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Os Tesouros de Miau
Diz-se que o gato recebe um mapa
Que revela onde fica escondido
Relíquia que das garras não se escapa
O segredo felino antes perdido
Ele em língua antiga se descreve
Guiando o espírito do pequeno gato
Os caminhos e rotas que se deve
Para encontrar o tesouro abstrato
Se começa às vinte e cinco semanas
Siga norte acima à cauda do tigre
Além do horizonte que o presente chama
Para cima é mister que se migre
Siga as listras, a pelagem clama
E se revelará meu coração livre
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The Rise of the Nekromantix
The legions were already standing in front of the beautiful gates of the city. Thousands and thousands of unnatural soldiers were blood-thirsty, waiting for the command of their general to strike. Beneath them, the dark soil began to boil, and every form of life met near end because – wherever the troops passed by – a dead scar was created.
All along the city walls, the artillery of the high-skilled elven archers was expecting with anxiety, for the fate of their homeland and brethren was lying in their hands. Knowing of that, the Ranger General Sylvanas Windrunner ordered full defense. She was claiming that the undead Scourge could not pass through the three sets of fortified walls of the pretty Silvermoon.
Arthas was observing the Ranger’s movements from the ground, smiling coldly, swinging his Frostmourne around by boredom. On his other hand, a small pot, sealed, which contents were known to few, had a shallow dark energy emanating from it. Prudent would to think that,
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Gi Cat Strut
Olha aquela gata pela janela
Desfila a cauda erguida no telhado
De pelagem negra, será ela
Do corpo esguio, de ébano talhado?
Patas de tigresa, miúda ao meu lado
Grande felina, derreto em aquela
Graciocisade que me fez domado
Assim, encoleirado  ao lado dela
Permaneço lá sempre, e lhe protejo
Rujo e afasto, com a força do leão,
Perigos, pois que desta forma vejo
Seus pêlos como seda em minha mão
Afofa, em mim se aninha e, então,
Ao cafuné, sorri e abre um bocejo
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Shine on You
After losing too much power while waiting for Illidan to act, the former Lord of the Blood Elves, Kael’thas Sunstrider, left Tempest Keep in a search for new allies and ladders to further advance on his plans.
To do so, he, in a sudden rush of madness, breached into his beloved Silvermoon City – which he so hardly helped to rebuilt – and captured the naaru who was the fount of the Blood Knight’s powers.
On his way out, Kael’thas encountered with his friend Lor’themar, current king substitute to the blood elven people.
They talked to each other. Kael’thas’ skin tone was already beggining to darken.
- Remember when you were young, stated Theron. You shone like the sun.
To which, Kael answered, oddly enraged.
- You can not see it anymore, Theron. The dream is gone. No more blue sky. Say goodbye to it. If the hope rests in the skies, then the hope is gone too.
- You have failed your people, because you trusted its future to another people. Together w
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Battleground Inside
Only one chance.
When we first arrived at the entrance to the arathor basin, our general kept saying those words. We have only one chance, he insisted. Basically, he gave us two options among four choices.
“A hero is created deppending on the amount of courage of a person and his strenght will be determined by his will. The Horde needs the arathor resources as well as it needs your life. Therefore, there is no bigger honor for a soldier to die in battle.”
I must admit: his first speech did not encourage many of us. Then, analyzing his words I began to actually understand what he meant. There are two types of soldier: the one who lives and the one who dies. Each of these types is divided in two other possible options.
The soldier who lives is whether a Hero or a deserter; and the one who dies is whether a hero or a coward. Which means we have two chances of becoming a hero.
A dead hero is the soldier who sacrificed his life in order for his companions to fulfill the needs o fo
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Azeroth Chronicles - Part I
The Chronicles of Azeroth – Chapter I
The Undead Scourge gathered strenght. From where is not worthy of reflection. The forces that fight over the control of the world caught temselves in the need of extra allies.
While de Lich King’s forces began to march over the Plaguelands, the Alliance – most precisely the humans – summoned a conference within the protective roots of the fallen world tree, Teldrassil.
For the first time in centuries – which later would be discovered to have been due to Jaina Proudmoore – the most powerful beings were together in the same room: the Horde and the Alliance. The room, divided in basically two layers, having the Alliance leaders on the higher one and the Horde’s, on the lower. From left to right, the Prophet Velen of the draeneis, King Magni Bronzebeard of the dwarves, the High Tinker Gelbin Mekkatorque of the gnomes, the High Priestess of the Moon Tyrande Whisperwind of the night elves and Highlord Bolvar Ford
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Silver Hand and Templars
Ensaio sobre a Mão de Prata e a Ordem dos Templários
Talvez por uma ação de homenagem, a Blizzard, empresa criadora da série Warcraft, tenha utilizado várias particularidades da fundação da Ordem dos Cavaleiros Pobres do Templo de Salomão na criação de sua “equivalente” Templária: a Ordem da Mão de Prata.
A fundação da Ordem dos Templários se deu por ocasião da segunda Cruzada (1118) com nove cavaleiros iniciais: Hugues de Payns, o fundador; Geoffrey de Santo Omar, André de Montbard, sobrinho de São Bernardo, Gondemare, Godefroy, Roral, Payen de Montdèsir, Geoffroy Bisol e Aechambaud de Saint-Agnan.
Os Templários, como se sabe, eram todos monges, derivados dos monges-soldados, que foram os primeiros a usarem uma couraça e arma sobre vestes religiosas. Estes foram o esboço daqueles: um exército de monges-guerreiros capazes de dar a vida por Cristo.
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