, finish what I owe. Please help me make a new and up-to-date list so that I can keep better track and get everyone taken care of.

Thank you <3
I have been missing for a few months. Not literally, but like, disappeared doing a million things and going through some stuff. But I'm doing my best to get back into the swing of things, so thanks for being patient while I'm figuring everything out. I owe a bunch of people emails and notes and commission updates and con posts and... aaaahhhh! I swear I am chipping away at it every day. 

UHM... will have a con schedule for 2014 up soon... 

And I do have a weasyl account, username 'gab' -

Missed you all re: FC. I really hope we get to go in 2015! Things have just been totally crazy. Layoffs and our house was broken into and we were ROBBED and then like I got sick and missed a bunch of work and fallouts with close friends/family and... ick.


But I am still here. Alive and stubborn. Thanks to those who went looking for me when I was missing too long. It means the world. <3
There's not much time left before Confuzzled! I've opened up a limited number of clingy badges to complete and bring to the con, so if you're interested, head over here for details:…
Hey everyone!

Thanks for all of the notes and interest lately in the clingy badges etc for pickup at Confuzzled! I haven't announced slots yet because i need to make sure that I get my con work for CFZ done (you know, being the GoH and all) in time, and get caught up on my backlog of commissions, before I take on any more.

I HOPE to make an announcement for slots in a week or two... but really, it comes down to figuring out how much time I'm going to have. I don't wanna make anyone mad at me. :D

Thanks for your patience!!! <3
I've got an icon night lined up and some clingy badge spaces available - go here to find out more!…
Hey everyone! I'm currently at Anime Vegas. If you're there, come drop by my table in the Artist Alley. It would be pretty awesome!


I'm almost sold out of Rainbow Dash buttons, too. So def come get them before they're gone.
Okay, so I'm back from my first selling-at-a-table con, and I'm happy to report that it was AWESOME. Thanks to everyone who stopped by to say hi and buy things - it was wonderful to meet all of you! I don't know that I've ever had so much fun at a con before. :)

The next one coming up is Anime Vegas in November, so let me know if you're coming... and then come say hi to me!
After months and months of saying I was going to get this done, my new portfolio website is FINALLY finished and online! Check it out! 8D !!!

I'll probably be rewriting bits of the bio here and there, and changing out portfolio pieces as clients approve recent designs. But I like it SO much better than my old site... sooo much better. :)
Moving is expensive, and we're paying for both places at the moment, so money is tight! What I'm offering are a couple of character commissions, sketchy commissions, icons, and clingy badges! Please see here for details:…
Icon commission slots for this sunday!:…


I am finally home from FC! And it is really really late so I will make this brief.

OMG <3

I had so much fun catching up with old friends and meeting some of my online favorites for the first time and making all sorts of new friends! It was awesome. I got LOTS of drawing done and will be scanning/posting those soon. Probably tomorrow, since we got in at 4am and there's no way I'm going into work. Awesome. :D

Also hi to all of my new watchers!

...and yes, I am going to try to get a table for next year. For once. Ha ha ... hah.

Where are you staying?
One of the con hotels... the Hilton!

Where will you be most of the time during the day/s?
Artist lounge or just wherever. I will probably draw like woah.

Who will you be with?
fault +  themutant + Tati and Ferret and whoever else wants to hang out!

Do you do free art?
I'll probably be doing some sketches and stuff for whoever, yeah. I'm gonna bring lots of post-it notes, too. :D

Do you do trades?
Uhhhmmm... that is ... harder... I only want to give things away if it can be quick and I don't have to feel guilty about it later.

Do you do commissions?
Not this time around. Still got a full queue. BUT I will have cute business cards and you are more than welcome to take one so you can add me to all of your social media and be notified when I am open again. :D

Do you have prints/ CDs ?
Don't have a table this year, sorry.

What suits will you have?
No suit. :(

What is your sex?

How old are you?

How tall are you?
Completely average.

Can I touch you?
Uhhmmm... Uhh... No?!

Can I talk to you?
Yeah! I'd love that. :D

Can I buy you lots of drinks?
SURE. I love arnold palmers. And bottled water.

Do you smoke?

Can I give you lots of money?
...Just because? Sure. I love having money!

Can I hug or snuggle with you?
Only if you introduce yourself first and ask. :D

Are you nice?
I think so!

Can I buy you food and/or eat meals with you?
Why not?! Food time is a great social thing!

Can I give you presents?
I love presents!

Can I hang with you in your room?
Nope, sorry. It is a quiet place. I am rooming with introverts.

Can I Dance with you at the dances?
Uhhmm... if I even go to the dances... which is not very likely...

Can I invite you to parties?

- Cliquey?
The people I'm rooming with are my buddies from Pokemorph MUSH, so I will probably default to them... but like.. I dunno... I don't really have a furry clique. Especially since there's like.. no yerf and whatever.

- Personality Type
ENFP!!!! aka Pinkie Pie

- Will you get anything commissioned?
Depends on how good my paycheck is tomorrow. :)

- How can I get your attention?
Say "Hey Gab! GAB GAB GAAAB" -- feel free to tweet at me. gabapple

I dunno. I haven't even looked at the schedule. I intend to wander around and draw most of the time.

See you there! :D
Going to be streaming today's comic in just a few minutes. :)
Streaming for the next  couple of hours...


Off and on ALL DAY TODAY.
It's been a year since I offered commissions, and with the upcoming holiday, I thought it would be fun to do this again. Here's what I'm offering:

10 Full-color icons @ $15/icon (example:…)
- drawn/colored in front of a live ustream audience on November 25th!
- 400x400 full size!
- G - PG-13, blood also okay!
- Any theme, but I recommend ponies, pokemon, or puppies!
- Humans okay!
- Optional colored lines!

Comment here if you're interested, then paypal me - - to reserve your slot! Once your name is on this list, you have until November 23rd to get me your description, references, etc.

1) :iconsharyamato:
2) :iconarlata-wolfsong:
3) Maren
4) :iconchaz-gelf:
5) :iconcloverkite:
6) Starblade42
7) :iconanyahatesbunnies:
8) :iconswordfox:
9) :iconswordfox:
10) Brad

The two of you who are waiting for updates on much bigger commissions will hear from me by the end of the weekend. <3 :)
In town for Anime Vegas right now... loving it! It was a lot of work to get the signs and stuff ready, but it has been SO FUN to see people wearing the shirts I designed and carrying around the con books with my cover... and wearing the badges I designed... and AND looking at the signs that I ordered! HAHAHAHAHAA. I am mad with power.

Also, I saw Gin and Vodka cosplayers! And I've given out a bunch of Detective Conan cards for those who recognized my bag. So fun!

If you're at Anime Vegas, make sure to come to closing ceremonies! I intend to be there. :)


Also, who's going to FurCon next year? I WILL BE THERE!

I'd love to meet you guys and maybe draw you a post-it note sketch. :D

October 21-23 2011 - Anime Banzai -  Salt Lake, UT (UNCONFIRMED)
-  Gonna see if I can make it this year.

November 11-13 2011 - Anime Vegas - Las Vegas, NV (CONFIRMED)
- Definitely going to be there. Pre-reg now to get a postcard that was designed by me! I'm on staff as a graphic artist. :)

January 12-16 2012 - FurCon… - San Jose, CA (ALMOST CONFIRMED)
-  SO CLOSE to being able to say YES. We intend to be there!

Feb/March 2012 -  Anime Fananatiku - St George, UT (UNCONFIRMED)
-  Small con, very fun!

June 11-15 2012 - Writing & Illustrating for Young Readers - Sandy, UT (UNCONFIRMED)
- I'm on staff for this, so I will probably be there. I'll let you know where I'll be soon. :)

I'd also love to go to PAX in August. <3 <3 <3 Mmmm Seattle.

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