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The Illustrated GasMask Dictionary V6

This project started in 2009 as a little sheet to identify common gasmasks used on BDSM.
I decided to move up a notch in in the end of 2009 trying to identify all the models i could gather to this work. I never knew it would take 4 years!
But after researching, cataloging, and gathering information, it is finally released for free.

It's 614 pages of pure Gas Mask!

DOWNLOAD HERE ==========>===============>================>================>===============>===============>==============>

In this project i DO cover:
• Gas Masks (APR, SCBA, PAPR, SAR)
• BDSM Gas Masks
• SCUBA Full Face Masks
• SCUBA Helmets and Heavy Duty Masks
• Rebreathers (CCR, CCUBA)
• NBC Suits (with integrated gas mask)
• Gas Masks for Animals
• Escape Hoods
• Full Face Air Force Pilot Respirators
• Full Face Airplane Oxygen Mask

In this project i DON'T cover:
• Semi Facial Respirators
• Dust Masks
• Oxygen Masks (Medical, airplane)
• Cirurgical Masks
• Semi Facial Air Force Pilot Respirators
• SCUBA (Octopus, Regulators and Half Masks)
• NBC Suits without integrated Gas Masks
• Welding Masks
• Cyber Gothic Gas Masks
• Steampunk Gas Masks
• Gas Mask Sculptures, Arts and Non-Commercial Concepts

Any constructive suggestions or corrections are welcome!

All photos, brands and information in this work are property of their respective owners. I only managed to organize the information. This work will be distributed freely WITHOUT any charge.

*UPDATE: Yes, i know... There are many errors and duplicated entries. I'm currently working on version 6.1 with corrections and tweaks. It'll soon be released. ;)
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My lord! I actually managed to miss out on this release! Awesome reference material man! I love it!
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Glad you found it ;)
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Congratulation^^ Your work is already incredible and I'm sure your book is it as well, I wish one day to be able to read it