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Persephone Teel | Bayshores Academy App by g0d-himself Persephone Teel | Bayshores Academy App by g0d-himself
the books are by melisssenpai ->… !!
Mother-Nightingale i can't actually remember if you accepted this or not (i think you did, on discord), if you didn't i'm super sorry !!!!!! i know this is really late to be uploaded too, idk if the submissions are closed or not D: sorry ahhhh

Basic Infomation

Name: Persephone Teel
Alias: Persephone, Seph, Percy
Gender: Female
Age: 17 years old
Sexual Orientation: Asexual/Aromantic


Height: 190cm
Weight: 120 lbs
Hair color/style: Super curly, pale white - almost pink looking, draped around shoulders
Eye color/style: Teal and pointed
Other features: Scars, wounds, injuries, eye patch

School Information

Class: Lower
Student/Teacher/Staff ID: ---------
Ability: Hemokinesis - Blood Control
Club(s): Tea Ceremony and Occult Club


Agility: 3/10
Intelligence: 9/10
Confidence: 4/10
Cooperation: 5/10
Creativity: 7/10
Stamina: 4/10
Charm: 5/10
Wisdom: 6/10


Likes: Being alone, reading, spirituality, spending time with people, "introverted sterotypes", studying penmanship and calligraphy, green teas, herbal teas, french pastries and keeping quiet.
Dislikes: Overly busy or crowded space, physical activies, most people, authority, being proven wrong, losing her temper and using her powers.
Personality: Persephone is a quiet girl, usually alone, who mostly sits at the desks during break and reads or doodles with a pair of headphones in to distract herself. She is known for being "free-spirited" and calm, and she honestly doesn't disagree. In quiet scenarios she glows, and in scenes that are too much for her she can crack or snap (not literally) and she absent-mindedly resorts to using her powers of Hemokinesis - a power that, while she thinks it personally satisfies her, makes her uncomfortable as it's so powerful and gives her the chills. She's isolated, reserved, mysterious and "creepy", but a nice person in general.


After her 10th birthday party and her few friends has left, Persephone was just being her curious self: in her bedroom, in pyjamas, sat alone reading one of her favorite books. It studied and discussed the concept of awakening inner power. No other children she knew her age were into this sort of stuff, but it didn't bother her all that much. It just made her feel more different than she should have. Most people would say she was a... strange child. An outsider who liked to mess around with things she shouldn't. As she was reading, and went to turn the page, a thin corner sliced her finger tip open. It was her index finger, to be exact. It quickly started to bleed, so she panicked and attempted to simply catch the blood in her hands as it dripped and landed -

No, it didn't land. It dripped yes, but didn't land - more, it floated in the air as her hand was clawed around it. She didn't know what to think. So much so that as she rubbed her eyes to re-adjust, the droplet flew across the room and splattered on the wall. Did she just... manipulate some blood? She'd read about it before - Hemokinesis: Blood control. But she wondered if it was just her imagination. Persephone stood up, bandaged her finger with a tissue and some tape, and snuck out of her window to avoid questioning from her parents. She ventured aside to the small forest next to her garden, looking out for... unsanitary things.

She finally found an extremely recently deceased pigeon, which made her uncomfortable as anything... but she wanted to know. She stared at the bird, concentrating all her (little) energy onto the poor thing. As she finally came back to, after about 30 seconds, she noticed the bird's blood was almost "growing" in a slightly spherical shape. She backed away as she was feeling nauseous and blinked rapidly, trying to fathom what she was doing. She soon bolted away, and merely a few days later a letter was recieved, accepting her into Bayshores Academy in 5 years time when she would soon turn 15. Her family accepted, telling Persephone it'd be a 'chance to make new friends', but nothing changed socially. She would, however, learn to be tougher.

Mother-Nightingale i did itttt


- Born January 19th
- Capricorn
- The books she carries are super cult-like and satanic, probably carries the satanic bible around idk
- The mark on her face is rumored to be either a birthmark or a burn scar- she hasn't told anybody
Mother-Nightingale Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2018  Student Digital Artist
She is so pretty!!
Just tag me when you finish her history!! 
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