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Hello everyone, this is G4B2TER speaking,

It's been nearly 2 or 3 years since I've last logged into this account and to be very honest, I got tired of handling this account for a while in terms of art and how unprofessional it looked.  I feel like the old arts here do not reflect who I am at my current level and updating this account would make things more messy than it was before.  Hence, why I finally decided to make a new account which you can watch by clicking the icon below:


Some familiar works that I am proud of will be moved into this new account as well, in addition with my newer and better quality works.  I will not deactivate this old account since it has created some precious memories and friends.  However, if you want to, you may un-watch this account and follow the new one.

During those 2-3 years I've been uploading more often on my instagram account:

which I recommend following for more regular uploads.  

I am also returning to my YouTube account: 

gtoraverse art

where you can like, comment and subscribe for art process videos and hopefully some tutorials in the future.

My ArtStation account is also in the works and I will update this in my new deviant art account.  

Thank you for your kind understanding and I'm looking forward to see everyone on Gtoraverse !!

Instagram: Gtoraverse


Hi everyone, it’s G4B2TER here and I have some things to address


First of all it’s been SO LONG since I have loggen in here and holy crap not much has changed? My page has been real quiet as usual LOL but seriously I’m so sorry I haven’t been here much, honestly I don’t know if any of you still check up on my page while I was gone but anyway, I haven’t been here for several reasons.  I am not sure if all of them are valid or would satisfy your curiosity but it’s what I felt when logging back in:


    1)edit: I can upload stuff normally now.  

    2)   Art quality- for those of you who are not familiar with me or have been with me since my DA page’s fetus years, I’ll begin by saying that I started my page 2 or 3 years ago and if you haven’t seen it already, my art has changed drastically since those years (although the amount of art with that quality is only a bit around here), I feel as if my DA page can no longer hold my old artworks and I really just want to start fresh and show people how much I have changed and improved but making good quality art takes a lot of time for me so it’s hard to get it done enough to upload consistently.  Also considering the very low traffic of people active around here (I noticed a lot of DA users have moved to other sites due to DA’s lack of quality and I couldn’t agree more), I feel like I need a new platform or at least reach a better audience to prove myself and make myself feel more professional.  At the same time, I don’t want to delete my account as I have made some friends here and deleting my old artworks will be SO tedious.  Until I can finally make a decision on my next move. Please bare with me guys...

    3)   What ever happened to POTU? Okay since I am here to be honest with everyone I will not sugar coat my answer.  I honestly HAVE NOT been working on POTU and I’m seriously not happy with how it has been thus far.  I WAS happy the first time I released it but looking back at it’s quality, the story and the pacing- it’s not how I want it to be and I am no longer satisfied by how it looks at the moment, I am also starting to be unhappy with the format and style.  I have been talking about rebooting the comic in my previous post (and I believe in one of my newer deviations) but sorry, I am at a wall right now and I’m brainstorming on how to make it better.  The beginning part of POTU to me is just fine and set in stone- it’s done- no more changes- no more altering- it’s good? Yeah I can say it is but what concerned me most is the middle of the story, the most important point of POTU, the battle, the struggles and more importantly Caly’s character which people have been telling me has not progressed and is lacking depth- which worries me a lot.  Another thing is that, some people do not and I emphasize DO NOT understand the story even at it’s starting point which upsets me a lot.  Right now I’m really just sitting down and thinking of how to make it better, what could be the best story that connects everything I want to say to the audience? What comic format would the people want to read with? The standard style or the now ever-so-popular webcomic style? Would my current art style satisfy what the comic needs? Would I hit another wall when I progress further into the story? Seriously guys, I don’t know. I think I need more time before I could make the next chapter, I would really like to restart the whole thing again and make it better for me and for everyone else.


POTU has been my comic for a long time now; at this point it’s a comic I’ve written 6 years ago! I was only 11 by then and I kept remaking it, redesigning it, improving it and just when I thought I had the right moment to put it up here (at 16) it didn’t reach my expectations yet again.  However, I do not want to give up on POTU, I don’t want to scratch it out, I don’t want to abandon it, I don’t want to bury it with all my other rejected projects. I want it to be something; it’s been with me for so long, it’s so special to me that I just want it to be perfect.  I want people to feel the same passion I felt when I first started writing it when I was 11 years old and those times were very difficult times for me- POTU is the BIG reason why I still want to be drawing until today, why I want to keep pursuing a comic career even if it might be impossible for me to do such a thing. I want to do something about this but I want to take my steps at approaching it so I am once again sorry to all of you.  I need more time to set things straight but I can promise you, the next time I come back with the new and improved POTU, it will not upset you and I hope that it would not upset me too.


Meanwhile, if you have any suggestions or any honest opinion you can give me about POTU, please say so!


On another note, I’ve recently opened my instagram to public view (it was private a long time ago so I haven’t mentioned much about it) and I’m uploading my drawings (sketches, wips, full drawings and even stuff for POTU) there.  If you would like to be more in touch with me and see me upload more of my drawings, I do recommend following me there while I try to get my DA account sorted.  In case you missed the bold text at the beginning my IG is Gtoraverse


Thank you so much guys for reading this journal entry.  Keep being creative and I will check in here more often, also a huge thank you to those who have been faveing my Genji Shimada art :D

Due to Mock Exams, i will not be available on DA for a while, I would not be accepting commissions until then. Thanks

I decided to try out doing commissions but starting off with some simple, sketchy stress reliever headshots. For fun :3

If you want a headshot sketch of your character it would cost around 10 points, if you want it coloured AND Inked it costs another 20 points (30 points). 

It will be done digitally, mostly on my phone and some on tablet depends on how busy I am.

I'll open up around 10~12 slots, please make the payment AFTER I accept your commission. First come first served basis. 

1. grimbeautyisgrim99 

2.BlueBlueFox (nameless child)

3. BlueBlueFox (Guy on the far left)

4.BlueBlueFox (Guy with a mask)









Once the first 12 are done and compiled, I will open the commissions again.

To commission me:

  1. Please give a ready reference (picture or description but if you are describing in words, please be as detailed as possible)
  2. Pay me through my donation box found at the bottom of my page. Only pay once I accept your commission, if I haven't accepted it and you've paid… Well… Thank you for your donation kind humanoid.
  3. Please do not attempt to give me stolen characters or characters that are not yours. If anybody suspects anything suspicious please let me know ASAP.
  4. Do not claim these headshots as your own.

Thank you.
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Hi everyone,

Just giving some news about the progress of the third chapter of my comic.

Currently I have been very busy handling stuff at school (and life) so I haven't been giving my full attention to POTU.  I planned to sketch it out right after the previous upload but I had other stuff to do and I haven't finished sketching all the pages up until now.  Although it is possible to do it during winter break, i would be unavailable for a while and so I am not sure when i can finally finish the whole process.  Due to this, I may have to change the release date to the end of December or even January.  Sorry for the inconvenience.

I will also put up old comic pages for everyone to be satisfied once the chapter is released.

In the meantime, I am holding a Kiriban event.  More details here: <da:thumb id="573353958"/>

<da:thumb id="572701241"/>

'sup yo? :iconbalkeir: is holding a chibi raffle! 
This is the first time I will be joining a raffle, I wonder how it would go ^^ oh! and her Chibies are really really cute! You should go check them out :D

On another note, you can also try your luck on my first 9,999 pageview KIRIBAN! It is still a long way until that number but the higher the goal, the easier to miss (tee-hee).

More info+sample works here:
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"Letter from the Dead"

How long will this go?

The screams of pain resounding from every corner, masked by the collapse of buildings, the shards of glass hitting the pavement and the sounds of bullets echoing from ear to ear.

The colour of the sky painted in a sick grey and the streets painted in red.  The smell of smoke and the smell of blood.  Is this satisfying for you? Is it never enough?

Every time you pull the trigger, every time your bullets whip across this gray sky, every time it strikes the hearts of your targets, watch them limply fall, breathless, pained.  You take away the lives they built and the dream they had that was just a hand away.

((There is nothing left))

Corners filled with lifeless bodies.  Lifeless lightless eyes.  Crackling, Cringing Cries.

((I have no words))

Is this what heaven looks like to you? Is this the world God was looking for?


No.  This is hell on Earth.

((Let go of me!))

There is nothing left for me.

((This is the end))

Or for you.

The bronzed armour you wear proudly on top of your identity, to fight for what you believe in.

Is stained by the blood and the cries of the innocent.

So Take off that armour, the persona you wear,

Take off that name you use in the name of God

And tell the world who you are

Where you're from

And open your eyes to how many people you have killed

Who are just like you.

Greetings from the dead.

So I was cleaning up my pencil box this morning to find if there was any junk in it (since I rarely bother to clean it anyway) and I found this old goddam thing (excuse my finger):

Img 20151026 060733 by G4B2TER

My OC, Klein drawn in like what? Grade 7? 8 or so? And all I can say is, it's pretty messed up XD it's so weird.
I think Klein's hair went darker (and fluffier) over the years (?) like it's no longer that bright brown and I got rid of his "winky" face since he used to always pose with it.  Klein also doesn't wear collared shirts anymore, he's with the hoodies now lol.  I'm not sure where I've written this before but Klein is a very interesting character to begin with, among all the other POTU OC's I have, he has changed the most and to be honest with everyone, it is difficult to draw him.  Once you don't get his hair right or his eyes right, it will look nothing like him (it might look like something or someone but it is definitely not Klein).

Oh right! Klein wouldn't appear until the next part of chapter 2! my bad heh, so probably nobody would see what his finalized version would look like in the comic until then.  As for now, people could just search for Klein's various updated doodles up here on DA.  There are lots and ((I'm too lazy to link them all)).

I guess this is a good example on how art can improve over the years if you keep drawing and finding more ways to improve.

Honestly? Looking back at these drawings make me laugh all the time at how weird it is but it makes me feel nostalgic too.

I have lots more earlier concepts of my OCs as well as some of the original pages (not the very first one though but like the second one or so but that was done around the same time as the first one) I might upload it up on DA once I finish erasing and toning the second part of chapter 2... And that one page my ((Very creative)) brain came up with that is actually not so bad now that you think about it. 

ANYWAY, which one would you guys like to see next? An old comic page? (which is at the same chapter when I discontinued it) or an old OC concept? Both are hilarious either way so let me know in the comments below.

I decided it won't be so bad being a bit more social on the net,  Maybe blogging on this journal post wouldn't be too bad either.  I wouldn't be putting up stuff that are too personal though, probably just some funny school experiences or art updates.

Let's begin then

I brought my tablet to school today with the intention of making my next art project for school, unfortunately the teacher did not come and I decided to work on POTU chapter 2 page 5-6 (which is the halfway mark that I will upload first) and went on to making the chapter 2 cover.  

I brought my tablet along with me to my next class, Bahasa to do it during snack time.  Now this dude in my class often goes up to me and says stuff like "IS THAT YAOI?" (note: I am not a yaoi fan and I don't think I will i ever be drawing anything as hardcore as yaoi) so of course I said "No it's not." 

He passed by again and went to another classmate and asked her to make him look "kawaii", he then turned to me and said "he looks kawaii, he would look better with his shirt off."

Like OMG I just- I just can't XDD

The character drawn for the next chapter is Toddy.  Funny thing is, I've never drawn him in such a way that is so different from how I usually draw him.  Haha but I won't be giving any more spoilers to what the cover is lol.

And I should be getting on with my schoolwork now :3 .

Hello DA, this seems like an awkward notice and I doubt anyone would pay attention to it...
Requests are currently closed because I would like to put up more original stuff (my comic for example) and also improve my style and techniques so I would have to turn them down.
I would also like to clarify another thing, not to offend anyone but though there are lots of CPastas and FNAF reqs lately, I am not a CPasta or FNAF artist, I can't come up with a concept similar to them because it is not my type of art. PLEASE guys, do check my gallery and the request specs, it would be also nice if you could leave a watch or a fave to some of my works so that it would be a bit more comfortable doing these requests.

Thank you and again this is not meant to offend anyone, rather I would like to make it clear of what kind of art I prefer doing.  I respect your artistic preferences and you should totally go for it, it is who you are after all :) (Smile)
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eee 'sup guys?

So since my exams are pretty much done (except for these presentations coming up next week) I can start being busy with my comic and some other stuff (so request away!).

Another news, I've created a You Tube account to upload my painting processes.  It would be nice if you guys could check it out!

You Tube: gtoraverse art

Thanks and uh, see you all in the next chapter.
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The Story:

(Well the Basic Summary)

POTU (Powers of the Universe) is a manga I came up with ever since I was in 6th grade. Surprisingly, this is the only story I was able to continue up until now and I am always improving it's concept. I hope you guys would love this story as much as I do.

The story is about a 16-year old girl named Caly who one day finds out she has been getting the same nightmares and feeling different ever since she turned 16. One day, she meets a boy named Klein, who then introduces her to a world called Powleton in other words Realm 3. Caly's real home, where she is a princess (yes, a princess) and a leader of a group called the elemental guardians. Will she be the leader that everybody wants? Or will she fail in saving the universe from the notorious Dark Clan?


CHAPTER 0: Chapter 0: Prologue: A Guardian's Journey. by G4B2TER


CHAPTER 2: POTU CHAPTER 2 COVER + Toddy Ems Character Sheet by G4B2TER
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Happy new year yo!

Cheers to a new year and to those who got out of the toilet uhm... Welcome back? (Haha lame joke)

I hope we all could fullfill our new year resolutions and accept the changes that are about to come :)
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Yeahh... Hope you guys get great presents and a wonderful holiday before the holiday season ends XD
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Today would be the last upload for my personal project!

I would just like to thank those who have contributed and taking their time to give their comments and answer the questions. So here it is...


My personal project may have not been the biggest as a majority of the kids in mu grade were going to do something related with money, donations, showcases, etc. but i'm telling you... Finding the time to actually draw and upload and keeping up the weekly streak was NOT easy becuase I have often drawn when i want to but never for something like this, most of you may also know that I'm not one of those internet social devartists so this is really something new, when i saw the comments, i was relieved... I never thought it would come so quickly to be honest and that i had to keeping raising my comment goals and it is just one of the best experiences and I really did learn alot from it and I even got to know more of my own country. I am just happy I could help giving out awareness.

But guys... I need your help one last time...

I want more comments on this last upload... But if i cant get it, it's okay too... I'm just so thankful for those who contributed. Thank you... Or should I say...

Terima Kasih!
Hello Everyone, G4B2TER here!Pikachu want it
 So, first and foremost... This journal entry is about my Personal Project I am doing for school. 

What is a Personal Project?
Basically it is a school project, we could choose from any of the AOI (Areas of Interaction) and do a project based on it.

What is my project?
My Personal Project focuses on the AOI Health and Social Education. I would like to bring awareness of the Education here in Indonesia especially to the poor children. The poor children of Indonesia struggle from poverty and most of the time are not able to afford living necessities, health or even education. Some lucky ones are able to afford going in to basic education or even secondary education but are not able to go further or deeper in education and I would like to give out my concern. I want everyone to contribute as well! Hopefully it could change the condition. 

What I would do?
I will bring awareness of the education of poor people by art. Because I believe art is one of the best ways to convey deep meanings in to the society. The art will consist of mainly manga and realistic drawings and are all about the education of poor people in Indonesia. A drawing will be posted every one or two weeks. it will continue until January

How could you guys contribute?
I will be collecting my data through the comments however the comments should consist of answering these questions:

1. How has this artwork give you more knowledge on the poor people of Indonesia?
2. If there is one thing you could do to help these people what would it be?
3. What do you think of the poor people in Indonesia?

The questions would be posted again on the deviations.

All of these artworks and comments would be put together in to a collage that I would put up in my personal project exhibition. If you would like to contribute to my personal project, leave a comment below saying that you would and if you would like to promote this to other artists, you may! please give a link to this journal and tell me if you did, i would really appreciate your contributions.

EDIT: Also to those of you who would like to make an artwork based on the education of Indonesia, you may. (Because I am the one going to draw and post, and technically everyone would comment) However you may give an artwork and I will put it in to my collage :)
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