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Heya, our July Challenge was simply to draw a video game character of your choice, in August it is getting a bit more challenging!

The Task is to draw a Portrait of one of the following 50 video game characters. You don't have to claim one or to mention which one you do, important is only that it is one of the 50 below

This challenge endures until Sunday the 1st September 12PM European Time (GMT+1)

Like last time, 20 artists that participate will also win a code for a game on Steam for PC. This is NOT a contest, there is no jury that judges the submitted portraits, I am simply giving each game a number, each artist gets a number as well and I use the website to get a random number to determine each artist who gets one of the games.

Games you can win are as example Road Redemption, Earth Defense Force 4.1, Snake Pass, 7 Days to Die, Gloom and many more!

To participate you have to draw a portrait of one of the following video game characters and submit them via a comment right here below this journal:
These characters are not favourite characters of myself, they are simply game characters that are not halfway getting as many fan arts usually as others. Some of them are also quite bizarre and hopefully a true challenge for you!

I added links to the Game-Art-HQ VG Character DB that will provide you usually some of the official artworks of the characters, as a help for you

I repeat, it does not matter if a character was drawn by another artist already for this challenge, there are no limitations!

Have Fun!

Alex Kidd by Dawgweazle
1. Alex Kidd from the Alex Kidd games by Sega…

2. Arno Dorian from Assassins Creed: Unity…

3. Beezo, an enemy from Super Mario Bros. 2!…

4. Blinx from that one Blinx X-Box game that was not bad actually…

Cactaur by TheAkanemnon Cactuar by Azurelly
5. Cactuar, from the Final Fantasy games..this one can shoot 1000 needles into your face!…

6. Cranky Kong from the Donkey Kong Country games…

7. Demitri Maximoff from the Darkstalkers fighting games, one of the most badass vampires ever…

8. Dural, the final boss of all the Virtua Fighters games…
Edea FF8 Contest Entry for Game-Art-HQ challenge by Procrasticat
9. Edea Kramer, one of the witches in Final Fantasy VIII…

10. Epona, Link's horse in the Legend of Zelda games…

11. Flonne, the super innocent angel from Disgaea…

12. Frank West, the main protagonist of the Dead Rising games by Capcom…

Tekken - Ganryu by BFG8800GTX
13. Ganryu, the Sumo Ringer who was in almost all of the Tekken games so far…

14. Guts Man, one of the original Robot Masters from the first Mega Man game…

15. Harley Quinn have to choose one of her looks she had in a video game (Injustice, Batman Arkham City...)…

16. Hitmontop, one of the Pokemon that are not very popular in comparison to others…

17. Irelia, one of the over 140 playable characters in League of Legends…

Iron Knuckle by Yggdrassal
18. Iron Knuckle, a recurring enemy type in the Legend of Zelda games…

19. Jax from the Mortal Kombat games…

20. June, one of the 3 protagonists in the almost forgotten Jet Force Gemini by Rare…

21. Kasuga, the beautiful ninja from the Sengoku Basara games…

22. Kuma, the Bear that can fight in Tekken…

23. Larry Da Vinci, known through the LittleBigPlanet series…

Liquid Snake by shinragod
24. Liquid Snake, one of the most badass antagonists in the Metal Gear Solid series…

25. Marco Rossi, the main protagonist from Metal Slug by SNK…

26. Meat Boy..from the Super Meat Boy games..this one is perfect for portraits…

27. Nozomi from the first Shenmue..will she and Ryo Hazuki meet again in Shenmue 3?…

28. Nico Bellic, the main character from Grand Theft Auto IV…

29. Octorok ..from the Legend of Zelda games…

30. Oliver, the main protagonist from the first Ni No Kuni…

31. Poison..from Final Fight and Street Fighter. She has many fan arts but they are rarely portraits.…

32. Psycrow..the villain from the Earthworm Jim about to draw a crow? :)…

33. Queen Metroid, the final boss of the classic Metroid II...did it ever get a portrait art before even?…

34. Quina Quen from Final Fantasy IX....…

35. Revenant..a super beautiful enemy type from Doom…

36. Ryu Hayabusa, the main protagonist of the Ninja Gaiden games and also a playable character in Dead or Alive…

37. Sam Fisher...does anyone remember Splinter Cell?…

38. of the horrible looking enemy types in The Last Of Us...this one might be difficult to draw…

39. Teddie from Persona 4!…

40. Toad, from the Super Mario games…

41. Urien one of the Street Fighter III and V characters…

42. Ulala from Space Channel 5 by Sega…

43. Vaas Montenegro, the really crazy villain from FarCry 3…

44. Voldo from the SoulCalibur games..this one is bizarre!…

45. Winston, the ape from overwatch…

46. Wing Diver, one of the playable characters in the Earth Defense Force games

Xigbar by Moboro123
47. Xigbar from Kingdom Hearts…

48. Yoshi from Super Mario World…

49. Zer0, one of the playable characters in Borderlands 2…

50. Zangief from Street Fighter, because he really deserves a nice portrait and will dance with you for it.…

As mentioned, this art challenge ends on Sunday the 1st September, you can submit your artwork (only one per artist) directly here via comment and don't have to submit it to the group.

Please! Mention that you made it for the Game-Art-HQ Art Challenge and don't hesitate to share a link to our group and let others know about the challenge!

Unrelated social network stuff:

Our website:

Our Twitter
Our Discord Channel :

Our Current art collaborations:

The Pokemon Gen IV Tribute R. II (Last Upd. 07.08)
We started the Pokemon Generation IV Tribute successfully in January, now its time for the 2nd round which means that (almost) all Pokemon Gen IV Pokemon are again available to claim for the usual no background & Pokemon performs one of its moves or abilities.
Every artist can claim up to 5 Pokemon this time, but only ONE at a time, you can claim the 2nd etc. Pokemon AFTER you submitted your first entry for our art collaboration!
Up to 5 Pokemon per artist
Only one at a time
Pokemon drawn in your own style and methods, but without a background, submitted in a PNG file format and with a size of 1000 pixels width and more please
You are not only claiming a Pokemon but also the Move or ability it performs
Deadline is 1 Month per Pokemon, starting on the day you are claiming a Pokemon
Everyone who participated in Round I or not can choose up to 5 of the Pokemon!
You don't have to choose Moves from Gen IV, anything from before or after is just as okay!
Sega Dreamcast 20th Anniversary Tribute!Like mentioned a while ago I would love to organize a Sega Dreamcast Anniversary Tribute with you, in the best case published on the 9th September this year, the Sega Dreamcast Launch Date back in the USA in 1999.

The Idea is the following, instead of the usual character or single game video game fan arts, try to tribute multiple ones you liked on the Dreamcast, your personal best off, through characters, gameplay scenes, levels, logos..its all up to you, hell draw the Dreamcast itself surrounded by your favorite characters you relate to the awesome console that introduced us to online gaming, the funny controllers with their virtual memory units and of course Chu Chu Rocket!
Exactly 20 artists are allowed for this project, to claim a slot you just have to comment here as usual. Each tribute piece will get its own gallery on alongside descriptions and a full credit back to you.
Please describe your Idea for the tribute already in the comme
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