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BlueVision V0.1 Beta

By g3xter







No seriously. Don't download this.



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Beeindruckend !!

Kannst du auch für die Bruderschaft von NOD so etwas zusammenstellen ?
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Ive been looking 4 this! awesome work, bro :D
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Dear, Gexter i was wondering if u do request and if u do i was wondering if u could do the spiderman logo in animation form?
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i wan that command and conquer logo..
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Thanks! But it's outdated. There's a new version with a lot of improvements and new stuff here [link]
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Already 404'd dude. What was in that pic?
ultimate pwnage :) LOVE IT! I actually cannot wait for more releases! This will be the most epic ever! :) Haha, i can see like taskbars, and so much more epic shizzle! I love the login idea!
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Stumbled over this while browsing peoples' workspace images. :D

Once again, good job, very nice use of my brushes. The comments suggest that this was featured somewhere on 4chan? Congrats.

Also, I'll be making more interfaces similar to my "AdvancedUI: Status Screen" in the near future. Perhaps we can collaborate someday so that the design is actually geared toward rainmeter and not just using premade brushes.
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Thank you, I'm flattered to hear those words from you and I'd love to work together.

Your Status Screen is also a masterpiece, I already thought about making a skin based on it once I have some free time on my hands again and some further versions of BlueVision are released.

Added you to Deviantwatch and FL, would be awesome if this led to a common project in the future.
This is so awesome o.0 would you make an animated equalizer for iTunes as well in the future?
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Neat, really cool.
this is so cool.
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Wow. Whilst the aesthetics are not to my taste, I recognize a masterpiece when I see one. Conceptually strong, stunningly detailed and excellently executed, this is a huge achievement - respek!
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Holy Sheep SHIT!!!!

Haven't downloaded this yet, but the preview is amazing!
Wow, looks very good, looks kinda like the game Uplink:Hacker Elite. I have never used Rainmeter before, looks like I'm going to have to check it out!

Will there eventually be a Win7 theme to go with it?
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No plans for a VS
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this featured in a thread on /g/ of 4chan

love it :) :icongeekplz:
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Awesome meter. looks great with new Tron Legacy images. [link]
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I got it, Thank you. This is a KICK ASS meter!!
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If it was transparent and had animations, oh damn, this would be the best rainmeter skin ever created, lol.
Guy this is just wow ! fkncooooo i love this you were right when you said it looks like it just walked out of a secret-agent movie(s)" man i cant get over this work please keep making ideas come true creativeness that works that's reality ...great job ;)
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