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Here's something complety diffrent and it's the big fat Felicia, oh my she ate too much fish and she's now mighty but couldn't get the ...

Here's another one of his best drawings and I love this picture, I really Togemon snice she's very strong kinda reminds me of Bulkhead ...

This is a really awsome drawing of this picture but before you ask no I'm not a brony but I love the g1 Bumblebee drawing it's amazing ...

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Happy digieaster from Mi and Ani 21
Well happy digieaster Sunday for you my friends who are on this site. I decided to draw this lovely one with our eggy fellow, Digitamamon with his 2 girls that suit with him that treat him like the king of Easter. I hope you like and happy Easter my friends. I own nothing.
Mimi as Android 21
Well Easter Sunday is here, but I need to start off for my own Android 21 day for my now favourite female Dragon ball character due to my attachment for reasons. Well had this in mind if my waifu, Mimi decided to cosplay herself as Android 21 with a cake that's she holding for reasons I can think off. I hope you like it. I own nothing.
After fighting the bird...
Oh dear I felt like drawing this for poor Oliver aka I've watched the entire YTP collab done to TheRealXboxNerd, and I've watched it without a problem that's all I could say, but before I watch the entire thing. I decided to watch of Hourofpoop's video that's been used, and became my favourite until poor Oliver got beaten up by a big bird that makes me feel sorry for him. He kind of deserved it for not beliveing that this big bird is dangerious, but gets mocked by Thomas. *Sigh* I hope you feel sorry for poor Oliver. I own nothing. Video of the entire collab:

TheRealXboxNerd's Thomas the Tank Engine YTP Collab - YouTube

Cutting away from Mimika
Oh dear just got this in my head after watching that SMG4 video that's about Easter for what if poor cuty is trapped inside a colourful world after been eating this strange chocolate, and now he's been chased by a bunnygirl in a high school dress from an unknown anime that she think he's the perfect one, because of something to do with his head. I hope you like it. I own nothing. Video that the drawing was based on:

Easter 2016: The Explosive Easter hunt. - YouTube

A good pinky friday
Well today is going to a good Friday. Well today is going to a good friday... Oh sorry no relation with this. But I had this in mind for good friday that has nothing to do with religion I promise okay. Just something got stuck in my head with my OTP living in the lovely blossom tree, and the pinky sky for their own date I believe before their marriag.... um just forget what I said in the last bit except for the fact I had fun drawing this. I hope you like it and have a good friday. I own nothing.
Lego RID 01 Beegal
Well didn't take long to show up my own non female Bionicle moc to be put up on Devianart. Can't it eh? Anyway here's my own RID 2001 Bumblebee in her Lego version of the action master aka cannot transform version which I had couple of photos with her meaning load of poses for our princess of the Autobots. I hope you like for what I made. The characters of Bumblebee belongs to Hasbro/Takara. Along with the 2008 tiny turbo belonging to Lego. But the design belongs to me.
Lego RID 01 Ironhide
Well remember the Spychanger Ironhide figure that I got on ebay in 2017. Well I had this in mind if Ironhide was an action master by posing like one, and compare to the G2 Gobot repaint. Yep very proud of this moc except for the head, but hey I don't the yellow 1x1 brick with 5 studs if I had one along with editing too. I hope you like this. Spychanger Ironhide belongs to Hasbro/Takara.



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART

Alright then I have a big announcement for you people!

It's March. Not only my Birthday is coming up on the 21st of March, but it's something that has to with my favouite anime by growing up or watching it now along listen with kick ass soundtrack.
Meicoomon Emoticon 3 Which on March 7 is Digimon Adventure's 20th Anniversay next week! Meicoomon Emoticon 3 
Right after 20 years that Panic Attack won series 2 of Robot Wars.
Digimon - DotAgumon Like my lord. This is the reason I'm hyped up this year. So here's the rules for something I had in my head.Digimon - DotAgumon 

  1. Gifts for me would be like if Digimon had a crossover with Robot Wars or Transformers.
  2. Shippings that you like to draw are... G1 Bumblebee X Mimi Tachikawa, Chaos 2 x Panic Attack, Jo x Oliver, Lillymon x RID 01 Bumblebee.
  3. Meicoomon Emoticon Just do Transformers, Robot Wars, and Digimon fanart if you get the hand. Along with others like Thomas the tank engine & Friends, and Doctor who.Meicoomon Emoticon 
  4. digimon gif  wizardmon If you want yours or my favourite character would be a Digimon meaning they Digivolve into any character that could work.digimon gif  wizardmon 
digimon gif  wizardmon So Cherrio from your great friend, Dafydd.Keen. digimon gif  wizardmon 
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Dafydd Keen
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Hello i'm g1bfan aka Dafydd keen that I'm a Welsh/Czech nerd that speaks english, and takes too much humor and craziness seriously, but I'm a nice guy that loves Transformers, Robot Wars, Doctor Who, Digimon, Thomas the tank engine aka The Railway series, Rayman, Asterix, and much more that I love


No bad comments, no hating, use my base and mention me and cerdit me please.

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