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This image is absolutely astounding. The end result is an unforgettable and beautiful image of a unique concept for a fabulous duo. The...

I may not be an official, but I figure I can provide some insight. As for the visuals, you practically nailed it. It does indeed make a...


Suckers by PotooBrigham Suckers :iconpotoobrigham:PotooBrigham 328 94 Unforgiven by Neytirix Unforgiven :iconneytirix:Neytirix 2,281 145 Spirit and Rain by DVixie Spirit and Rain :icondvixie:DVixie 3,438 393 Eeveelutions by DVixie Eeveelutions :icondvixie:DVixie 6,082 242 The Kingdom in the Canyon by Neytirix The Kingdom in the Canyon :iconneytirix:Neytirix 1,294 168 On The Train To Zootopia by MetaDragonArt On The Train To Zootopia :iconmetadragonart:MetaDragonArt 452 16 Watching over Zootopia by luigiix Watching over Zootopia :iconluigiix:luigiix 1,486 153 Zootopia by AndyFairhurst Zootopia :iconandyfairhurst:AndyFairhurst 1,021 64
Mature content
Zootopia: An Illusion of Honor, Chapter 2 :iconubsefor:Ubsefor 2 1
Zootopia: An Illusion of Honor, Chapter 1
Chapter 1, 'A Storm before the Calm'
-Told by Judy-
I found myself in a royal estate right in the middle of a rich party. The musicians were playing a symphony. The queen sat on he trone, she was a big white pantera, and her daughter was the one to the left of her, having a birthday today... I didnt remember what happened here before, it looked like I was here the whole time, but it wasnt me. I looked at my paws... They were not mine! They were foxs' ones!
"Alright, Judy, stay calm!" - I told to myself. I needed to find a mirror. I came to the guard.
"Madame Snowtail, what can I do for you?" Wait, I am not Snowtail. I am Judy Hopps, a bunny, a police officer in Zootopia Precint One. I am not in Zootopia now, as well as I am not Judy anymore... The pause became too ackward.
"I am sorry, could you find me a mirror please, monsieur?" I noticed the surroundings that reminded me of London Royal Estates in 19th century that I read about recently with Nick before I said that. I also found a b
:iconubsefor:Ubsefor 3 1
Mature content
Zootopia, Prototype, Epilogue :iconubsefor:Ubsefor 3 2
Mature content
Zootopia: Prototype, Day 9 :iconubsefor:Ubsefor 1 3
Mature content
Zootopia: Prototype, Day 8 :iconubsefor:Ubsefor 1 0
Zootopia: Prototype, Day 7
Day 7, 25% of population infected
I woke up. My vision was blurred... I looked at the surroundings getting off the bed... I was in a church...
Father Rocco came into the room, carrying fish and water.
"Hold on there, child, dont make sudden movements. You need to rest"
"Whats happened to me, father?"
"I dont know... Its a parasite, attached to your back... It is slowly killing you... I can do nothing about it right now... Your bunny friend volunteered to help you, though"
"Child, I am sure she can handle it herself, we dont need to worry, she already got a helicopter with DNA scanner..."
"Hold on, why the heck does she need a chopper? I wonder if she can fly it at all, they didnt teach us to fly helicopters back in ZPD academy... Whats her plan? How did I even end up in here?"
"The bunny dragged you into there, I wished to help her and you, repay my debt, if you like... We synthesised the parasite, that you are infected. We came to the idea, that if we co
:iconubsefor:Ubsefor 5 3
Zootopia: Prototype, Day 6
Day 6, the true outbreak now began. 12% of population infected
I woke up in Judy's bed, but without her this time. She went somewhere.I headed to my phone, grabbed it, but realised, that its better to save the money for the call, by 'calling' Judy telepathically.
"...Carrots, where are you? Its me, Nick, just think of me and say something in your mind as if I am standing in front of you..."
"...Sweet cheese and crackers, what is it? New way of tax evasion?..."
"...All within the law. Got a license. Anyway, where are you?..."
"... IN A BATHROOM, DUMB FOX! ..." - her shout echoed in my head
"...Mind me joining?..." I said in a romantic tone in my mind.
"...Yes... No, I mean, dont get me wrong, but lets take shower separatly, I dont want to clean your fur from shower again..."
"...Are you afraid of seeing me naked?..." - I teased her
"...Just shut up already..."
That telepathyc stuff is very usefull. Neighbours dont have to hear me teasing Judy like that. Finally, some privacy in her apar
:iconubsefor:Ubsefor 7 0
Zootopia: Prototype, Day 5
Day 5, 5% of population infected. People began evacuation from the city.
Judy P.O.V.
I am worried about Nick. He changed so much. Maybe in a good way, I still cant figure it out. I love him, but can he truly see it now? Does he also love me?
Yesterday evening he came to me and caught me by surprise, as I wasnt expecting him. Of course my doors are always open for him... But what he told me yesterday... He looked conserned about me to say the least. He asked me to go to Bunnyburrow, to the seaside, away from the damn city - the further - the better. I mean, of course I saw reports on the TV, but I am not afraid.
I dont know when to quit!
And besides, I cant leave Nick here alone. He doesnt have anyone, exept for me...
It was morning, the next day, the terrible day, a day off for me. I didnt know what to do. My job in ZPD is my life!
But Nick just called me workaholic...
He never understood me in this. What a lazy fox!
My thoughts were interrupted by Nick busying into my apartment, break
:iconubsefor:Ubsefor 4 0



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