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Character creation




Please do not change any colors (font/background) on the registration.



▸ Draw  a full body to knee up of your character on the registration from. Waists ups will not be accepted.

▸ Draw a reference of your characters mask.

▸ The mask must at least cover half of your character's face and must include the color accent of your character's class.

▸ The character must wear some sort of accent or color relating to the class the character belongs to. This can be working the color into the character’s color scheme or having a specific item such as an accessory. Please do make this obvious enough for other members and moderators to notice at first glance.

▸ Please keep in mind that while you are able to your own wardrobe, your characters outfit should not be exposing. We don’t want them to be burned by solar radiation or inappropriately dressed. Remember, this is a military resistance.

▸ Please do keep in mind to keep your character’s design practical to its class.

▸ All artwork should be 100% made by you. Doll makers, bases, commissions, etc. will not be accepted.




For those who don't know how to code and still want their written registration form to look fancy and ordered, a fill in sheet that already has already been coded for DeviantArt has been provided below.

Click here to view the written registration form fill in document.



Names associated with your character’s family origins/nationalities are highly encouraged.



Playable character ages may vary from 18 to 50 years old.Take your character’s age into consideration as the strengths, skills, and knowledge varies with age and experience.



The group begins in the year 2340 and will change each new year. For birthday be sure to subtracted your character’s age from the current year displayed on the frontpage. Writing Month and day out in are also highly encouraged.
[ Example: January 09, 2321 ]



Members must realistic height coupled with a reasonable weight. Please refer to this website  for more information about height and weight.



All characters will start off as a Recruit. Please view the Ranking journal for more information about Ranks.



Write down your character’s class of choice. You will not be able to change the class after your character has been accepted to GHOSTS. For more information about Classes, please view the Classes Journal.



Your character should have a minimum of three positive and three negative personality traits. Traits should be clearly explained in the appropriate section. You can either describe your character’s personality and it’s traits as separate bullet points or as a paragraph. If you choose to describe all traits in a paragraph, keep in mind that clarity will still be judged for these. If you have not clearly defined each trait this will reflect poorly on the app.



History should be detailed enough to provide a clear explanation and summary of your characters life up to the time they joined GHOSTS. This section should be consistent with their personality traits unless there is a major shift in your character’s life. Histories can be added to but they should not be changed once they are finalized. Keep in mind that the only association your character should have had with GHOSTS will be in the propaganda that has become their calling card.

If your history is longer than 1.500 words, please include a short summary of your full history. This will save the mods who will review your registration a lot of time, which means it speeds up the overall process of checking all apps after opening periods.



Describe why your character wants to join Ghosts. Explain their mindset or show what triggered them to join the rebellion.

roleplay info


Please write down your preferred RP-style (para/script) .

We would kindly ask to note your timezone (GMT) and the days/hours when you’re usually online as well, but we do understand that some people would rather keep this private. GHOSTS will use this information in account when placing characters together in barracks, but we will also determine event times through this.

Last but not least we would like you to add a small example of how you usually roleplay (one post). This is not mandatory but it will give people a little more insight what they can expect when RPing with you.



Here you can list extra info about your character like relationships, hobbies, habits, likes, dislikes, etc. Not mandatory, but advised for more character depth.

*No section of the app should be left blank. This will automatically disqualify the registration.




It is required that all new members turn in a filled in version of the spreadsheet. The sheet is meant for individual organization and is used as a review sheet by mods when there are any doubts about your progress. The spreadsheet is also necessary to keep track of health, rolls, assignments, and skill points. This will be imperative during your time in GHOSTS. 30 points are awarded to those who complete the sheet.



▸ Basic character info
▸ Basic DA and RP info
▸ Character Diceset
▸ Character inventory (earned gadgets)
▸ Event badge collection
▸ Earning and spending record



Get the spreadsheet template here here, go to the "file" dropdown and select "make a copy". Now you can edit the template and access it via your own Google Docs.

When you want to link your sheet to the group, click on "share" in the top right corner and copy the link that pops up.

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