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BlueVision V0.2 Alpha X Guide

By g3xter



BlueVision V0.2 Alpha Guide

The official guide for today’s release of BlueVision V0.2 Alpha (X) with detailed descriptions of all gadgets, their features, functions, structures and customizing abilities!


If you have problems reading the pixel font, click “download” and get the 6800 x 4400 version in perfectly readable Calibri Caps. I recommend opening the picture with a web browser so you don’t have to worry about zoom distortion.

- g3x
© 2010 - 2021 g3xter
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It could better if you repair the download link, Because they doesn't work since the Oscars were yesterday, you must do it for them,please! they rely on it for Inspiration 
just got this and its amazing as fk! but when I load the skins its also small as fk. how to fix pls? ty
Do not fucking ask about that bro, the size is just fucking size, well basically all you can do is just glad that you have it, the size doesn't matter all it matters is that Realistically how you put them on your screen. :)
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I feel like a noob saying that I have no idea how rainmeter here works, but your amazing skin makes me want to learn it.
You did not add any information on how to get IP Lookup to work.
How do I get it working please help ?
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I love this one but I don't see a calendar or event module.
Can anyone recommend one that fits with this style/design.
Could you do this one in red?
ROG fan as i am i like to go with the red theme.
And i think many ROG fans out there thinks the same.
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Hey, the links you have established goes to a location that says the file no longer exists, can you reupload this?
How to find Installation steps, instructions?
And speed fan temp are also very different from the reading i get using coretemp roughly 20 degree C too low and they aren't changing over time either
How do i setup the CPU section properly i downloaded speedfan however I am still getting 100% usage from all my cores all the time...
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I would like to know how only the shadow font effect color is changed, if I change the graphics colors everything changes. Any help?
PLease can I download  the blue vision  rar thank you so  much

how can i install it please help me step by step pleaseee somebody teach me how to install it
I'm looking for the same exact thing, stuck in a file list with some folders and a .cfg file.
Love the skin. However I'm running into an issue with Notepad and the RSS Reader. For both, the titles do not show up. I am using BlueVision V0.2 Alpha and Rainmeter 2.5.
how do I set winamp up with itunes so that I can control my music from there? :o
Hey, how can I download it?
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Hey, how can I download it?
i cant download it
Thank you dear
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