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World History

The Past

It was in the year 2340 when humanity reached the age of Enlightenment and the peak of technological advancement. Technology that had been labeled as science fiction gave way to science fact. Everything from holograms to fully immersed virtual reality was spawned, which brought into light the dreams of generations by the company Eurosia. And for all its advancements the world exhibited several centuries of peace, all in the name of protecting economic and personal interest. Turning its’ eyes to the future, the world had begun to finally address the signs of distress and sickness that the planet had conveyed for years. International organizations sought to undo more than two centuries of pollution and toxic waste that had plagued the earth. They sought to safeguard their future and tend to a planet already overburdened by humanities failures. Peace could only last so long.

The majority of Earth’s population had always resided near or along the shorelines. As water continued to rise year after year, the number of displaced communities worldwide steadily rose. The United States and Great Britain withdrew all support internationally and concentrated their forces on their home shores, which triggered a series of similar moves by other UN countries in the years to come. Overburdened by the task of trying to keep their citizens fed, as food grew scarcer by the day, structured countries faced overpopulation and severe unrest. By 2378 the world had reached a tipping point and was no longer able to support the billions it held. Populations screamed at their governments for a solution.

In a way that no one could have predicted the cries of the people for a solution had been answered. Formerly known as The Reaping, a plague that killed more than 75% of the population spread across the planet in the year 2381. In under a year, the government and population had been brought to its knees. Stepping in with a cure, Eurosia seized control of what was left of the world and instituted a new government not long before it was discovered that they had been the source of the virus that had killed billions of people. Some rebelled, but with the technology that Eurosia had secured any rebellion was quickly and quietly silenced. Years later humanity eventually began to recover but it was under a vicious rule in a new world.

It was discovered very shortly after Eurosia took over that the effects of the plague had left an impact on humanity that the people could not recover from. Millions of women with child who had survived The Reaping suffered the aftershock as miscarriage numbers began to rise. Like a ripple so too did the death rates rise as many individuals took their own lives and fought each other for women who could still have children to continue the human race. Eurosia, who had watched the chaos for years in silence, stepped in when populations diminish. With a military force that had been hidden from the world, Eurosia not only built a new government but took control of the lives of the people that had survived until then. They built settlements, separated families forcibly enlisted any able-bodied person into their military, and protected those who could bear children for the future.

Named the New Dark Ages, these were the years that humanity chose to ignore, and the years that Eurosia only tightened its grip on the world.


The year is 2589. Nature has claimed back her lands, with great forests and large desserts taking over the ruins of forgotten cities and towns. But even then the world has not healed. Superstorms, large cyclones of unpredictable weather, ravaged and ripped throughout Inopia. Many places, affected by radiation and storms, were left uninhabitable, which pushed what was left of the human population into remote areas. Eurosia ran the rest of the population into the ground, and suppressed the world from a pedestal of capitols across Inopia that were protected by a brutal military force.

But among a few individuals, hope was not lost. And that was how the resistance of GHOSTS came to be.

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The world history is comprehensible and easy to understand. It's an intriguing concept; I'm in love. <3