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G2  by Reinhold-Hoffmann

Update III 02.04.2017
The Project and all 100 Pokemon are open now for new faces on Game-Art-HQ, lets see how many of them will participate!
If you know artists that like to draw Pokemon, please share the word about the project and point them to: Pokemon Gen II Tribute! (34/100) Last Chance!
Update 08.05
Less than 40 of the 200 Pokemon Gen II Tribute slots are left, only Game-Art-HQ Contributors can claim these. If you never participate din a GA-HQ Art Collaboration, you can not participate in this project anymore.

The project is organized via now

Update 30.04:
Over 30 new artists are on board, all around 70 remaining Pokemon Gen II Slots will only be available to artist that participated in GA-HQ Collaborations already from tomorrow on. So if you never participated in a Game-Art-HQ Art collaboration and want to get on board, today is your last chance!

Last year we started our Pokemon Gen I Tribute which resulted in over 300 illustrations of the 151 classic Pokemon and used them to describe the Pokemon as well as their abilities and a ton of background info of the whole Pokemon series and how it started back in 1996. *
This year it is all about continuing this big Art Jam with the 100 Generation II Pokemon from Pokemon

Update II - 24.03.2017
50 of the currently 84/100 Gen II Pokemon are submitted now!
84 of the artists that participated last year in the Pokemon Tribute or in other GA-HQ Collaborations joined this project which is awesome!
Let's see how many new faces will join next month and how many Pokemon will remain for you to claim in May or June :-)

Update I - 06.03.2017
Its almost a week since the Gen II was started and it set new records for the Game-Art-HQ Community! Over 50 spots were taken within 24 hours already and the first 17 of the 100 Pokemon were drawn already as well.

For the first time you can also directly see the progress of this art collaboration via the dA journal,exclusively for the contributor group.

Last time I started working on the main gallery in July, this time I am going to start in April already after working on the galleries for the last Link's Blacklist round this month. This time I also have the help of at least two group members, :iconshinragod: and :iconhedgey: from the start and it looks like a few more of you might join as writers for the descriptions of the Pokemon and their moves!
Greets, RH

Original Journal (01.03)
Exclusively for you, the Game-Art-HQ Contributors who participated last year in our first Pokemon tribute or on any other GA-HQ Art Collaborations before!

Like last year, it is again all about illustrating a Pokemon using one of its moves or abilities. The moves don't have to be from Gen II, older and newer ones are completely okay.

Like last year² it is enough to draw the Pokemon without a background, and by using a .png file for transparency.

Like last year³ the Tribute will be published on christmas as one of the nicest gifts this year has to offer the Pokemon Community, and I am sure it will take at least a half year until all 100 Pokemon from Generation II are drawn twice by our community.

For the case you did not see our Pokemon Tribute last year, there you go: www.game-art-hq.com/98200/we-a…

For the whole March, only artists that participated in GA-HQ Collaborations before can claim a Pokemon.

Every artist has only one spot in March, and every Pokemon can be claimed only one time to make it fair for newcomers when the project opens for everyone in April.

The number of spots per artist will be raised to 2 in May and to 3 in June if all 100 Gen II Pokemon were claimed AND submitted until May 31.
I try to make it fair for everyone with these rules.

Please do me one little favour and mention it in the description of your submitted Pokemon that the Project will be available for everyone at :icongame-art-hq: in April and also that the Gen I Tribute by the Game-Art-HQ community can be seen at www.game-art-hq.com/98200/we-a…

More eyes on our works can't hurt to make it more popular!

That's basically everything you need to know about the project, oh yes, the deadline is again 1 Month from the day on you claimed one of the Pokemon, now choose your Pokemon!

Currently taken are 086 out of  the 100 currently available spots (07.04)

Done by the Contributors already are:

:Chikorita: Sweet Scent by MeguBunnii 152 Chikorita -  by MeguBunnii   Bayleef used Solar Beam! by Edo--sama 153 Bayleef - Solar Beam by Edo--sama
Meganium: Magical leaf by Irete 154 Meganium - Magical leaf by Irete
Cyndaquil used Eruption by MiladySnowdrop 155 Cyndaquil - Eruption by MiladySnowdrop   Quilava used Will-O-Wisp by PluivantLaChance 156 Quilava - Will O Wisp by PluivantLaChance
Typlosion uses Eruption by Patro-Trish 157 Typhlosion - Eruption by Patro-Trish   Totodile's Scary face by Gad by Dreamgate-Gad 158 Totodile - Scary Face by :devDreamgate-Gad
Croconaw used CRUNCH! by Chari-Artist 159 Croconaw - Crunch by Chari-Artist   feraligatr by 13alrog 160 Feraligatr - Dragon Claw by 13alrog
Sentret's Attract by Sony-Shock 161 Sentret - Attract by Sony-Shock  :thumb667726814:  162 Furret - Helping Hand by PhantomzArt
Hoothoot Used Hypnosis by Cronoan 163 Hoothoot - Hypnosis by Cronoan   Noctowl used Confusion! by DragonchildX 164 Noctowl - Confusion by DragonchildX
GEN II Tribute - Ledian CometPunch by DevilDman 166 Ledian - Comet Punch by DevilDman Ariados used Toxic Thread - Pokemon Collaboration by MuddyTiger 168 Ariados - Toxic Thread by MuddyTiger
Crobat Poison Fang by shinragod 169 Crobat - Poison Fang by shinragod
Pokemon - Chinchou used Illuminate! by cubehero 170 Chinchou - Illuminate by cubehero   Pichu used Thundershock! by XyvernArtworks 172 Pichu - Thunder Shock by XyvernArtworks SkyvernArt
Togepi uses Yawn! by Sunshineshiny 175 Togepi - Yawn by Sunshineshiny   Wish by Altarior 176 Togetic - Wish by Altarior  
NATU uses NIGHTSHADE by SuperEdco 177 Natu - Nightshade by SuperEdco   Xatu used Future Sight! by KayVeeDee 178 Xatu - Future Sight by KayVeeDee  
Mareep used Charge! by maryd39 179 Mareep - Charge by maryd39 Flaaffy used Thunderbolt! by Hedgey 180 Flaaffy - Thunderbolt by Hedgey
Petal Dance-Bellosom! (+SPEEDPAINT) by 3Paula3 182 Bellossom - Petal Dance by 3Paula3   Marill Used Aqua Ring! by aachi-chan 183 Marill - Aqua Ring by aachi-chan
  Pokemon Tribute Gen 2 - Azumarill Uses Aqua Tail by Jesteppi 184 Azumarill - Aqua Tail by Jesteppi
Sudowoodo Used Low Kick! by Zeighous 185 Sudowoodo - Low Kick by Zeighous   Hoppip used Cotton Spore! by AClockworkKitten 187 Hoppip - Cotton Spore by AClockworkKitten
:thumb673641977: 188 Skiploom - Synthesis by NotEnoughCoffee
:thumb667794665: 189 Jumpluff - Poison Powder by SkullKidRoss Aipom Used Baton Pass by TamarinFrog 190 Aipom - Baton Pass by TamarinFrog
Sunkern using Morning Sun... by GlitzerKirby 191 Sunkern - Morning Sun by GlitzerKirby Sunflora - Sunny Day by SilverTheCreator 192 Sunflora - Sunny Day by SilverTheCreator
:thumb669738116: 193 Yanma - Hypnosis by AvanyuDesigns Hokuto no Upa. by Quartette 194 Wooper - Dynamic Punch by Quartette
Quagsire -Mud Bomb- by Dragonith 195 Quagsire - Mud Bomb by Dragonith   Espeon used Morning Sun! by Kosmotiel 196 Espeon - Morning Sun by Kosmotiel
Umbreon - Dream Eater by CrazyInfin8 197 Umbreon - Dream Eater by CrazyInfin8   Murkrow Used Haze by TheWarriorArtist 198 Murkrow - Haze by TheWarriorArtist
Pain Split by imbisibol 200 Misdreavus - Pain Split by imbisibol
Unown used Hidden Power by Louivi 201 Unown - Hidden Power by Louivi   Wobbuffet used Mirror Coat! by SergiART 202 Wobbuffet - Mirror Coat by SergiART
Forretress Used Pin Missile! by birdmir 205 Forretress - Pin Missile by birdmir   Dunsparce's Serene Grace! by ShadeofShinon 206 Dunsparce -  Serene Grace by ShadeofShinon
Steelix used Iron Tail by MudSaw 208 Steelix - Iron Tail by MudSaw   Game-Art-HQ's Pokemon Art Collaboration - Snubbull by c-r-o-f-t 209 Snubbull - Scary Face by c-r-o-f-t
211 Qwilfish - Destiny Bond by MechaKraken
GA-HQ PkMn Gen2 Collab: Scizor by Midnitez-REMIX 212 Scizor - Iron Defense by Midnitez-REMIX   Shuckle using Struggle Bug by Gladecleaver 213 Shuckle - Struggle Bug by Gladecleaver
Heracross used Hyper Beam! by DiegoPorto 214 Heracross - Hyper Beam by DiegoPorto
Sneasel - Icy Wind by KelpGull 215 Sneasel - Icy Wind by KelpGull   Pokemon Gen II Tribute: Teddiursa by TheFredricus 216 Teddiursa - Pickup by  TheFredricus
Laserbear by ChrisMoschler 217 Ursaring - Hyper Beam by ChrisMoschler Slugma Used Harden by ShinyOotachi 218 Slugma - Harden by ShinyOotachi  
Magcargo used Incinerate by SaraKpn 219 Magcargo - Incinerate by SaraKpn Swinub uses Roar! by MTSugarr 220 Swinub - Roar by MTSugarr
:thumb669602038: 222 Corsola - Rest by :devNekolloco: Perfect Specimen by Macuarrorro 224 Octillery - Octazooka by Macuarrorro
Delibird-Present by Sandstormer 225 Delibird - Present by Sandstormer
Skarmory by Twarda8 227 Skarmory - Steel Wing by Twarda8   GA-HQ PokeTribute Gen II 1 - Houndour used Inferno by drjhordan 228 Houndour - Inferno by drjhordan
:thumb671953712: 229 Houndoom - Dark Pulse by LauraGalliArt
Kingdra Use Twister by Kenisu-of-Dragons 230 Kingdra - Twister by Kenisu-of-Dragons Giga Impact by weaselpa 232 Donphan - Giga Impact by weaselpa
Porygon 2 Conversion by Yggdrassal 233 Porygon2 - Conversion by Yggdrassal Smeargle Used Sketch! by Ra-ooo 235 Smeargle - Sketch by Ra-ooo
Tyrogue - Bullet Punch by FranjoGutierrez 236 Tyrogue - Bullet Punch by FranjoGutierrez   Hitmontop Used Triple Kick by BrendanCorris 237 Hitmontop Tripple Kick by BrendanCorris
Elekid used Thunder Punch! by nabhalim 239 Elekid - Thunder Punch by :devnabhalim :   Miltank used Milk Drink! by freqrexy 241 Miltank  - Milk Drink by freqrexy
:thumb669778908: 242 Blissey - Healing Wishby ErnestPanda  :thumb676321675: 243 Raikou - Rain Dance by AncientDragoness
  Entei used ERUPTION by BlazeTBW 244 Entei - Eruption by BlazeTBW
Suicune by AuroraLion 245 Suicune - Aurora Beam by AuroraLion   Larvitar uses Body Slam! by Saskle 246 Larvitar - Body Slam by Saskle
Tyranitar Used Stone Edge! by LukeTheRipper 248 Tyranitar - Stone Edge by LukeTheRipper :thumb666796970: 249 Lugia - Aero Blast by SchAlternate
Sacred Fire by KirikoWindgeist 250 Ho-Oh - Sacred Fire by KirikoWindgeist Celebi used Leaf Storm! by Faith-Wolff 251 Celebi - Leaf Storm by Faith-Wolff (01.03)

Still available now for contributors that did not get a Pokemon yet or available for everyone in May:
165 Ledyba
167 Spinarak
171 Lanturn
174 Igglybuff
186 Politoed
203 Girafarig
204 Pineco
223 Remoraid
231 Phanpy
238 Smoochum
247 Pupitar

Claimed and ready to get sumitted in the next weeks:

173 Cleffa - Heal Pulse by Empyrisan (30.03)
181 Ampharos - Magnet Rise by Tigryph (01.03)
199 Slowking by ThePandamis (14.03)
207 Gligar - Poison Sting by metalzoa17 (03.03)
210 Granbull - Charm by sarrus (01.03)
221 Piloswine - Earthquake by Verona7881 (08.03)
226 Mantine - Aqua Ring by Smiley-Fakemon (01.03)
234 Stantler - Wild Charge by The-Hyrule-Warrior (01.03)
240 Magby - Flame Burst by Naiichie (23.04)

Pokemon with one spot left:

Pokemon with two spots claimed and therefore unavailable anymore:

Done completely:

Notes and Trivia and also a Hall of Fame:

The first spot was taken by CrazyInfin8  who claimed Umbreon as the first Pokemon in our Generation II Collaboration!
The first Pokemon submitted for the Gen II Tribute was Porygon 2 doing the Conversion move by Yggdrassal . The 2nd one was Scizor by Midnitez-REMIX both were submitted on day 1 of the project, the 1st March already.
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Here is Remoraid! BLAST DAT FIRE! by Altarior

If I can have a fourth one I think I'd like Igglybuff using Dream Eater, but I understand if three is enough this time :3