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I understand evolution
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Published: August 20, 2008
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anyone other than me tired of stuff like this:

-Evolution means when a species turns into another, like when scientists say human came from monkeys
-Evolution means the universe was made by an explosion.
-Evolution say there isn't a God.
-Evolution means one day people won't have pinky toes.
-Evolution teaches people that black people aren't as good as white people since white people evolved from black people.
-Evolution may be wrong since its just a theory, not a law.
-Evolution means we all came from nothing


Here's a simplyfied version from wikipedia:
"In biology, evolution is the process of change in the inherited traits of a population of organisms from one generation to the next."

If that's still too hard for you: evolution means when one a living things gives its data (genetics) to its kids and eventually little changes accumulate because every individual is unique.

Ex: different breeds of dogs=evolution.

Simply put I made this stamp to try to stamp out all the misconception and lies surrounding this simple theory. If you actually understand the theory (not believe, believing in something suggest there is need for faith. You don't need to have faith for scientific theory since they're based upon occurences we can see and not stuff we don't know.) feel free to use this stamp.

Also darwin fish ftw!

PS: Da-wabbit pointed out the "came from nothing" thing. firstly no scientists suggest that, secondly the origins of life is a seperate theory called "abiogenesis". They may be both parts of biology but one has way more evidence than the other so don't confuse the two or squish them into one.

EDIT: decided just to disable comments. I don't like disabling them since I do enjoy conversation and feel that disabling comments is removing free speech however I'm not in the mood to argue the same point 10000x over because some people find it SO DIFFICULT to look up terms in a dictionary/encyclopedia before arguing them.

I understand you have faith but that's exactly it, ITS FAITH, not part of reality. Do yourself a favor and stop trying to inforce it like if its fact and people will stop thinking you're an asshole.

simple right?

I got a link to a very good video that visualize evolution a bit so you can get an idea how it works. [link] see there's no "we magically came from rocks" here, just how animals slowly got various advances and eventually got to humans (and for the record humans are evolving too. though slowly, so evolution is never ending for any organism so long as they don't go extinct).
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