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Detective Conan Bday

Download for FULL VIEW. :D

Here is a giant colored version of my HAPPY BIRTHDAY CONAN! pic, optimized for my desktop! Colored using SAI and Photoshop. Textures from <3

The line art is here: [link]

Original description:
May 4th is Shinichi Kudo's birthday, so happy birthday, Conan! I'll color this one after I get some sleep (and go to work, and do writing group, etc...) and move this to scraps.

WOO! Detective Conan/Case Closed! My drug of choice. Srsly. Can't live without it.

Of course, Shinichi/Jimmy Kudo and Conan are totes Gosho's, no doubt about it.

PS, you're welcome to enjoy and share! Just please link back to me. :)
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kitameguire's avatar
This is awesome!
Moluscum's avatar
Love it. And love Conan-kun so much ^^
CloverKite's avatar
I still love this one!! EEEE!

.....And am also still jealous of your ability to color and draw feets o___o <3 <3 <3
tonsostuff's avatar
You posted this on DCW, didn't you? Anyways, it's awesome!
gabapple's avatar
I did! Thank you so much. :)
Kirite's avatar
My gosh his expression is just perfect here xD

*uses this as wallpaper* I love this, it's simple and clean <3
gabapple's avatar
Thank you so much. ^___^
TaNa-Jo's avatar
do you join the contest with this picture?I will write ya in
gabapple's avatar
TaNa-Jo's avatar
yes you submitted it to contest^^
gabapple's avatar
Who did? You did? :D To what contest?!
TaNa-Jo's avatar
loook at the groups journal^^
gabapple's avatar
OH AWESOME :D Thanks! YEAH! I totally wanna be in it!
skullgrrl5teen's avatar
it is true, shinichi is like a super being, except for being tone deaf. :P but that doesn't change how awesome he is! ^^
SakuraMaiden1993's avatar
Conan bought contacts!
gabapple's avatar
Or he just took off his glasses since they're not prescription, anyway... :) Or is that the story he tells Ran? Hah! So much for a disguise now!
SakuraMaiden1993's avatar
but he's cute nonetheless
SnakeBlue's avatar
I liked the lineart, but this is sweet!
wish I could use it for my computer desktop.
(too bad my mom would kill me if I messed with the computer that much.)
gabapple's avatar
Why thank you! I hope you can use it some day. :)
SnakeBlue's avatar
maybe I should just keep it handy?
one never knows, it might happen that I'll have my own computer eventualy.
(or... would it work on a PS3? that is mine and it'd look so cool there.)
gabapple's avatar
OMG that would be awesome!! Let me know if you do set it as your PS3 background. I would love to know. :) I wonder if I could convince my hubby to do the same...
SnakeBlue's avatar
only if you know how to do it.
(I haven't a clue how to get it on my PS3 in the first place.)
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