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October 9, 2010
BlueVision V0.2 Alpha by ~g3xter is so futuristic that i can easily imagine this to be displayed on any monitor that's located in a filmset for movies like TRON, IronMan etc.. it features a plethora of nicely animated system monitoring modules and they all make for the perfect sci-fi experience on your desktop.
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BlueVision V0.2 Alpha [RAINMETER]




!IMPORTANT!: Deviantart does NOT allow me to update my skin as the Rainmeter category is now .rmskin only. This makes an attempt to upload an updated RAR file impossible (invalid file type for category) and a switch to RMskin impossible (file types have to match).

This is why I am redirecting you to an external link. Just click the SKIP AD button on the upper right corner, nothing else.

BlueVision V0.2 Alpha


All teasers and previews finally have an end! BlueVision V0.2 Alpha, the futuristic looking system monitoring Rainmeter skin based on the v5 tech brush set by Zane @ Z-designs, is now available for download!

Now with LOTS of new features and gadgets!

=> Check out the ultimate guide for this skin with explanation of every gadget: Anatomy of a skin: BlueVision V0.2 X guide…

=> All skins are now completely transparent to fit any wallpaper!
=> Skins are available in different sizes and layouts for full support of 1680x1050 and other resolutions.
=> Dozens of buttons in almost every gadget make it easy to configure everything for your own needs.
=> Launchers & Helpgrids included to launch the entire suite or all gadgets of a certain category with only one click (1680x1050 & 1920x1080-1200)
=> View [link] for detailed information and instructions about every gadget.


To display temperatures, you’ll need the free program “Speedfan”. Available here


- Detailed CPU usage graphs + bars for up to 12 cores, available in 4 individual layouts.
Attached display for usage in %, temperature in °C and a temperature graph & bar showing the changes in temperature in your desired range (default 25°C to 70°C).
Interactive buttons included to hide/show the entire string panel, all temperatures or the temperature graph only. Total of 52 different scripts, allowing almost unlimited combinations. CPU gallery included to easily select the CPU you’re running on (single/duo/quad/hex), give a preview, and automatically launch all scripts of your desired layout. The 4 layouts are (self-explanatory) “CPU 1-12 COMPLETE” for the entire skin (with buttons), “CPU WITHOUT TEMP GRAPH” for the temperature graph disabled, “CPU 1-12 WITHOUT TEMPERATURE MEASURES” to disable the temperature measures completely and “CPU 1-12 GRAPH ONLY” for the graph only without any strings.

- RAM / SWAP graphs and bars, showing used / free and total physical memory and SWAP memory in % and GB. Available in 2 sizes and a button to switch between sizes.

- Network graphs, displaying network traffic up & down at high update rates, a display for transferred kb/s and a cumulative counter for the total downloaded & uploaded data since last reset, available in 4 different layouts and sizes.
Buttons included to switch between sizes.

- Detailed Network information, Including Host, OS, LAN / WAN IP, Gateway, DNS, Mask, Bandwidth, Status, a Ping Measure from, Proxy status and Proxy IP. Available in 2 sizes.

- HDD display for 26 different HDDs (A-Z), displaying free, used and total capacity in GB and %, a bar visualizing used/free capacity, HDD temperature in °C, disk access read/write & total in kb/s + a graph showing the total disk access.

- System overview, containing GPU/CPU/HDD temperature, CPU frequency in MHZ, Rounds per minute/RPM of your fan, WAN/LAN IP, bars and percentage for total CPU usage and up to 4 cores, RAM, SWAP, used space for 2 Hard disk drives and uptime. Graph for RAM/SWAP/CPU included. Now with a Dual-core version.

- Winamp remote based on the XXX Amp script by Nylons, displaying current title, Samplerate, Bitrate, Channels, Progress and buttons for Prev, Play, Pause, Stop, Next, Open, Toggle Shuffle / Repeat, Open Winamp, Volume + and -, toggle equalizer and auto-equalizer. Also contains a high-framerate animated equalizer moving to the music. Now in a new design.

- Combined graph of RAM & SWAP + CPU usage and strings for the CPU usage or respectively free, used & total RAM / SWAP in GB.

- “NETWORK ACC” now has a function: By clicking the tiny “Y” you’ll reset all cumulative counters. There’s also a small X on the right to close the skin.

- New gadget: Recycle bin display: Displays the number of items and the current size of your recycle bin + a matching icon of an empty / full recycle bin. Left-click to open your recycle bin, right click to empty (with confirmation).

- New gadget: Shutdown control: Buttons to Shutdown, Restart, Hibernate, Logout and lock you computer by using shutdown.exe -s -t 0; -r -t 0; -h; -l -t 0; rundll32.exe user32.dll, LockWorkStation.
All buttons are locked by default so you can’t click them by accident. Click the “unlock” button to remove the overlay and enable them.

- New gadget: Temperature graphs: Displays for up to16 Speedfan temperatures, including GPU, local, HDD, CPU 1-12 and 2 additional undefined graphs for your own additional temps. You can easily configure the Speedfan index and name for the temperature by editing the variables. Follow the fail-safe instructions of the ;-ed parts in the script.
Launcher included to launch all temperatures at once.

- Animated high frame-rate rotating GDI-Logo with your own custom text.

- Startup sound: An invisible meter that plays a sound and greets you with „Welcome back, commander“ every time you start Rainmeter.

- New gadget: RSS Reader: Keep track of the latest news with the RSS Reader for BBC and Google News! Buttons to directly open the homepage in your browser, close/refresh the skin and expand/hide the feeds included. (BBC News | Front Page | World Edition; Top Stories – Google News)

- New gadget: Notepad: Never forget anything again with the new BlueVision Notepad! Displays custom text written in the contained NOTES.txt. Buttons to open the .txt, close the skin, expand & contract the notes and manually update the strings included.

- New gadget: Weather radar map: Showing the latest radar pictures of your desired location. Uses color-matrix and an overlay to fit the theme. To display your location edit the skin and past the link to your map under the “URL=” variable.


6 years have passed since I made this skin. I was just a teenager. A lot has changed since then. Right now I do not plan to release further updates - Along with university and other hobbies I simply do not have the time.


Biggest credit goes to Zane @ Zanimation for creating this beautiful tech brush set and friendly answering my E-mails.

Special thanks and credit for letting me use and modify their scripts goes to:

LAvalon @ Deviantart for his Black Glass skin
Nylons @ Deviantart, for his XXX Amp skin
YahibazOu @ Deviantart, for his World Time Zone Map skin
Kealri @ Deviantart, for his Recycle bin script included in Enigma.
Jeffrey Morley @ Rainmeter forums for his geobytes location script.
© 2010 - 2021 g3xter
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Javelin434's avatar

Is there a way for this to use HWInfo information for things like temp readings? It would be nice since the program is more ubiquitous in the PC community.

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I have a switch aruba 8400 and this is the most reliable choice for the job. Has 24 ports and easy control. There were no problems with the connection. Maybe someone will be interested, then take a look at the products from the T Yuda company.

Data enables. Along with cloud server with Participating in. Your get could possibly adjust regarding points

Link does not work. After skipping AD still no download. it tries to Hijack.

H-ShaDowPro's avatar

i cant download it for some reason

the adfly never load

i used incognito and disabled ad block not working

Thank you very much for your wonderful work.

By any chance, can you make one that fits 16 cores?

I beg you.

This looks awesome! Downloaded rainmeter and this. On my 1920x1080 it is microscopic. ? Did i somehow get the wrong one? Can I change size somewhere "zoom"? Thanks.

B3njym0u53's avatar

@g3xter any chance you can make BIGGER widgets for ultrawide users? I'm on 32:9, 5120x1444, 49" and even your larger widgets I need a magnifying glass to read. Awesome skin!

spiraloso's avatar

Terrific work! Great to see it's still around :)

sed's avatar


how to correct the world time...can anyone help me with that

Thank you very much. The D/L page kept responding with a 403 error. You're a lifesaver!

Thank you my dear chap

The Link Is Not Working :c

Link is not working :(

Podgee's avatar
The link doesn't work, why you put your skins on this site, to down.
apensity's avatar

Is there a new link that works? The old one times out.

Thanks a lot.

Tips for new guys: unzip BlueVision.rmskin

After the weather servers went offline, is there any word on if this will get an update? BTW I'm not sure if the satellite map being offline has anything to do with that or if it's another issue. But like others, I'm having this issue too

Primi-Agminis's avatar

I cant eve edit my satellite weather. links don't work and I did a little DIY and still doesn't work. any hlep

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