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Each time a rule is broken, with exception to in-character rules only meant for the character in the HQ,
moderators will discuss the severity of the rule broken. Honest mistakes and small things will likely receive a tap on the wrist, however repetitive rule breaking, difficulty listening or the breaking of more serious rules will result in a warning. Two warnings will lead to a discussion between the moderators as to whether or not you should be allowed to remain in the group. If you break multiple rules at once or cause major uncomfort in the group you can be kicked without a warning.


▸ Please do read all the journals before asking any questions.

▸ Be polite and respectful to members, applicants, and moderators.

▸ Any questions and concerns are to be taken to the 'questions and answers' chatroom in Discord. A moderator will reply as soon as they are able to. If the subject is more delicate please note the group. We will not respond to messages sent to moderators personal accounts or any other sites.

▸ If you have concerns, you must voice them yourself. We will not accept ‘anonymous’ concerns or ones spoken by one on behalf of others.

▸ You can not kill, maim or permanently cripple your, or another person’s character without moderator permission. You can not seriously hurt another person’s character if the other person is not comfortable with it.

▸ The exception to the previous rule is that moderator hosted events may be very dangerous, and if a character acts in a way that compromises themselves they may come to harm. We will, however, ask for permission on any harm which would be permanently disabling such as loss of eye or limb.

▸ Flag mature content.

▸ Art theft will not be tolerated.

▸ Art must be your own with the exception of collaborations.

▸ Please do not draw on, color, or use another member's art without their specific permission.


▸ The rp chatrooms are meant for quick paced RPing. If someone has not posted within 10 minutes you can skip the person unless the person has notified he or she needs a longer time.

▸  If you prefer other types of RP, we suggest Skype, Deviant notes/ comments, Google Docs, and Discord.

▸ We prefer a respectful posting order. If two characters are not interacting with another group of characters then the two don’t necessarily need to wait for the other party to post to post themselves.  If they are interacting with setting use your better judgment on what things you should give the other group time to respond to. (ie, yelling or destroying furniture etc.) If a character is interacting with everyone throughout a group, however, please give everyone a chance to react. If they do not post within the ten-minute rule, however, feel free to skip them.

▸ When chatrooms are packed, please split between the multiple up rooms available, and if all are quite full, please tag your RP partners in your post to prevent confusion.

▸ Keep posting memes and videos limited. They are not prohibited but they should not be in every post.

▸ Keep out of character speech in the 'general' chatroom. If disturbing RPers through OOC speech in an RP room you will be asked to stop. Failure to comply will result in removal from the chats.  

▸ Do not spam to interrupt conversations.

▸ While roleplaying, do not use any abilities/weaponry that is not listed on your character’s sheet.

▸ Keep conversation and RP PG-16 within the chat.

▸ Please retain yourself from godmodding,  Mary Sue / Gary Stu, Metagaming, etc.


▸ If you are not sure about your character's weaponry, history, abilities, etc. please note the group with your question and we will respond as soon as possible.

▸ Characters must be physically, mentally and emotionally capable of combat and/or use of weaponry, vehicles and other high-risk tasks without putting themselves or their comrades in danger. This means please take extra special care when giving them disabilities or other potentially crippling medical or mental issues.

▸ No  Mary Sue / Gary Stu, Overpowered, out of setting characters. Please give your character realistic pro’s and con’s.


▸ Custom designed masks are worn outside of the base. The purpose of a Ghost’s mask is to avoid detection by government forces, as such, use your mask accordingly. This can mean taking it off to blend in with a crowd.

▸ If you cover up the class identifying color patches on the basic suit with clothing, a representation of the class color must still be obviously present in your characters design.

▸ Information about character creation can be found in the 'How to Join' journal


▸ Respect your superiors.

▸ Follow orders.

▸ Do not destroy GHOSTS property.

▸ No pets in the barracks.

▸ No smoking on base.

▸ No alcohol consumption outside of the barracks

▸ No fighting outside of sparring inside the base.

▸ Sparring should end when one person is put in a compromised position or surrendering. Not after they’ve been brutally beaten.

▸ Recruits are not authorized to bring weapons on base and are not authorized to carry company weapons outside of their specified training area without officer supervision or permission.

▸ Do not take practice equipment out of its dedicated area or use it in a way except for it’s intended purpose.

▸ Characters cannot enter other people’s rooms unless one of the inhabitants of that room has invited them.

▸ Do not sneak into unauthorized sections of the base.

▸ Rooms must be kept tidy or punishment may follow on surprise inspections by your class captain.

▸ Places with high security your character will NOT be able to enter without a sergeant or captain.

▸ Rooms must be kept tidy or punishment may follow on surprise inspections by your class captain.



▸ The right to be respected as person and his/her decisions.

▸ The right to reply back to questions in our inbox within a proper time frame.

▸ The right to have the last word. As moderators, we determine how the group and its world works. Of course, constructive criticism will always be welcomed but does not need to be followed.

▸ The right to credit sources properly.

▸ The right to be open-minded, thoughtful and considerate. A moderator should not be a person people should fear, just because of his/her position of power.

▸ The right to listen to members and advise them when needed.

▸ The right to help those in need.

▸ The right to be polite

▸ The right to follow the group's rules. Sitting on the throne of authority does not make us any different to members when it comes to rules.

▸ The right to remove members from the group, but not without warning or plausible cause.

▸ The right to keep the group clean, organized and professional.

▸ The right to provide a safe and friendly atmosphere for all members and applicants.

▸ The right to not accept people into your roleplay for reasonable causes.

▸ The right to treat all members fairly, no matter how long they have been there or any other factors.

▸ The right to kick a member from the group without warning.


▸ The right to listen to admins. Don't expect that just because you are a 'veteran' member, that you should be given a leeway that other members do not get. You are not above anyone else.

▸ The right to note the group about any and all your concerns. Don't attack another member in a private discussion. If you have an issue, note the group so that moderators may assist you. You cannot let resentful emotions pile up, especially when the matter can be handled easily if you just opened up.

▸ The right to come up with your own pro's within the group's setting. Do not expect other members to magically invite you to their ongoing up. Some people may seek you out, but most of the time you will have to show initiative on your own. Some people are shy, but we don't see that as an excuse to just sit there silently moping you don't get any roleplays going.

▸ The right to be polite and courteous to all other members and staff.

▸ The right to file complaints against other members, privately, with staff members.

▸ The right to not make anyone uncomfortable OOC. There might be people in chat that are new or just not familiar with you. Admins do not want the first impression of those to be you whining and complaining in OOC.

▸ The right to make yourself noticed as you join in the OOC chat. Include yourself.


▸ The right to listen to admins.

▸ The right to ask admins (and members)  questions about the group.

▸ The right to be patient. Not all staff can be online 24/7.

▸ The right to read all journals and rules before asking a question.

▸ The right to note the group about questions not answered in journals when creating a character.

▸ The right to ask for an application check via a note to the group when there is an opening.

▸ The right to submit your characters registration form to the applicant folder when it's finalized.

▸ The right to enter the OOC chat when there is an opening.

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