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~First Meetings~ Scarlett and Deedee
Scarlett's heels clicked against the hallway as she headed towards the thrid music room. She pushed the door open and a breeze blew her hair back slightly as the hosts and maidens posed in the centre of the room wearing Arabian garb.
"Ugh." Scarlett frowned deeply, "Calm down crazies, this isn't Project Runway."
However, a little way away sat Deedee who was sitting on the couch with her legs crossed and her headphones on her ears. Thanks to her mother and choir practice, it wasn’t often she was early and she was using her rare free time to play Angry Birds. Glancing up from her phone she smirked and shook her head at the sight of the host and maidens.
"Kaoru looks like his pants are too big for him." She said in a teasing tone. Kaoru frowned and looked at his outfit.
"That's kind of the point Dee..."
"Rettie! We made another outfit for you-" Jenny hurried over to hug the red head but she ducked out of the way.
"No way, I'm not wearing those crazy things..." She strode
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A Cat in Music Room 3?!
“Guys! Guys! Look!” Eileen Harrington pushed open the door with a bright smile on her face, she held her hands out to show a small kitten sitting in her hands and immediately got lost in a crowd of maidens and hosts.
“Aww! How cute!” Jenny squealed and Mimi’s eyes shone.
“It’s a real kitten! And it’s cute!”
“I suppose it is rather sweet.” Kage gave a small grin but not standing too close to Eileen with the kitten.
“Aww! Chika-Chan would like him! Right Takashi?” Huni asked with a smile.
“Yeah.” Mori nodded slightly.
“Should you be bringing pets into school?” Hikaru asked, resting his elbow on Haruhi’s head, “It might be troublesome...”
“Hush you!” Shiro slapped his elbow, “It’s cute! Ok?”
“He has a point though...” Kaoru tilted his head, “Is it staying here?”
“Of course it is!” Eileen insisted, “I
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"Scarlet-Dear, good afternoon~" Romey smiled as Scarlet hurried as fast as she could over to Romey's table and sat down on the opposite sofa.
"Good afternoon Romey!" Scarlet grinned, trying to move quickly on her crutches, "I wondered if you might be able to help me with my German homework again? I'm finding it difficult again..."
"Of course Scarlet-dear~" Romey smiled, standing up and helping Scarlet sit down before putting the crutches under the table, "But how's your ankle? Is it healing up?"
"The doctor said it'll take a while to heal~" Scarlet smiled, riffling through her bag and pulling out her homework, "But until then I'm finding the crutches alright to use~"
"Well that's certainly good to hear." Romey smiled happily, pouring tea for the red head and herself. They spent at least half an hour working through the vocabulary sheets, Romey would never give Scarlet the answers, how will you learn?, but by having Romey double check the answers when she finished she ensured that she g
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Mature content
Mirror Chapter 5 :icong2emily:G2Emily 1 2
HA- Rosie Hazelwood by G2Emily HA- Rosie Hazelwood :icong2emily:G2Emily 1 0 HA- Lottie Profile Card by G2Emily HA- Lottie Profile Card :icong2emily:G2Emily 1 0
.:Gift:. A new Quartet~
"Elle..." Miranda and Rosie were following the blonde student into the library and sat at a table as Elle started pulling out books. Rosie was playing with the triangle pendant and pouted.
"I hate the library... Madame Pince hates me for not returning that book on time last month..."
"Well, maybe you should return books on time...?" Elle said quietly and Rosie stretched and yawned.
"It wasn't my fault~ I forgot~"
"Well... Right now we need to find what this symbol is!" Miranda announced, "It's weird!"
A girl with coffee coloured skin and black hair wearing Hufflepuff robes walked around the side of the bookshelves and smiled at the three who returned the smile until she pulled a book from the bookshelf with the same symbol on it. Rosie leapt up immediately.
"HEY!" Madame Pince appeared around the corner quicker than lightning and hissed, 'Ssssh!' And Rosie sat down sheepishly. Eventually she moved on and the girls breathed in relief that she'd gone.
"She's like an underfed Vulture isn'
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.:Soldier's Letter:.
Dear Arthur,
How are you getting on? You know how lucky you are. Well, I suppose getting shot at all was not that lucky but you will get better, better in the comfort of your home, and at least you were shot in the leg, some of the men out here on the front have not been so lucky. You are alive and now that you are back in England you have everything to live for again.
However, the other men here at the front have nothing to live for and their worn faces reflect how empty their lives have become, and although I keep the idea of our family together dear brother, I do not wish to live anymore as long as I am in this hell hole.
There was a gas attack yesterday. The Fritz had been unusually quiet and that had made me suspicious as well as scared. At the time I was polishing my rifle. Sergeant Major Brown had made it clear that there would be an inspection at '0600 hours!' and I didn't want to get into trouble for a faulty rifle.
I heard the scream of 'Gas! Gas!' from halfway down the trenc
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Mature content
Mirror Chapter 4 :icong2emily:G2Emily 1 2
Mature content
Mirror Chapter 3 :icong2emily:G2Emily 1 1
Mature content
Mirror Chapter 2 :icong2emily:G2Emily 2 1
Mirror Chapter 1
She yelled loudly and threw herself to the ground, leaning against the wall, pulling her knees close to her and covering her head with her arms when the house started to shake. Earthquakes were very uncommon at her house; she almost never had to deal with them and when she did they were hardly worthy of being considered 'Earthquakes', and as such she didn't always know how to deal with them so she went straight to 'panic'.
However, as soon as it started it stopped. This had happened before, an earthquake that was fast enough to not cause much trouble. She swallowed, then stood up and headed over to the table where the tea tray was, picking it up and carrying the teapot, milk jug, sugar bowl and a teacup towards her study, acting as though it never happened.
Walking down the corridor she passed a window and froze, staring at a blood red sky. The tea tray fell to the ground, the milk jug shattering as milk spread out over the tiled floor, mixing with tea from the broken teapot. Usually s
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Pottermore Collab. by G2Emily Pottermore Collab. :icong2emily:G2Emily 1 2
.:Yorkshire's Fact File:.
Name: Catherine Antonia Taylor
Age: 19
Height: 5"6
Birthday: August 1st (Yorkshire Day)
Eye Colour: Blue with a hint of grey
Hair colour: Dark blonde
Appearance:  Catherine isn't very tall, but she's rather slim. Unlike Arthur, Catherine's hair isn't messy, she keeps it neat most of the time and she has a cowlick that represents 'Flamborough Head' on the left of her head. She grows her fringe long and puts three hair slides in to keep it out of her face. Two crossed over each other and one of top of the two crossing with a small rose accessory on the end of it. She wears glasses to represent Yorkshire's political History.
Clothing Style: Her clothing style tends to revolve around women's suits and heels during the week but farm wear over the weekends. In the past her style stuck mainly to farm wear but as Yorkshire has become more urban her style has moved to suits.
Personality: Stubborn, argumentative and tigh
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Profile - Cassie Rose
Full Name: Cassandra Rebecca Rose
Nickname(s): Cassie, Becky
Age: 14/15
Date of Birth: September 16th  
Nationality: Amestrian
Species: Human
Place of Birth: Youswell, Amestris
Hometown: Youswell, Amestris
Education: Privately tutored
Job/Occupation: Alchemy apprentice
Father: Simon Rose
Mother:  Rebecca Rose (née Rockbell)
Sibling(s): Charles 'Charlie' Rose
Relative(s): Rose family (paternal), Rockbell family (maternal)
Pet(s):  Shiny the Goldfish
Alchemy Teacher: Previously Simon Rose, currently Elise Geiger.
Height:  5'1
Weight: 115lb
Eye Colour:  Light Blue
Hair Colour:  Blonde
Skin Tone: Pale
Appearance: Cassie's build is rectangular shaped; she doesn't have many curves as it isn't fully developed. She's qu
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Yorkshire Quintet by G2Emily Yorkshire Quintet :icong2emily:G2Emily 2 0


Tales of ttoba by ttoba Tales of ttoba :iconttoba:ttoba 1,318 219 New Starters! by Kawiku New Starters! :iconkawiku:Kawiku 5,962 196 Daily Paint #1205. Avacato by Cryptid-Creations Daily Paint #1205. Avacato :iconcryptid-creations:Cryptid-Creations 8,660 312 this is Disgusting by RoyalNoir this is Disgusting :iconroyalnoir:RoyalNoir 19,056 1,429 Gentle paps by did-you-reboot Gentle paps :icondid-you-reboot:did-you-reboot 233 17 Thank You by tsukinokage Thank You :icontsukinokage:tsukinokage 10 3 The Other Side of the Screen by tsukinokage The Other Side of the Screen :icontsukinokage:tsukinokage 4 3 Channel the Universe by AdriDaHen Channel the Universe :iconadridahen:AdriDaHen 73 15 An Illusionist's Tale - Cover by MamuEmu An Illusionist's Tale - Cover :iconmamuemu:MamuEmu 11 6 Wanderers Group by tsukinokage Wanderers Group :icontsukinokage:tsukinokage 6 10
A night of Halloween
Jin leaned against the wall as she waited for her weapon to finish getting her costume on, tapping her foot she kept looking at the clock ever second or two. Letting out a loud groan she walked over to the bathroom door and knocked on it.
"Electra it don't take this long to put on a costume." She yelled out to her as she continue to knock.
"If you knock one more time I'm going to walk out and break your hand...and don't rush me!" The girl yelled out to her from behind the door before she finally open the door and walked with a look upon her face. "I'm not going out wearing this.." Electra pointed at the light green fairy costume that she had on.
The brown haired girl glanced at her up then down with a evil smirk going across her lips. "Oh yes you are. Because we don't have anything else for you to change into, now grab your shoes and let's go."
"Duchess you could had picked out something else for me...I mean a fairy? Your just evil..." She mumble as she slipped on a pair of black flats
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Home alone and Open windows
"Okay girls we are about to leave, you remember the number to the place and my number, your dad number...let's see I'm I forgetting something?"
"Mom please!  Me and Muffin is going to be just fine in the house alone, so please for the love of god stop worrying so much!" Sana told her mother as she try to push her out the door. I was the first time in weeks that her mom and dad was going out to see friends.
"Wait I know forgetting something...that's it Soul we'er not going..."
"Jin! You've changed your mind like six times now and I'm finally putting my foot please get in the car."
"But what about the girls!" She whined a bit as she pointed to the two teenage girls that was standing in the doorway begging him to take her way.
He shook his head and gave her one of his cool smirks. "They are young adults meaning they are going to be fine alone for a few hours. Now come on before we are late for Kid and Electra dinner."
"Fine..." Jin sighed and smiled lightly at the girls as
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[APH] Iced Tea by Super-Sailor-Star [APH] Iced Tea :iconsuper-sailor-star:Super-Sailor-Star 2 3 MOMR3- Hizuki Valentine by sweetiebabyd MOMR3- Hizuki Valentine :iconsweetiebabyd:sweetiebabyd 6 4
A selection of some of my favourite pieces of Art on DA


The last time I wrote a journal was over a year ago and my last submission was over two years ago which says something about how often I spend on DA these days...

So yes, hello! I'm still alive! Things have changed a lot for me, I'm 20 now, and I'm in my second year of University. I'm studying History and currently trying to prolong the inevitable future of being an adult and getting a full time job which just seems to get closer every day. 

I still write, I still draw, and I like to think that I may have gotten better since I was 15?? (Maybe? Probably not :'D) I'm still into Anime, I'm still into books, I still love the theatre, and I've started getting very into things like meditation, yoga, crystals; I wouldn't claim to be an expert but they're really interesting! 

I've recently started learning Korean, and I really want to specialise in Korean history. Right now my goal is to go on to do an MA and become a historian that specialises in Korean history but right now, baby steps! 

I'd really love to reconnect with some of the people here that I used to talk too, so send me a message! Let's get talking again! I've missed a lot of people! 

Have a good week! 
  • Reading: North Korea: State of Paranoia - Paul French
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My Name:
My Age: 20
My Birthday: 16/09/96
My Zodiac signs: Virgo, Rat.
House at Hogwarts: Gryffindor~
My current residence: A sleepy little seaside town, East Yorkshire, England.
What I Study: BA History


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