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Rotating Globes V1.1

Continuation of the rotating sphere, a rotating animated globe.

UPDATE 02/06/10 1.1

Thanks to JS Morley's GIF script [link] all sizes underwent a MASSIVE improvement in quality and CPU usage. No blurry upscaling and bloated CPU usage anymore!


Rendered by the fellow Deviant Skylink [link]

Available in the sizes SMALL, MEDIUM and HUGE.

I used a transformation matrix this time to scale the image up, since this seems to be more CPU efficient.

The rotation axis drifts about ~3 pixels during a whole rotation, which leads to a short lag after each turn. I tried over 2 hours to fix this, I almost threw my keyboard out of the window, but I couldn't find it.

Tell me if you like it, this will be implanted into the world time zone gadget in the next version of BlueVision.
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hey love it but would have to agree with mrnzsd, iam from aussie and they always show northern hemisphere not southern,

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This one too? How do you download please

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en esa flechita q apunta abajo

Thanks very beautiful
hey, nice image. though is it possible to get one from a southern hemisphere view? im a Kiwi (New Zealander) and would love to see my country more.
is it possible to get a southern hemisphere view rather than the northern one used in this?

live in New Zealand and would like to see more of my homeland/country.
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BENasıl indiriliyor?
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This is GREAT! I downloaded it and added it to my layout with no problems! Please add it to the next version of BlueVision, as I have BlueVision V.02, which was my first attempt at creating a layout of my own. I have you to thank for introducing me to Rainmeter! Thank you!
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Very nice thank you but...........there is a blank image loading at the end of your animations so the globe seems to disapear for 1 seconde. Strange.


Rename files from 0.png to 59.png
For smoother rotation,  change variable Update=70 to 40
You can change de size of the globe by adding :
W=(width you prefer)
H=(Height you prefer)
in the ImageMeter tag.

leave count to 60

cool thank you
Is it possible to change the color and speed? I'd love to know how to be able to do that.
can you create a rotating sphere then images from a specific folder are revolving around it, then if you click an image it will zoom in? that would be awesome
Como q baixa caraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
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How do i use it alongside bluevision?
lag is solved, but its bigger ram consumption.
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no idea if the lag is solved yet but i found a solution:
change picture number 60 to 59 and picture number 58 to 0
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i just found out i said is wrong it is number 60 to 59 and number 59 to 0, sorry!
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and dont forget to add the new value in the .ini file: change Formula=Counter % 60 to change Formula=Counter % 59
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Perfect fix bro!
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how to install it??
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