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frequently asked questions

Character creation

Can I have more than one character?

Yes, but you will need to earn an in-group currency named ‘Bottlecaps’ to buy character slots.

Can a character change classes?

No, the class your character has at acceptance to the group is final and cannot be changed.

Are there certain requirements for the design of the mask?

Yes, it must at least cover half of your character's face and must include the color accent of your characters class.

Can someone else make my app art?

No, applicant art must be 100% your own. You can not use commissioned, requested, traced, or copied art.

Can my character have supernatural abilities or be mixed species?

No, absolutely not. Your character will not be accepted with any supernatural or overpowered characteristics. Characters must be human.

Can I use another member's character in my history?

Yes you can, as long as you have the permission of the owner of this character. If you want to involve a mod character in your history, don’t feel afraid to get in contact via notes or the discord channel.

I am not sure about a certain part of my characters history and/or design. What can I do?

Note the group with the concern at hand or join the discord chat for applicants to ask your question to a mod directly. We try to reply to you as soon as possible. Please take into account that this might take a couple of days when it is a difficult topic that needs discussion among the mods.

Can my character be from another continent?

No, at this stage of the plotline characters are not allowed to be from outside Inopia, as there are not supposed to be any other known human life sources.


Can my character have prosthetics?

Yes, prosthetics are legitimate within the universe of GHOSTS. Tho they should function just like normal limbs and cannot give extra power to its user.

Can my character have had another job before joining GHOSTS?

Yes. Most jobs are related to providing for both the PSL and Eurosia. For example fishermen, shop-workers, farmers, miners, lumberjacks, engineers, etc. Do keep in mind their job should suit their age and living space. If you are uncertain about potential forms of employment your character held pre-GHOSTS, note the group.  We will discuss your problem and reply as soon as possible. Please note this might take a few days.

Can my character keep a pet?

No. Pets are not allowed around or inside the base.  Nor should ANY wild animals be taken inside the base.

When I have the ability to add a new character to the group, can I just submit them?

No, every new character is seen as a ‘new applicant’ to the group and will have to be submitted when there is opening period. However, we do have a certain number of people we can accept per round. The number of non-member applicants will not be affected by member-applicants.

Dice System

What are “rolls”?

“Rolls” are dice rolls. It’s similar to rolling dice in a game, only G-HOST-S uses dice closer to DND dice.

Can I change my roll numbers for better performance?

No. All dice rolls are assigned and documented. Mistakes happen in the chat of course, but should it be noticed that a member is using rolls that do not pertain to their character stats often, that member will receive a strike for unfair advantage.

How are the rolls determined?

Moderators evaluate the class type and weapon type of a character.

I got a bad roll. Can I redo it, or change my action?

This is up to the moderator at the time. In most cases actions cannot be changed, nor can the member re-roll.

Whats the difference between a “kill event” and a “friendly fire event”?

“Kill events” are events where it has been taken into consideration that a character can be seriously injured or die. “Friendly fire events” are events where character death should not be possible, no matter the circumstances.

How can I dispute my characters death during a kill event?

Members can note the groups pages or PM a moderator. Members are welcome to tag a moderator in the groups chat with the dispute, but it is preferred that the situation is handled privately for the comfort of all parties involved.

What counts as a reasonable reason to dispute character death?

If the moderator supervising the event at the time did not state that a character death was possible before the event started, members have full right to a dispute. All events are logged for this purpose.

Can I dispute my characters death even if it was stated that character death is possible?

If a member agreed to background-rolling, yes. If a member did not agree to background-rolling, no.

What is background-rolling?

Moderators will roll outside of chat during events for enemies/actions. When background rolling is requested, moderators will also role death saving throws for characters who’s health fall below zero, and for members who fail all their saving throws.

But background-rolling isn't guaranteed to save me character?

No, it is not. However background-rolling will provide more of a chance for characters to survive.

Is my characters death permanent if I don’t agree to background-rolling?


What if someone injures/kills my character outside of an event?

If this was something that the parties involved agreed upon, report it to the moderators for validation. If not, it is up to the members to report it. However mistakes do happen, so unless the affected member can provide logs to prove that the character death was forced on them, the moderators can not do anything.


How do I earn skillpoints/bottle caps?

You can earn either currency by completing the assignments provided or participating in events.

What are skill points for?

Skill points can be used on in-character items, skills, and ranking.

What are bottle caps for?

Bottle caps can be used on out-of-character items, such as invites and character slots.

How do I earn a skill?

Characters can earn skills by completing all of the assignments available under that skill slot. Some skills will require multiple assignments.

What if I only do part of an assignment?

In order to earn credit and points for an assignment you must fulfill all requirements that the assignments entail. You will be informed by moderators if your submission does not meet the requirement.

Can the assignments be done at anytime?

No matter what rank you are, assignments and skills can be done at any time. However, assignments are set to change as the plot progresses.

Can I rank if I didn't complete all of the skills listed for, lets say, recruit?

You are not required to obtain every skill available for a certain rank. However, as you reach higher ranks, you will be required to go back and complete lower level skills for higher level skills and future events.

Why would I need to complete certain skills for higher level skills/certain events?

Think of it like a degree map. Some skills wills will require other skills to have been learned by your character so that they have the experience to move on. And some events will require certain characters with certain skill sets--- Such as a kill event may require a character with a medic skill, similar to how certain jobs might require you have a high school diploma. Skills will tie in heavily with how your character interacts with the world of GHOSTS.

Can I still participate in future events if I don't have the required skill?

For some events, maybe not. Not all events will require that all participants have a certain skill.

Can I do higher level assignments?

You can only aim for skills and do assignments for skills that are in or below your rank level.

How will skills tie in with my class?

Some skills will be class exclusive and required, while other skills will be shared between classes. As skills are unlocked in the future class-exclusive skills will be noted.

I ranked up but there are no skills listed for my rank?

Ranked skills will be released depending on 2 factors: Where the plot is or if the character cap is reached. As an example this would mean that there would have to be 5 non-mod characters that ranked to Private before the Private skills would be released, or that the private ranked skills wouldn't be released until after a certain plot point.

What should I do then if I've ranked up, but the skills for my rank haven't been released?

New skills will still be released for the ranks that have been unlocked, because as skills are added to higher leveled ranks those skills will need lower leveled skills. Until a rank has been unlocked you will be able to go back and complete the skills that are provided to you or participate in events.

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