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Educational Journals, Artworks, and Other Links

Educational Journals

:bulletred: Supermeat Can End Animal Suffering
:bulletblack: Why God Tells Us to be Vegan
:bulletred: Human Overpopulation is Real and Why Birth Control is Good
:bulletblack: Homosexuality, Chromosomes, Anti-Vaccers, and Autism
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:bulletred:Vivisecting and Animal Experimentation
:bulletblack:Videogame Violence, Cyber Bullies, and Suicide
:bulletred:Abortion, Raising Children, and Sex Education
:bulletblack:Pet Health, Tips, and Helpful Information
:bulletred:Let's Talk Religion
:bulletblack:Small Pet Mills, Pests, and Wildlife Tips
:bulletred: Bestiality, Porn, and Trafficking
:bulletblack: Police Brutality, Sovereign Citizens, and Fake Articles
:bulletred: Everything About Veganism
:bulletblack: Questions and Answers About Veganism

Educational Artworks

:bulletblack: Their Blood is on Your Hands
:bulletred: Starvation, Death, and Disease
:bulletblack: Stealing Milk
:bulletred: Sucking the Milk
:bulletblack: We Are Not Yours to Use
:bulletred: Downer Cow Sculpture
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:bulletblack: Animal Exploitation is Bringing Us All Down
:bulletred: Liberate Your Slaves
:bulletblack: Veganism vs Carnism
:bulletred: Veganism is the Only Logical Solution - Senior Project

More Links

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:bulletblue: Vegan Links 2
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More links are under each educational artwork and journal. The Stash links have hundreds of "extra" links that can be seen in the comment section or downloadable in a Word document. Best way to navigate through them is to hold down Ctrl + F at the same time and use the search to find key words.

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Questions and Answers About Veganism

Sun Sep 30, 2018, 9:05 PM
Please, make sure you read my journal on veganism and other Educational Journals that go into more detail on veganism, animal rights, and why humans are herbivores, what actually happens to these animals being exploited for food, clothing, entertainment, and experimentation, and why veganism will save the planet and your health. This journal simply is to answer additional questions that the answer may not be obvious or explained in the journals. All journals are linked below, thank you.

See description for questions and answers that didn't fit in body of journal due to character limit!

What's the difference between plant-based and vegan? Vegan and vegetarian?

Veganism is a lifestyle of peace and compassion for all. A vegan does not support nor does anything that harms another living being, whether it be from not eating animals, wearing animals, abortion, slavery, vivisecting, hitting children, raping, killing, etc. If something harms, kills, rapes, or exploits another living being whether human or non-human animal a vegan will not do that nor pay someone else to do it for them.

A vegetarian simply does not eat meat, but still consumes dairy and eggs, which supports the meat industry since the cows, calves, chickens, and chicks born to be used for dairy and eggs are all killed in the end.

Plant-based is when you do not eat anything from an animal, no meat, dairy, eggs, or honey. But, you still may support something that harms others, from wearing animals, vivisecting, abortion, etc. Plant-based eaters may support many kinds of cruelty or only a few. Many are "mostly vegan," but still support something that causes great harm.

How do I order food at a restaurant?

If you ever find yourself at a restaurant that doesn't have plant-based only options, you can customize your order. Restaurants must cater to your needs. It's the law. If the restaurant doesn't, they can risk killing someone due to allergies. So, if a person says to not give them something, the restaurant must ensure they do not get that item. Sadly, hateful people may purposely get the order wrong to hurt you. While this is illegal, hateful people don't care. So, to truly be safe go to plant-based restaurants only, or ones with a lot of vegetarian options since they are open enough to understand not everyone eats meat.

If you are at a restaurant without vegan options, order what you want and simply tell them to not put the cheese, meat, or whatever on it. You can also ask what is in the dish. So, if it's bread, ask if dairy is in it. There is nothing wrong with asking. restaurants must know all the ingredients in their meals to ensure not giving someone with allergies something that could harm or kill them. And you can customize a meal as must as you want. It doesn't have to be exactly as described in the menu. Many restaurants allow you to just order anything you want such as a salad you can customize depending on the ingredients they have. If they have pasta, ask for a simple pasta meal with sauce. You can take control of what you eat.

And if the restaurant refuses to accommodate, find another business. But, I caution to simply avoid non-vegan restaurants because of the risk of cross contamination, or mean people trying to harm you. Better safe than sorry.

Best way to get all my nutrients?

Plants create nutrients, so they are the best way to get them all. Leafy greens have three times the amount of protein and iron than any meat. B12 comes from a bacteria in the dirt, so plants that grow in or on the dirt, such as broccoli, are loaded in B12. Plant-based milks are fortified in B12 so simply drinking that or consuming foods that use it (such as breads) will ensure you get your B12.

See this link for a complete list of foods to eat to get all your nutrients:…

Is veganism expensive?

No, veganism is not expensive. In fact, it's cheaper because it uses less resources to grow plants than to raise livestock. 80% of the world's crops are fed to livestock, which in turn produce less food. If all the grain, soybeans, and other crops grown every year for livestock was instead fed to humans, it would end world hunger 14 times over.

Veganism may seem expensive if you don't shop right. Just like with anything, some stores sell produce cheaply, some very expensive. Find the best prices by doing some exploring. And the best way to save is too make meals from scratch. On average, vegans save $1,000 in groceries every year.

Where do I find vegan food?

Anywhere! So long as there are no animal products in it it is vegan! More and more stores are stocking vegan specific foods, such as Gardein, Tofurky, So Delicious, Hampton Creek, etc. These products are now available at Target, Wal-Mart, Trader Joes, Whole Foods, and local grocery store chains. You can also order food from online sites such as Amazon, or if your local grocery stores do delivery. You may also special order items. Which is when you ask a store to stock an item for you, and you don't pay any shipping.

Won't animals take over if we stop eating them?

No, animals will not "take over" if we stop eating them. The only reason they are overpopulated is due to humans forcibly breeding them. As humans eat and use animals less and less the population steadily decreases. The drop of demand lowers the need to breed as many animals. And once they are at a manageable population, they can live their lives as pets. Bovines, pigs, chickens, turkeys, and other animals used for food or exploited make terrific pets, or may live in a sanctuary, or remain wild (such as turkeys who are in the wild and domesticated). There is no need to worry about any "take over."

What would happen to those who work on factory farms?

People who work on factory farms are exploited themselves. Most factory farm and slaughterhouse workers are forced into the jobs because they are poor immigrants. And because no one checks on animal agriculture, they are exploited and abused as well. Workers report having to use diapers because they are not given breaks, and forced to work up to 14 hours a day.

Those who work these jobs must rather not. Some people are sociopaths, yes, but most are not given a choice. They would be able to work any other job, especially jobs a rise in veganism would create, such as installing and making solar panels, working to make vegan specific foods, or anything really. And once human population lowers, there will be more jobs. With high over population, when someone retires there's a hundred people who apply for that same job. Once population goes down, it will be steady having once a person retires, another person takes it without hundreds also desperately needing that same job.

You can read more about the abuse of factory farms on employees here:……

Don't vegans kill animals, too?

No, vegans do not. Vegans do not pay for nor commit to the mass slaughter of several billions of lives every year all for the mere taste of their flesh or to wear their bodies. With 80% of all farmland used to grow crops to feed livestock, any animals accidentally killed on these lands would go away once everyone is eating plant-based, as well as deforestation which kills millions of wild animals and is causing species extinction of hundreds of species.

The mass genocide that carnists cause is nothing compared to rare accidental deaths that growing crops alone causes. Furthermore, buildings that will be able to grow hundreds of acres of crops without the risk of insects or wildlife being around are in the works.

Comparing vegans killing animals to the purposeful genocide of carnists is simply an attempt to fight against something good. The number of animals killed every year for food outnumbers the number of humans killed in every single war documented.

This is how many animals carnists are killing:…

See this as well:…

Are service and working animals vegan?

Yes, service and working animals are vegan. Service animals help their humans in ways no other human could. They can detect low blood sugar, when a stroke in coming, help with anxiety, and lead the blind. Humans can't do all of these things, nor do they want to. And disabled people don't have the money to hire anyone to care for them, nor do they want someone else around them all the time, or humans are the cause of their disability so being around them makes it worse. A service animal helps their humans and are loved, well cared for, and love doing their job.

Therapy dogs provide comfort to the sick and elderly, which they love, and search and rescue dogs help save lives of humans and non-human animals by finding them when they get lost or during a disaster.

While military and police animals are at risk of being killed or harmed, the reality is we need their help to  not only protect humans, but other non-human animals as well. A police dog can help the police catch a dangerous criminal who would kill others. And military dogs can help stop dangerous enemies who would kill the innocent.

It is a necessary evil to have police and military period, since both occupations are dangerous and are the direct result of needing to stop evil people, but we need soldiers and officers to protect the innocent, whether they are humans or not. And the horses, dogs, and other animals used in the army and police force are loved and cared for. Yes, some departments and soldiers may not treat them with love, and that's where evil humans being everywhere comes to play. And that is why we need all animals to have their rights. But, for the most part, the police and soldiers love their dogs and other four legged partners and keep them living with them after the animals retire.

In fact, when a police or military animal dies, especially in the line of duty, they are given funerals as a human in the police or military is given. They are buried in a casket after hundreds attend the military style funeral, and a flag given to the animal's human partner. Even search and rescue dogs will receive this kind of treatment. The last of the 9/11 search and rescue dogs had police stand at attention and be there for her before she passed away at the vet.

These animals are not "thrown away" or abused. Those who truly care for them see them as their equal police officer, their equal soldier, their partners. And they all would take a bullet for each other. And have.

Is the military vegan? Are vegans pacifists?

As said above, the military is a necessary evil. Sadly, there are evil people, evil countries who would harm others to spread their hatred and control to harm others. And an army is necessary to protect the innocent. While true veganism is about not harming others and doing your best to be kind to all, sometimes the best way to love and protect others is to be a warrior. To go out there and kill the evil to protect the innocent. A necessary evil that true veganism seeks to end. But until that threat is gone, we must do what we can to fight it.

So, yes, vegans are technically pacifists, we want no war or harm. But if we must fight to defend others, we shall.

Are human rights part of veganism?

Yes. Human rights and animal rights are connected. You cannot have one without the other. 95% of those who harm non-human animals turn and harm humans.

See these links for more information and my journal on abortion and the other on human starvation:

Cambodian Girl Video:
Shrimp Worker Article:
Shrimp Slaves in 2016:
Whole Foods Denies Slave Shrimp Allegations:
65-70% of Amazon Destruction from Animal Ag:
Tribal Leaders on Deforestation:
Al Jazeera - Amazon cleared by slaves (2015):
Transcript of Miami Herald Article with Cargill Quote:
Human Right's Watch "Systemic Human Rights Violations":
30% of Factory Farm Workers have Respiratory Illness:
Children Near Factory Farms Increased Asthma:
Death in Manure Lagoons CDC:
Slaughterhouses are Ultrahazardous:
Slaughterhouses Increase Crime:
Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons Babies Study:
PAH: Living Near Restaurants Grilling Meat Study:

Am I vegan if I accidentally hit an animal while driving?

Unfortunately, accidents that cannot be avoided happen. If you are driving and accidentally hit an animal, despite trying your best not to or had no time to react, that doesn't make you an intentional killer. If you accidentally kill, you are still vegan since it was not your intention, you never planned to kill, you don't want to kill. If you kill on purpose and go out doing so, then you are not vegan.

The best we can do it avoid killing anyone. We're not perfect, but at least we're trying our best.

Are certain sex acts vegan?

So long as it's consensual it's vegan. Yes, oral sex is vegan if it's consensual. What is not vegan in regards to sex is bestiality (which is committed in animal agriculture to get them to breed), crush, rape, necrophilia, and anything that harms or kills a non consenting victim. And, no, even if a person consents to being killed it's not vegan. No one should be purposely killed unless out of self defense, or if they are immensely sick and dying, and are humanely euthanized to end their suffering, for their last few hours or days are complete misery.

What about fish? What about bugs? Oysters?

Fish and bugs are animals and feel, think, are sentient, and want to live. They are not to be harmed or exploited either, and without them life on the planet would cease to exist because of the important tasks they play in balancing the ecosystems of the world.

Oysters are animals and feel pain, and consuming them harms our bodies since we are not omnivores. We're natural herbivores.

Are vaccines vegan? Medicine?

Yes, vaccines are vegan because they save lives by preventing deadly diseases. As well as medicine since it is saving lives. We do not need to test on animals to learn more about medicine, so modern medicine no longer has to conflict with veganism.

See my journals on vaccines and vivisecting to learn more.

Is having children vegan? Can I raise them vegan? What's not vegan about raising children?

Yes, children are vegan. Humans are naturally born vegan, not wanting to harm others. We are taught by the corrupt society and parents who don't know better, which turns children violent, into carnists, racist, specieist, etc. Hatred is taught. We aren't born hateful. Humans being natural herbivores posses no prey drive, so no child wants to hunt and kill any animal.

Yes, children can be raised on a plant-based diet. In fact, it's healthier for them since we are natural herbivores. It's actually abusive to force them to eat animal products since it harms their health, teaches them to exploit and harm others, and upsets children knowing they are eating an animal.

While humans are overpopulated, the best solution is to simply not have more than two children, or simply adopt. Killing babies is not the answer, nor is abortion vegan since it simply is murdering a child, harms women and can even kill them, harms fathers, and is simply exploitation of the female reproductive system for profit. Birth control is vegan since it doesn't harm anyone and actually provides health benefits.

Hitting and yelling at children in any form is child abuse and not vegan. Furthermore, denying children proper medical care is imply neglect and abuse, so therefore not vegan. This is why not vaccinating your children or pets is abuse and therefore not vegan since you are causing them to get sick and die rather than preventing it.

Read more about raising children in my journal about abortion, human overpopulation, and vaccines.

And see these links: on Pregnancy:…

Feeding an Infant a Plant Based Diet:…

Vegan Diets Good for Pregnancy and Babies:…

Food Tips for Vegan Children:…

Is it Dangerous to Raise Vegan Children:…

Students do Better at Vegetarian School:…

Plant-Based Fertility:…

Raising Children to Eat Meat is Extreme:…

Are Vegan Diets Healthy for Babies and Pregnant Woman:…

Vegan Diets Good for Children:…

Raising Kids to Eat Meat is Abusive:…

5 Ways Vegan Diets Help With Pregnancy:…

Vegan Diets Good for Adults and Kids:…

Food Tips for Vegan Children:…

Are pets vegan? Are pets ethical? What about fixing them? Microchipping? Training and using leashes?

Yes, pets are vegan. Due to domestication, many animals cannot live in the wild so have no choice but to be cared for by humans. SO long as they are loved, kept indoors, and properly taken care of and loved, they are happy and it's vegan. It is only not vegan if they are being abused, exploited, raped, and killed.

Dogs are true omnivores so can be fed a plant-based diets, and some cats need it due to medical conditions. But, for carnivorous pets like snakes, cats, etc. the best option would be lab grown meat to give them. No one is killed or harmed for lab grown meat, and it also will not cause deforestation, human starvation, species extinction, nor climate change.

Fixing pets actually provides many medical benefits, such as less chance of certain cancers, as well as better behavior. But most importantly it helps reduce overpopulation of pets, lessening those killed in shelters and those left homeless. spaying and neutering pets causes no harm to the animals, and benefits them greatly.

Microchipping is vegan since it causes no harm to the animal and ensures they can be brought back to their humans if they ever were to get out and get lost. Microchipping has saved thousands of lives by ensuring the animals were returned and not killed at a shelter.

Training pets, such as dogs, is beneficial since it's simply teaching the dog manners, which could save their life. A dog knowing to come to you when called can ensure they don't run out into traffic, and teaching them not to jump can keep them from knocking over a child or elderly person. It is simply teaching manners and ensuring safe behavior. And agility training can offer a fun activity for you and your dog to do if the dog loves running and jump, as most dogs do. Dogs benefit from having a task to do, just as humans do. It keeps them occupied, entertained, and provides a fun bonding experience with their human.

Leashes are very important because they ensure your pet won't run away and get hit by a car or lost. While some collars are abusive, a nice harness causes no discomfort and the pets can explore safely.

See my journals on pet overpopulation and pet health tips to learn more.

Best way to turn family and friends vegan?

Family can be harder to turn vegan because family can be immensely nasty. Family members tend to believe that just because they are family they can get away with being selfish and ignoring you, and expect you to still pay attention to them and do what they want. So, I caution dealing with family, but encourage you to educate friends and strangers.

As for educating people about the truth, the best ways is to "attack" what they care about. If they seem to care about animals and want to help them, explain to them what happens to animals on factory farms, fur farms, etc. And always show images and videos. Some people may change with just being told, but many will have to watch the horrors to truly understand how bad it is.

If people don't care about the animals, educate them on how animal products harm our health, how animal agriculture is the leading cause of deforestation, species extinction, climate change, and human starvation. And show them the sources, documentaries, etc. My Educational Journals have wonderful sources you can check out.

Most importantly,, educate yourself! When you know all the answer and how to explain them, then that shows just how serious it is for people to know, and that you're not making this up.

Watch videos by Gary Yourofsky, James Aspey, Earthling Ed, Bite Size Vegan, and other activists to see how they explain things, word usage, and facts they emphasize. They have experience and have been doing this for years so have honed their debating and education skills. Most importantly, don't sink down to the level of an idiot. Avoid screaming, cussing out, and never threaten. That is what people in the wrong do since they have no scientific or moral basis for their selfish living. And learn what type of people to block when arguing online. If someone just wants to insult and threaten, they aren't there to learn or debate. They are there to harass, insult, troll, and bully. And must be avoided. Block them before they can cause emotional stress. Which, is also important when dealing with people. Fighting the idiots who just want to bully can stress you out and make you depressed. Focus on those with an open mind and actually have a heart. Once all the caring people have gone truly vegan, then the selfish people will have no choice but to do the same as well.

Great documentaries to show are these:…

As well as sharing these youtube videos:

I've been told I can't process plant-protein so plant-based diets would kill me! I've been told that I "have" to eat certain animal products for "health."

This is not true. The human body is naturally herbivorous. The human body has an easier time processing plant protein, iron, and other nutrients than what is found in meat, milk, and eggs. What actually is killing you is eating animal products. The myth that you need animal products has been pushed by the meat and dairy industries in order to profit off the continued ignorance of the general populace. It has no scientific basis at all.

Am I a bad vegan for working a non-vegan job?

No, sometimes you have to do what you must to survive. So long as you aren't working in a slaughterhouse or a place that is directly causing animal or human abuse, you are not directly involved. Working in a place like a grocery store that sells animal products isn't making you contribute to the abuse. Only the people who are buying the animal products and directly abusing and killing animals are the ones causing suffering and death. But, education is key. Educate people at your work. Never be silent.

Is veganism a religion? Can you be religious or not religious and still be vegan??

No, veganism is not a religion, but religious texts do tell us to live a vegan lifestyle. The Bible, for example, is filled with passages telling us to not harm or eat animals, be kind to everyone, and to live a peaceful lifestyle. You don't have to be religious to be vegan, but most religions want you living a vegan lifestyle of peace and compassion, and to not be eating or harming animals.

Is veganism extreme?

No, veganism is about peace and compassion for all, and it also benefits our health and the planet. What truly is extreme is  humans pretending to be omnivores and causing the unnecessary suffering, rape, abuse, and death of trillions of lives each year, resulting in making us sick, destroying the planet, killing off other species, and causing human starvation.

Nothing is "extreme" about being kind to others.

Plants have feelings and won't veganism cause more to die?

Plants cannot feel pain. They lack a central nervous system. Plants may sense the presence of other plants and of animals (why plants can close leaves if touched, etc.), but they cannot feel pain. They don't have any organ to process the physical sensation of touch and pain.

Furthermore, fruit is specifically created by plants to be eaten in order to pass along seeds. No animal lives to be eaten. They fight for their life while fruits' purpose is to be eaten to benefit the plant and the plant's species. Nuts also are meant to be consumed because while they are the seeds of new plants, they can only travel if an animal wants to eat them. So, most may be eaten, but those forgotten after being buried by squirrels and birds will be able to grow in a new location, fulfilling their purpose. And plants also benefit having old leaves removed. It is much like getting your hair trimmed because it gets rid of the old and damaged parts and allows new and healthier parts to grow. This is why gardeners always advise you to trim bushes and other plants to encourage new growth.

What if I found meat/a dead body and ate it without paying for or killing the animal? What about getting milk and eggs without hurting the animal or forcing them to produce those?

Veganism is a lifestyle about not harming anyone. So, while finding a corpse that you didn't harm and eating it is not going against the fundamental values of veganism, the fact humans are herbivores remains. If you found roadkill and ate it, you are still harming your body and making yourself sick since the human body cannot process the fat, lipids, amino acids, etc. that is found in animal flesh. We simply are not made for being omnivores. We're herbivores. This is why lab meat, while not harming any animal, still is not good for humans. But, it would be a perfect solution to feed our carnivorous pets, such as cats, and carnivorous animals who cannot live in the wild, such as a lion in a sanctuary who is unable to be returned to the wild.

As for milk and eggs taken from an animal without harming them, again, humans are not able to process animal products. Furthermore, taking eggs away from birds causes great stress to them for they are not sure if the egg is fertilized or not. So, removing their egg they are scared you just stole their baby. This causes them to lay more, which uses up calcium and causes them to suffer osteoporosis, brittle bones, and other health issues. It is best to leave eggs with the birds until the bird realizes they are not fertilized. And it is best for your health to simply not consume animal products.

Please see my journals on meat, dairy, and eggs to learn more about health.

Is fur and leather better than plant made leather and faux fur?

No, it is not. Faux fur and leather actually lasts longer, no one dies, smells better, and performs better. Faux fur and leather has come such a long way that now it is almost impossible to tell the difference without testing the product. Faux fur and leather also simply lasts longer. Faux leather can be made from pineapples, tea leaves, and so many other plant materials that are often thrown away. Such as the outer skin and leaves of a pineapple that is not eaten.

Faux fur lasts longer due to being plastic, and of course no animals were harmed. While plastic may have some environmental impact, the primary reason with that is simply due to not decomposing. But, with better plastic coming out in recent years, now plastic is biodegradable and faux fur will be able to break down just as anything else.

See my journal on fur, leather, and wool.

What about expanding and making buildings? Can we build businesses and homes and it be vegan?

The primary reason so much land is being taken away is due to animal agriculture which requires a ridiculous amount of resources. As for the land used for infrastructure, this is significantly less, and the drive for that is due to human overpopulation. Simply having less children or none, and adopting will lessen the need for more houses and businesses.

Another problem with housing and businesses expansions is new land is constantly being taken and used rather than recycling already touched land. There are countless abandoned malls, apartments, even neighborhoods that were left abandoned due to financial issues or left behind after a natural disaster. Instead of destroying nature for new land, we must simply repurpose and fix these old structures, or tear them down and recycle the land. This will save thousands of acres of woods, forests, and wild land. We do not need untouched land for every new business or neighborhood.

What about pesticides and trying to grow organic? Won't that be killing animals? What about GMOs?

Pesticides do more than kill just the bugs that eat plants. They also kill the bugs that help plants, such as bees, and poison the water, birds, mammals, reptiles, and even the plants they are sprayed on. While keeping bugs from eating crops is good, pesticides simply don't solve the problem due to creating more problems with poisoning other animals and the ground. Instead, keeping the ecosystem of the crops healthy is important. Have plenty of natural predators for the plant eating insects will ensure numbers don't over grow. While some plants may get eaten and some of the fruits and seeds with them, the problem of losing food only arises when too much is eaten by bugs and other animals. Plenty of natural predators will ensure numbers stay low therefore less insects to eat the plants.

Growing organic in large amounts is possible. Multiple farmers have been able to do it. The dependency of pesticides has mad many forget how we have been able to grow produce for centuries in abundance without harsh chemicals.

As stated above, animals are not killed by growing organic. Pesticides do kill, but we must cease using them for the damage they cause on other species, the water, and ground pollution. When harvesting the crops, sometimes animals can be killed accidentally, but the numbers are still nothing in comparison to what animal agriculture kills every day. More animals are killed by animal agriculture in an hour than all humans who have been killed in every war ever documented. Harvesting plants is nothing in comparison to this.

GMOs (Genetically Modified Plants) have their pros and cons. While having plants produce larger or more fruit is beneficial, some GMOs have taken things too far and made plants produce fruit with less nutrients, or the plants don't live as long. Most plants now harvested today have all been genetically modified in some way by selective breeding of the plants. This is not a bad thing. It's bad when the selective breeding begins to damage the plant by changing it to the point it doesn't function properly.

Take domesticated canines. While selective breeding of wolves has given us healthy domesticated dogs, such as greyhounds and Irish Wolfhounds, going further away from the original source (wolves) and breeding so selectively to make something completely different has dire consequences. Now, English Bulldogs are so sick they can't even procreate without human help when they have sex or for when they give birth. They can't even breathe without surgeries in their noses.

Plants can have this same issue. Selective breeding to the point the plants are now sickly or entirely different has caused them to produce fruit with less nutrients, they are not as hardy to extreme weather, etc. We must ensure that when genetically modifying plants they stay close to the original plants, but simply with beneficial improvements, such as larger fruit that isn't grossly ginormous (excessively large fruit rots on the inside due to not having enough water), or the plant produces more fruit but not too much to the point it drains itself of nutrients and the fruit has less nutrients and the plant doesn't live as long (such as apple trees that can live for over a 100 years, but use up all their nutrients so don't grow enough and die much sooner from nutrient loss).

Plants may not feel pain or think, but they are alive in regards of requiring special nutrients, care, and not being pushed to limits of genetic modification.

What about animal welfare? Humane slaughter?

Welfare simply is when you keep your slaves, but make things a little nicer for them. Rights is when you release your slaves. Slave owners also tried to reason with welfare for their human slaves while abolitionists fought for the rights of the slaves.

There is no "right way" of owning a slave. Instead of looking for the "right way" of doing the wrong thing, we must stop the unnecessary cruelty, abuse, murder, and exploitation of all living beings. And once we respect the lives of others can we begin to end the cruelties done to our own species.

Humans have also fought for welfare for children, and yet child abuse is still at large and allowed to continue despite being reported in thousands of cases. This is because the "slavers," the abusive parents, are giving ownership to their "property," their children. And being owners they can do whatever they want to their property. This is what welfare has done. This is why children are beaten and it simply called "parenting" or "discipline" when it's simply abuse. And this is what is happening with non-human animals. They are viewed as "property" and their slavers get away with everything. We must free our slaves by giving them rights, not limiting how much abuse they can legally receive.

Humane slaughter is a myth created by animal agriculture. There is no "humane" way to kill someone who doesn't want to die. Animals know they are going to be killed. They scream, they cry, the fight, they struggle until their last breath to not die. Stun guns don't keep them from feeling pain and most of the time don't work. A bullet to the head is not an instant kill. Most of the time you are alive minutes, even hours, and some cases completely survive a bullet, arrow, or other weapon to the head or heart. Many cases of this exist, most famously Abraham Lincoln who died hours after being shot in the back of the head point-blank.

Euthanasia, while painless, can't be done since it injects a poison into the body, making it dangerous to consume. But why bother looking for a better way to kill when we don't need to kill at all? And on top of this, the human body is herbivorous and consuming animal products harms us. So, even if there was a magical way to kill someone without them being scared or in pain, it still harms us.

And animals who may have lived a "good life" are still all killed the same way. Scared, choking on their own blood, hanging upside down, dumped in scalding water, and often times still alive by the time their limbs and skin are being removed from their bodies.

If it's so "humane," would you choose to die that way?

What about PETA? Animal rights organizations?

PETA has improved greatly over the years. It used to fight only for animal welfare, but now fights for animal rights and even been promoting veganism. More and more PETA members are making the connection and switching to truly being compassionate and kind.

The myth that PETA kills more animals than it saves is a lie fabricated by haters of animal rights.

Even if you don't like PETA, they still do much for animals, such as filming slaughterhouses, fur farms, labs, etc. and exposing cruelties so the world knows what truly goes on in those horrible places. They also are the first responders to saving animals after a natural disaster, such as hurricanes. So, please support the good they do and understand that all the reported bad is mostly made up, or happened many years ago when different people were running it.

But even if you want to avoid PETA, there are MANY other animal rights organizations to follow and support. Mercy for Animals, Sea Shepherd,  RSPCA, Humane Society, Animal Liberation Front, One Green Planet, Anonymous for the Voiceless, 269life, ADAPTT, SHARK, Compassion Over Killing, In Defense of Animals, Last Chance for Animals, Animal Legal Defense Fund, The Gentle Barn, Soi Dog, No Dog Left Behind, and many others exist. Please, support and donate to them or local animal rescues.

But Humans have always been killing animals, so why can't we continue? What about animals who kill other animals?

Firstly, humans are herbivores so we don't need to consume animal products. Secondly, humans also have been raping and murdering children and each other for centuries. Just because something has always been done or is "tradition" does not mean it's right nor necessary. Tradition for many cultures also dictated that women be killed with their husbands or be slaves to their husbands. Tradition has also dictated that sick babies be killed, or a child sacrifice. Tradition is not something to hold onto when it causes someone to suffer, die, be exploited, or raped. Most traditions simply are cruel and unnecessary.

And our ancestors actually didn't eat animals. The only times they did was out of extreme necessity.

As for animals who eat meat, true carnivores and omnivores kill and eat because their bodies actually are designed to process animal amino acids, lipids, and everything else in flesh. The human body cannot. Carnivores and omnivores also possess a prey drive, while humans do not. And even if humans were omnivores, we can still easily get all our nutritional needs from plants which require less resources to grow, enabling us to feed everyone in the world and be healthy.

But Hitler was vegetarian!

No, he wasn't. All of his personal chefs and people who knew him confirm this.

I don't care about animals. Why should I not eat them or use animal products?

Even if you don't care about non-human animals, veganism is about human rights. Animal rights and human rights are connected. We cannot have one without the other. 95% of those who harm and kill non-human animals turn to harming and killing humans. The first form of hatred we are taught is specieism, which then spread to racism, sexism, homophobia, etc. If we cannot love and respect a dog, cow, whale, bear, or any other non-human animal, how could we ever respect out own species?

Animal agriculture and exploiting animals also causes human abuse and exploitation. Animal rights and human rights must work together if any are to be achieved.

Humans are natural herbivores, so even if you don't like animals, not eating them, dairy, or eggs will vastly improve your health. Animal agriculture is also destroying the planet with being the leading cause of deforestation, climate change, human starvation, and species extinction. You save the planet and other humans by not supporting meat, dairy, eggs, and other forms of exploiting animals and resources.

You don't need to love animals to not hurt them or respect them.

What about protein? I got sick when I went plant-based. Did I do something wrong or can I never be plant-based? I can never stay full eating plant-based foods.

Plants are the original creators of protein. You can get all of your protein needs by eating plants which contain more protein than any animal product. Leafy greens and broccoli contain 3x the amount of protein than any meat, and more iron as well. The only foods that do not contain protein are salt and sugar. Humans also are obsessed over protein that now they are getting too much. The average adult takes in 90 grams of protein a day, but only uses 1 gram. An apple has 3 grams of protein. In fact, you need so little protein that simply giving a woman oral sex every other day will give you all your protein needs (but of course the amino acids from animals is harder for us to process because we do not have the enzymes for it, so don't depend on cunnilingus for protein!). And if you had a protein deficiency you wouldn't even be able to get out of bed.

It is so easy to get all your nutritional needs from plants and more since plants produce these nutrients. See this link:…

As for getting sick when going plant-based, this is normal. When you live your entire life or many years eating animal products you force your body to be in a constant state of fighting, of tension as it deals with things it cannot easily nor naturally process. When you switch over to a natural, healthy diet the body finally relaxes and  begins to detox. This is not the "detoxing" that anti-vaccers or other crazies talk about when they claim drink fruit drinks only and soak onions in boiling water, or whatever. This detoxing is actual detoxing of the body. It's when the body removes the animal fat, the animal amino acids, the lipids, the feces, the excess estrogen, etc. from the animal products that you had been consuming and cleans it out. Throws it out with your urine and begins to clean itself.

It's normal to get sick sometimes while the body is cleaning. This sickness usually lasts a week or two, then it's done. It may last longer if you were a heavy fast food or junk food eater due to all the harsh chemicals used to preserve those foods. To help your body during this time, drink tea, especially green tea. Tea helps the body clean itself, hence why it's great when you have a cold, and forces you to urinate more, which is how the boy removes most toxins and waste.

Another way to avoid the detoxing stage is to transition over a period of days, weeks, maybe a couple of months. This allows the body to slowly adjust over time and not rush through detoxing all at once.

And as for not staying full, humans are natural herbivores and when you eat a natural diet your metabolism rate increases. This means you burn through carbs, fat, etc. quicker giving you more energy. It's normal to need to eat more because that's natural. Herbivores naturally eat throughout the day. We should be snacking more rather than gorging ourselves 2-3 times a day. Carnivores gorge after they hunt, and then they go a day, several days, weeks, months, maybe even a year between meals. But herbivores do not. We must be eating throughout the day with several meals and snacks.

But, if you still feel hungry despite eating more often, eat more foods that take more time to digest, such as beans, breads, pasta, fake meats, etc. The nuts, beans, grains, etc. in these foods, while easy to digest, just take a bit longer to do so than fresh fruits and veggies. This will help you stay full longer.

What about organ and blood donations for humans? Pets?

Donating blood and organs is vegan since it saves lives and is consensual. It only is not vegan if you take it from someone by force and/or murdering them for it. What most important is that donating blood and organs save lives. Dogs, cats, horses, and other animals can donate blood and help their sick counterparts, and it's best you let your pets donate once a year if they are healthy enough to do so. As someone who has needed a blood donation for my sick cat, it is the best thing in the world knowing someone let their cat donate blood so mine would have a chance at life.

And as for organs, they are donated upon the death of someone. So, if your pet dies without euthanasia and they were not sick when they died, please consider donating their organs for an animal who may be in need of a new heart, a new kidney, anything they need. And please donate your own organs upon your death to help those who may have been injured, born with a bad heart, or suffering from some other medical condition.

See answers for why humans are herbivores, why animal products harm us, why animal agriculture is destroying the planet, why hunting is bad, and more on animal rights in the journals below:

Other Educational Journals:

Super Meat Can End Animal SufferingHumans don't need to eat meat. It causes so many illnesses from cancer to cardiovascular disease. It clogs the bowels, leads to earlier deaths in humans, and many other diseases. It causes over 82,000,000,000 lives to be taken every year, 51% of all pollution, deforestation, mass animal extinction, world hunger, and billions and billions of dollars. Humans don't need it, and the practice of obtaining it is to rape, imprison, torture, abuse, and horribly kill animals. Cutting them apart and skinning them while still alive, sometime even boiling them alive. Slaughterhouse workers stomp on the animals, beat them, rape them, and treat them like garbage. 95% of those who harm non-human animals, so many of these factory farm and slaughterhouse workers end up harming their own family members and friends. Communities nearby slaughterhouses and factory farms are ill from the pollution seeping into the ground and rivers.
There is NO good to eating meat.
The world is going vegan, as we can see wi
Why God Tells Us to be VEGAN in the Bible“God blessed them and said to them, “… Rule over the fish of the sea and the birds of the air and over every living creature that moves on the ground”. Then God said, “I give you every seed-bearing plant on the face of the whole earth and every tree that has fruit with seed in it. They will be yours for food. And to all the beasts of the earth and all the birds of the air and all the creatures that move on the ground – everything that has the breath of life in it – I give every green plant for food. And it was so.”
— Genesis 1:28-30
God gave us PLANTS to eat and told us to be stewards of the animals. A steward is defined as "an official appointed to supervise arrangements or keep order at a large public event, for example a sporting event." God never told us to be masters or kings of the animals and planet, but to be CARETAKERS of them, just as stewards would oversee and take care of the animals or lands of their king. In this case,
Human Overpopulation is REAL and SeriousHuman overpopulation is a real problem that sadly is ignored all too often. Now thanks to modern medicine and technology we are no longer seeing humans, primarily infants, dying in large enough numbers to keep population at a decent number. When it used to be you had 20 kids and only 3-5 made it to adulthood, that kept things steadier. And of course adults didn't live to long, from 30-50 at average. But now, almost every child lives long enough to procreate, and human life expectancy is longer.
Human population has more than doubled in the last 40 years alone. This large number of humans, over 7.4 billion, is devastating the planet. Earth can only sustain so much life with its limited space. We only have so much land to live on, grow food, and sustain our way of living. And we need to leave enough land for wildlife to also flourish, for without keeping a balanced ecosystem everything will crash.
We are not ready to move to another planet, and having so many kids is helping to add to cl
Homosexuality, Chromosomes, and Anti-VaccersHomosexuality, transgender, pansexual, asexual, demisexual, bisexual, heterosexual, sex, and chromosomes. Why is "chromosome" in that list? Well, because sexual orientation and your sex is determined by chromosomes.
For the longest time, and sadly some still today, believed that one "chose" their sexual orientation. That everyone was naturally born straight and some simply decided to be gay, transgender, or something else. Thanks to modern science we are proving this myth false. No one "chooses" their sex or sexual orientation. Chromosomes do that in the second trimester of development inside of the womb. In fact, not only do chromosomes decide on these two factors, but the existence of a "gay gene" also exists that makes it more likely for chromosomes to make someone's sexual orientation other than straight. While the gene for being straight is more dominant, it appears that the genes for other sexual orientations (or at least the gene that affects the change on chromosomes) is becomi
Pet Overpopulation, Dog Breeds, AKC, and PitbullsJust as  human overpopulation is real and is a serious issue, pet overpopulation of domesticated animals is also significant. In this journal we will discuss specifically dogs and cats for the other domesticated animals will be addressed in others. Dogs and cats have been domesticated by man originally for the purpose of hunting, dealing with pests, and protection. Over time as technology has improved pets have become family members to us, but to some they are simply there for a statement of wealth, that they "have" to have one to be normal, or as a means of making profit.
Dogs and cats have been bred so much that now there is a serious overpopulation problem. Puppy/kittenmills, backyard breeders, and pedigree breeders have continuously bred and sold cats and dogs despite there already being so many. Add that to the fact of strays who breed and people who simply l
Hunting, Conservation, and PoachingIn this journal I will be discussing hunting, how it doesn't help conservation, and the affects of poaching on wildlife. I won't be discussing the causes of poaching, for that will be in another journal. Humans don't need to eat animals and it harms our bodies, but that will be discussed in detail in another journal.
Hunting of various animals, from deer, bison, wolves, bears, foxes, whales, dolphins, sharks, tigers, lions, rhinos, giraffes, etc. is often done out of the desire of fun and "bragging rights." Modern day hunting is no longer concerned about survival or a need. the act of hunting is actually doing more harm than good. While some species of animals are overpopulated, such as white tailed deer in Northern America, hunting these animals is actually doing the opposite of population control.
While ensuring populations do not get out of control, such as human overpo
Human Starvation, Deforestation, and ExtinctionIn this journal I will be discussing how animal agriculture is the leading cause of deforestation, pollution, climate change, human starvation, and species extinction. I won't be discussing how humans are herbivorous and simply don't need animal products. That will be explained in upcoming journals.
While human overpopulation is a major factor of pollution, deforestation, and climate change, its effects are still less than that of animal agriculture. Animal agriculture is the use of producing billions of animals for food, clothing, etc. on a mass scale. This includes raising animals for their flesh (meat), mammary secretions (milk), menstrual cycles (eggs), and even clothing (leather, fur, wool, etc.). But why is it so bad?
The primary reason animal agriculture is dev
Dairy is NOT for Humans!Milk: An opaque white fluid rich in fat and protein, secreted by female mammals for the nourishment of their young.
Milk is produced by all mammalian female animals who have given birth to their young. Depending on the species and how much the offspring is nursing will dictate for how long the mother will lactate and how much she will produce. Enzymes within the baby allows them to break down the milk, helping them get all their nutrients until they are developed enough to consume other food sources. Different species produce different types of milk, which aids in ensuring their baby grows the proper amount at the right pace. Mothers have been found to even produce different types of milk depending on the sex of their offspring. Milk also contains antibodies from the mother that helps to protect the baby by giving them an extra immune system boost (although it is not as strong as vaccines). Milk contains puss, blood, lipids, and other bodily fluids and nutrients from the mother. Nursin
The Harsh Reality of Zoos, Aquariums, and CircusesZoos, aquariums, and circuses have been places of entertainment for humans for many years, but the reality of these places is anything but fun and happy. While these industries try to push the idea that the animals in their care are "happy" and "healthy," the complete opposite is true. Locked in small cages, no mental stimuli, and horrible beatings are routine in these places. And the cruelty leads to painful deaths for the animals as well as the humans who work there.
Zoos have be around since 1826 when Paris opened the first public one. While collections of various species have existed for thousands of years, owned by monarchs across the globe to show their power, the first zoo in Paris sought to keep animals in enclosures for studying. As more and more zoos were created their purpose remained the same: To bring in crowds for money and to keep animals locked away to study. But there are numerous problems with this concept.
While trying to keep animals to study may be useful in some r
Rodeos, Racing, Fighting, and Animal EntertainmentWhile using animals for entertainment in zoos, circuses, and marine parks is cruel and causes many deaths, those are not the only form of animal entertainment that is abusive. Racing animals, fighting them, riding, using them for cruel shows, and even forcing them to perform stunts for movies that end up harming or killing them.  There are so many "sports" that non-human animals are used for so I won't be able to cover ALL of them in this journal. I will cover some of the larger ones, and ask me about a "sport" that you may have heard of and want more answers on. And I already covered dog shows here.
Racing ani
Fur, Leather, and Wearing AnimalsIn today's society we have access to all kinds of clothing, furniture, accessories, and toys. While many are made from plastic and other man-made materials, some are still covered in fur, skin, feathers, and wool from animals. The need for wearing fur has long since passed now since coats and modern technology is able to keep us warm without the real stuff, and with the environmental issues, it's better for the planet to avoid actual animal products.
Fur for coats, toys, scarfs, and other fashion accessories comes from an array of species from wolves, foxes, mink, seals, domesticated dogs, domesticated cats, raccoon dogs, bobcats, coyotes, beavers, muskrats, tigers, lions, bears, chinchillas, and many other animals. These animals are either caught from the wild or raised on fur farms.
Trapping is the primary method used to catch wild animals for fur since it does the least damage to the fur/hide, but that doesn't mean it's human. Traps will snarl around an animal's leg, cutting off blo
TCM, Poaching, Exotic Pet Trade, and Shark FinningWhile I have already discussed how hunting is causing extinction as well as extinction caused by animal agriculture,poaching for TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), food, and pets is causing a great toll on wildlife populations. Poaching can be for a single part of an animal's body, their flesh to dine on, or to sell them as pets. Regardless of the end result, the methods of poaching are cruel, destructive, and wiping out entire species.
Traditional Chinese Medicine may have a few herbalistic uses that are actually beneficial and harmless, but some verge on the edge of "black magic" like qualities. Rhino horn, which is made of the same substance as fingernails, is often collected in the belief that it will cure cancer, acne, arthritis, and even be used as an aphrodisiac. Rhinos are being hunted down by the hundreds yearly
The Reality of MeatMeat: The flesh of a person's body.  The parts of an animal's body, primarily muscle, that is often consumed for food. The food source for omnivorous and carnivorous species throughout the globe. But is it actually for humans?
The short answer to that is "no." Humans actually are not meant to consume animal flesh, just as we are not meant to consume dairy or eggs, which I discuss further in other journals. Meat is not meant for humans for several reasons: The first being that humans simply are not physically designed to consume flesh, secondly because of the immense cruelty involved, and thirdly the destruction of the planet. In this journal I will concentrate on just the meat industry and how it abuses animals and the harm meat does to our bodies. Other journals will cover the environmental issues of animal agriculture,
Eggs Simply Are Not For HumansEgg: an oval or round object laid by a female bird, reptile, fish, or invertebrate, usually containing a developing embryo. The eggs of birds are enclosed in a chalky shell, while those of reptiles are in a leathery membrane.
Eggs are found in almost all animals, from the eggs laid by birds, reptiles, fish, and platypus, and the eggs that are not laid by mammals and other animals. Eggs are an integral part of the reproduction cycle and are only found in females and hermaphrodites. Without eggs, most species would not be able to reproduce.
Bird eggs are most often consumed by humans, but some other animals may have their eggs consumed to fish and even reptiles, but for this journal we will concentrate on birds, primarily chickens. Birds, like other animals, lay their eggs after mating and care for them as needed until they hatch. They then raise their young, teach them everything they need to know, and then leave them to live their own lives.
But, sometimes an egg is not fertilized. Whe
Vivisecting and Animal ExperimentationVivisection: the practice of performing operations on live animals for the purpose of experimentation or scientific research
Vivisecting has been around for centuries, but has gotten more widespread and cruel in the last couple of centuries. With the progression into modern science, medicine, and experimentation, the need to learn new things in order to ever progress is important. But at what cost must these experiments must be performed and are they actually helping at this point?
While performing non-lethal and non-painful tests are practiced often, yield informative results, and are morally right, vivisecting is anything but. With vivisecting animals are routinely cut open, receive head injuries, suffocated, locked away, deprived of food, oxygen, and water, taken away from their mothers, electrocuted, and have other inhumane practices performed on them. Most of these studies aren't even relevant to medicine, but rather testing cosmetics, unnecessary repeated experiments, and attachi
Videogame Violence, Cyber Bullies, and SuicideThis journal will be covering topics a little different from some of my other Educational Journals, but the message is just as important. I hope that this journal helps you if you are going through bullying, depression, or suicidal thoughts. I'll say this now rather than wait till the end of the journal: If you are suffering from suicidal tendencies and/or depression, please talk to someone. If you feel like there is no one you can talk to and don't want to use the Suicide Prevention Hotline, feel free to message me. I'm always available to talk, and even though my own story with bullying and suicide may be different in some regards, I still know that feeling of being alone, and the dreadful places your mind goes to. Please, reach out to someone. You're loved, even if you feel like you are not.
Videogames are a popular pastime for many, and for people like me, a future career in the industry of making them. Videogames have gained in popularity, realism, and storytelling over the years,
Abortion, Raising Children, and SexWith human overpopulation being real and serious we need to ensure that couples are not creating more than two children, and to adopt if they want to raise more. But what is the best way to ensure extra children are not born, how to keep unwanted pregnancies from happening, and what about those who simply are not ready to be parents?
In today's society it seem like death is the ultimate answer for everything. A country make you mad, go to war. A non-human animal is acting up, shoot them. Your neighbor doesn't pick up his dog's feces from your yard, bash his head in with a shovel (this happened in the town where I lived not long ago...). And now if you have a pregnancy you don't want, killing the baby via abortion is being pressured onto women as the only solution. But what exactly is abortion and why should it be avoided? And what are the other options?
There are sever
Pet Health, Tips, and Helpful InformationIn this journal I'm going to give some tips on being a pet parent to cats and dogs, training tips, healthy diet tips, talk some on things to be wary about, and just helpful information. I have already discussed pet overpopulation, dog breeds, AKC, breeders, and some training, so check out that journal for more information if you haven't yet. If there something I haven't covered in this journal it's probably in that journal. And if you have more questions on pets, feel free to ask me.
Domesticated canines are omnivores and felines are carnivores. Due to the severe inbreeding of domesticated dogs, most have food allergies, sensitive bellies, and inability to digest their "natural" food. Domesticated canines need to eat food with plenty of plants in it to not only make it easier for them to digest, but also ensures they get all the nutrients
Let's Talk ReligionI am not forcing any religion or disclaiming a religion in this journal. This journal is simply to show how religion is not something to be hated or discriminated against, and for those who are not religious to learn a bit more about religions before denying them outright. Please, do not turn this into a "war on religion" or screaming about evolution being "superior." This is not what this journal is about.
Religions come in many different forms. From polytheism, monotheism, even atheism. Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, and Judaism are the more "popular" ones, but there are many others out there. Many religions have come and gone, such as the Ancient Egyptians religion with Ra, then the Ancient Greeks with Zeus, and even the vikings with Thor. Religions and lack of religion have always been around, they have clashed, and they have empowered people, saved people, or even destroyed people. But, would the world be better with no religion?
No, it wouldn't.
Small Pet Mills, Pests, and Wildlife TipsThis journal will be going over small animal mills, how to handle "pest" animals in your home, and how to help/care for wildlife in your area.
Small pet mills are the same as kitten and puppy mills only for small animals such as rabbits, hamsters, rats, mice, lizards, snakes, chinchillas, birds, parrots, etc. They are bred in small cages, receive little to no medical care, no love, and live in their own waste. Going insane, becoming very sick, and dying is common. Pet stores, such as PetSmart and Petco receive their small animals from these mills still, despite now only doing cat and dog rescue. These animals are shipped across the country from the mills to be sold in stores, many not making the trip. And when they are sold in the stores the employees do not do any checks on the person buying the animals. As someone who worked at PetSmart for 3 years I can person
Bestiality, Porn, and Trafficking

In this journal I will go over briefly bestiality, the abuse of the porn industry, and trafficking. Now, since this topic is on edge with deviantART's Terms of Service, I will not go into very much detail. I will leave several links, as always, but unfortunately you will either have to note me or do some searching to learn more. I don't want to overstep any boundaries for this website.

Bestiality is when a human has sexual intercourse and/or sexual interactions with an individual of another species. This means that the other animal can have vaginal and/or anal penetration in the human, or vice versa, or sodomize, engage in oral sex, and other sexual interactions on each other. They can be non-consensual of either party or both. Humans may have intercourse with their own pets, stray animals, someone else's pets, wild animals, even wild animals in captivity. Animals - whether domesticated or wild - are caught to live in animal brothels where
Police, Soverign Citizens, and Fake ArticlesWhile there are many bad cops that have murdered innocents, have killed dogs, have been racist, rude, and abusive, the fact is that is not all police. There are many police officers who do their job, do their job well, and even go above and beyond to help others. The real problem lies in that police officers are not receiving enough training, are not even being kept to a certain standard of fitness or intellect, and hateful people are allowed on the police force.
There are so many overweight and otherwise unhealthy police officers, which raises many alarm bells as to why. Police officers should be fit to be able to run down, capture, and hold down a fleeing suspect so they do not have to - hopefully - resort to other measures. While the need to use guns is necessary, and dealing with people who just about anyone could try and kill you, officers do need to be trained on how to better read people, and to always try to use tasers or pepper spray first to diffuse a situation. This i
Everything About VeganismVeganism - A lifestyle in which seeks to exclude all forms of exploitation and other avoidable harms committed against any and all animals, including humans. A vegan does everything possible and practical to eliminate all forms of abuse towards others. Animals are not ours to eat, use, exploit, harm enslave, or mistreat in any way, fashion, or form.
Veganism is a lifestyle where you do your best to not harm others. We're not perfect, but we try our best to live every day with compassion and consideration for those around us. Whether they be humans or non-humans alike. So, what are ways of living this kind of lifestyle?
A vegan does not consume meat, dairy, eggs, or honey. These things come from animals. While simply not consuming animal products is referred to as a "plant-based diet," this diet is also part of a vegan lifestyle. The reason vegans do not consume animal products is because 1) It's

Vegan Artworks:


Seeker Katie P.
Artist | Professional | Varied
United States
Drem yol lok. Greetings.

I am Hispanic, vegan, animal rights activist, asexual, follower of Jesus Christ, and I draw/write creepy, dark, violent, and bloody artwork/stories. I work mostly with anatomy and creature design, hoping to one day be a creature concept artist for the movie and gaming industries. I write stories about dragons and aliens and have already written about 6,000 pages worth of storyline, facts, bios, etc. for my stories. I have also designed 60+ dragons, 50+ mythological creatures, and 200+ aliens for my stories.
Dragons are my true passion, and my fanart usually is of dragons from videogames. I do fanart for The Elder Scrolls, Star Wars, Assassin's Creed, Mass Effect, Halo, and an occasional piece from various videogames or movies.
I also do a little photography and write sad/dark poems and essays about my characters or life.
I work in traditional mediums, and am working on how to use a WACOM tablet, Gimp, and Photoshop.

Favorite quote: "Man eats meat thinking he will become as strong as the ox forgetting that the ox eats grass." ~ Pino Caruso

“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” ~ Mohandas Ghandi

"First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win."

Animal Rights icon by Nightroaming No Meat by peterpez vegan icon by irradella Go Vegan Stamp by AkirasArtWorld vegan icon by irradella No Meat by peterpez Animal Rights icon by Nightroaming

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:bulletred: What You Eat Matters:…

Please go vegan, and feel free to ask me any more questions you have on veganism or animal cruelties and how you can stop it. Or, if you need help going vegan, I am here to help. :)



So, one of the cyberbullies bothering me is a 20 year old still in high school. One of his classmates made an account to contact me when he heard this cyberbully was bothering me on here.

So, I shared my evidence against the cyberbully to the classmate and the classmate shared it with the principal at their school. The cyberbully was suspended.

Well, the cyberbully must of found out who told on him and I guess attacked him or something, because the classmate's profile was taken over by that cyberbully posing as the classmate's parent. They sent several notes to me which at first seemed like an idiotic parent siding with their kid's bullies, which sadly some parents do, like mine. But, then I noticed the "parent" was making the same accusations against me as the cyberbully, and that the cyberbully's primary sockpuppet account was commenting on the classmate's profile with "thanks for helping me!" and shit like that.

I realized that the cyberbully took control over this person's profile to try to continue their lies and keep trying to hurt me. Even continuing to bring up stuff about Luna-Stark, who we already worked things out with each other and she has asked everyone to remove their polemics about me.

Well, the cyberbully not only got access to this person's account (which is illegal since accounts are viewed as personal property), but they deactivated it. I got everything screenshot so no worries there on losing the data.

This is how bad these cyberbullies are. They spread lies, they attack, they get into other people's accounts, and they are relentless. All for what? What do they hope to gain by being mean to people who aren't doing anything wrong?

And they waste everyone's time with their bullshit. I spent 4 hours dealing with them just now when I have a 3D animation to work on for my portfolio and another book I'm writing, and I hadn't even eaten all day. 10pm and I FINALLY get some food in me for today.

I shouldn't be dealing with these idiots online when I have enough assholes to deal with who are my abusive parents trying to kill me simply because I'm gay.

Also, this same cyberbully is now saying I'm Hitler. So... Yeah. That's how insane he is.
Yay, facial rigging for facial animation... Woo... Exciting... Ugh... All the steps of making a playable/animatable 3D character is annoying until you actually can animate them...

The green, blue, and grey things poking out of her is the skeletal system (rig) I'm about to skin her to so I can animate her.

Facial Rigging for Facial Animation by Ga-Maleven
Seriously, I don't get the Nickelback hate. Like, they aren't the most amazing band, but Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift is WAYYYY worse and legit garbage.



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Man I just can’t believe what a total scumbag Terry has turned into. What the hell happened to him? Did he hit his head too hard or something? Now he’s acting just like everybody else giving me a hard time! He’s no better than Trump is right now! And I didn’t confront him about it in private so he could shitpost me either. He has no concept of privacy, just like some of the other scumbags he befriended that he once denounced.
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By the way, I want to apologize if it may have seemed like I held a grudge against you over what Terry did the time before last I spoke to you. I was wrong, and I’m sorry.
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Hey plants have feelings and even conscience

I wouldnt call for Ecocide but its simply the only way
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