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MotU - Tribal Clash: Weapons Pak

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Hi everyone!
So, instead of annoying you with tons of reuploads, I decided to *update* my Masters of the Universe: Tribal Clash cards for real, post the current versions - including all the improvements to the artworks, and the redesigned layout - and then continue on, following this direction.

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For those seeing all this for the first time, a brief sum up from my original post:

I've spent my entire childhood playing MotU with my brother and friends, and one of the brightest memories I still keep about them are those fantastic mini-comics illustrated by Alfredo Alcala: savage He-Man, the brutal villains, the barbarian feel... Beyond awesome for kid-me, and still incredibly inspiring to these days. 
I'm pretty sure even the guys at Mattel - at the very beginning - didn't have a clear picture of how to develop the series, and we all know how Filmation changed it later on, so those early suggestions really got stuck in my mind. 
I started from there, and tried to imagine this alternate universe where heroes and evil forces act as clans and fight against each other for anything else than survival or supremacy.

About the Weapons Pak... In the process of reinstating some of the original, serpentine features of the Goddess - without having to change her new appearance - I got inspired by a couple of suggestions I’ve received, so I decided to borrow a familiar concept in the vintage and Classics toy line, and recreated an exclusive Weapons Pak for this character. I tried to include as many elements as possible from the panel below: I wanted the most recognizable weapons to be all in, of course, as well as that peculiar, vertical arrangement, in the guise of a snake themed, pillar-shaped rack. As a nod to the Goddess early design, I also designed a headgear that was reminiscent of her iconic harness.

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