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Class names
GHOSTS uses Latin names for their classes. For your convenience we have added English class names behind them. When filling out the application form, please do remember to write down your class in it's Latin term.

The job of your character is the main pursuit they perform on and off base.

Every class has it's own basic equipment, needed to perform well on the fields.

Official equipment will not be available for recruits. Until they rank up they will have to do with lovely practice dummies.

Class color
Each class has its own color. Your character must wear an accent or color relating to the class the character belongs to. This can be working the color into the character’s color scheme or having a specific item such as an accessory. Please do make this obvious enough for other members and moderators to notice at first glance.

The class color must be visible on the mask as well.


Miles are the brute force and strength of GHOSTS.  They are very skilled with hi-tech blades in combination with their energy shields. Miles can also perform hand-to-hand combat and accomplish non-lethal takedowns.

▸ Neutralize the enemies through direct engagement and suppression of hostile groups at close range.
▸ Protecting support classes as they secure objectives. Utilizing strength to move heavy loads. Carrying wounded to safety of medical personnel.
▸ Non-lethal takedown of high-value targets and securing them for interrogation.

▸ Short/Long length blades
▸ Energy shield
▸ Brass Knuckles

Crepitus | gunslinger

Gunslingers are especially accurate with their gun of choice. They can wield light guns in both hands, use single high caliber automatics and sniper rifles. With the use of their grips gloves and grappling hook zipline, Crepitus can scale different surfaces.

▸ Disrupting and engaging forces at long to mid range. Assassination of targets.
▸ Protecting support classes as they secure objectives. Utilizing strength to move heavy loads. Carrying wounded to safety of medical personnel.
▸ Long range fire support and assassinating targets from large distance.

▸ Two low or one high caliber guns
▸ Grip gloves
▸ Grappling hook zipline

Indago | tracker

Trackers are skilled spies and masters of survival. They excel in tracking down resources, animals and human targets. Indago are skilled trap makers and can move stealthy though all types of terrain.

▸ Retrieval of information through espionage.
▸ Tracking down of resources, animals, humans and other targets.
▸ Utilising stealth in battlefield to set up close range flanking attacks and traps.

▸ (wrist/cross) Bow
▸ Daggers
▸ Trap set

opifex | technician

Opifex can use and fix anything electronic or mechanical. They are masters of creation. With the use of high powered magnetic gloves, Opifex can either scale metal surfaces for and corrupt or wipe data on hard drives.

▸ Maintaining and fixing electronic systems and electrical hardware.
▸ Fixing, upgrading and creating or members weapons and equipment.
▸ Providing transport for missions.

▸ Precision laser
▸ Magnetic gloves
▸ Portable toolbox

Sanatio | medic

Medics skilled at treating small to serious injuries on the field and can perform surgeries at the base. They monitor the health of members at the base. In battle a sanatio can paralyze enemies with their special throwing-needles.

▸ Treating small to serious injuries in battle and perform surgeries at the clinic.
▸ Monitoring overall health of members.
▸ Providing and developing medicine.

▸ Medical scanner
▸ Field medical kit
▸ Paralysis throwing needles

quaestio academic

Academics are known to crave knowledge. They must recover lost knowledge expanding over several different fields of study, including but not limited to: Archeology, biochemistry, ethology, and so on. Quaestio are the foundation for discovering the past and building the future.

▸ Using their studies in providing aid for discoveries and battles.
▸ Maintaining and studying artifacts.
▸ Exploring lost fields of study.

▸ Portable Log/Journal (Paper, digital, etc)
▸ Research Kit (Kits vary depending on field of study)
▸ Backpack/Bag

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