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A MATTER OF TIME "Timelight Picture Studies" by Gary Stubelick

The work presented here represents drawing and painting with light during a prolonged exposure.
Light sources include everything from simple penlights to elaborate pyrotechnic displays including
highway flares and fireworks.
I have been exploring this medium since 1973. Work also includes 3D stereo stills as well as animations,
complete with original sound scores.
Commissioned Portraits and Projects are welcomed.
STUDIO: 617 423 4614 EMAIL: 

As a young child I was fascinated by the time-exposures of tail lights from automobiles in "Life Magazine" and "National Geographic".
I began to think about the possibilities if the tail light was in ones hand. That became the basis for my time work...

"I like to utilize ordinary common objects to create an extra-ordinary event"... i.e. Clevertism

Tools: Camera, Tripod, Cable Release, Various Light Sources, Imagination...

Images come out of the camera as they appear. No digital manipulation is used.

Camera Formats: SX-70, 35mm, 4x5, 8x10, 20x24.
Image Capture: PhaseOne, Imacon, Nikon.

Work has been published world wide, and exhibited in galleries and museums.                                  
It is also included in permanent collections, both corporate and private.

Publications Include:
National Geographic Magazine, Jalopnik, Gizmodo, Brooklyn Street Art, Banksy, Juxtapoz Magazine, Cherry Bombed,
Bacardi Bombay Sapphire, Mills Gallery, Gawker Artists, Big Screen Plaza NYC, B Beyond Magazine,
Don't Shoot Pictures Magazine/Blog.… REVIEW OF WORK

FLIP FAMILY PORTRAITS "Abstract Realities" by Gary Stubelick
The Flip Family Portrait Project is an experiment in visual perception.
The family resemblance is a result of "Flipping Reality" to create a genetic tie between totally unrelated individuals. The on going project spans 15+years.



I'm just a simple human being exploring certain creative tendencies of which I was born.
Best described as a "Time Artist", in that much of my work involves what has or can happen
over given periods of time.
Most widely known for my "Timelight Picture Studies" which explore the possibilities of drawing & painting with light during a prolonged exposure.

Gary is the Principal and Creative Director for Timelight Pictures Boston USA, where he along with his team,
has been "exploring the fine art of time, light & space" for over 30+ years .
Commissioned Portraits and Projects are welcomed. STUDIO: 617 423 4614 EMAIL:  

In addition, he is also the Artist in Residence and a Digital Imaging Specialist for PICTEX Digital Fine Art Printmaking Studio, Boston MA USA 02118 SOWA
For information regarding our services: 617 375 5801

Mediums Include: Painting , Sculpture , Printmaking , Photography , Music , Sound...
Medium of Choice: Whatever makes the most sense, at any given time...
Personal Utopia: To explore creative tendencies 24/7 with no restrictions on time or funding...


ETC... The World According to "G"
A view of the world through the eyes of a "simple human being" with "certain creative tendencies"...

INTRO: I look to the year when there will be no more tears, and the world will be full of joy...
They'll look and They'll stare, and say "How does He dare"... "Oh my God" what a very strange boy...

Excerpts Below:

G THOUGHT: Be a person that you would "like to know"... then go and "share" that person with the world...

ARTIST PRAYER: Our Father Whose Art Is In Heaven... Let It Not Be In Vain... Let Me Not Be Insane...

WISE WORDS: The saddest day in a person's life...
To "meet yourself" at some point in the future...and not be impressed with the person you met...

WORLD VIEW: The world's "Real Savior" is "Itself".
We ... as a "Collective Society" created the world in which we live ... As a result ...
We all share the "Collective Responsibility" to initiate the changes necessary to save us from"ourselves"...

HUMAN BEINGS: We are but "one life form"on this planet we call Earth...
Life was here before us, and life will be here after us...
It is up to us as "Human Beings" whether we want to continue as a species, or.. to be responsible
for our own extinction...
We must increase the depth of our "Compassion" for all living things each and every day...
It is the "key" to our very survival...      

TO BELIEVE: I preach no Doctrine or Creed, but the important thing is that you Believe... for To Believe In
what is the "True-Self"... is for mortal man the source of his Wealth...
Lyric Excerpt: "The Next World"... BEING/ARTRABAND

ONE RACE: As I travel through Time and I travel through Space, I look at this thing we call the Human Race... and
we need to be Kind, & Smart with the things that we face, because we're all that we have and we're all just One Race...
Lyric Excerpt: "Hard To Be A Human"... BEING/ARTRABAND

PERSONAL QUOTES: "I'm Mad", but not "Insane"... "Do Not Speak...of which you Do Not Know"...
"Be Kind 247"... "Make Kindness the New Greed"... "Never do anything to impress anyone... other than Yourself"...
"Hope for the Best, Expect the Worst, and You'll never be Disappointed..."



NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC CREATIVE  "Fire Hydrant #17"  Selected for their 4th Of July Collection
SYFY CHANNEL "Moments Of Imagination" Timelight Picture Studies
DON'T TAKE PICTURES MAGAZINE Rule Breakers: Gary Stubelick  Timelight Picture Studies…
EXPOSURE 2013 EXHIBITION  See | Exhibition Space Long Island City, New York
B BEYOND MAGAZINE: Cover and Feature on "Clevertism" and Timelight Picture Studies
ARTISTS WANTED: Artists Take Time Square... 6/18/12 Timelight Big Screen Projection
CNN "Cannon" Timelight Picture Study used on CNN iReports Memorial Day 2012
NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC MAGAZINE "Fire-Hydrant#17" Top Shots for 2011 In Print March Edition 2012
BOMBAY SAPPHIRE ARTISAN SERIES Mills Gallery Boston September 17 Through October 2, 2011
BIG SCREEN PLAZA New York City 12 GAWKER ARTISTS Through September 2011
JUXTAPOZ MAGAZINE In Street Art: Light Sculptures by Gary Stubelick 5/20/11
CHERRY BOMBED/BOSTON ASK OZZY OSBOURNE The Very Metal Street Art of Gary Stubelick 5/24
BROOKLYN STREET ART Work Featured on site by Jaime Rojo & Steven P. Harrington 5/17/11
GIZMODO 32"EPIC"Photos"Front Loader#3" among the winners selected by Mark Wilson 3/15/11
JALOPNIK "Firebird" Featured on site by Feature Editor Justin Hyde February 23
NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC MAGAZINE "Urban Frontier" Top Shots for 2010 In Print January Edition 2011
NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC MAGAZINE "Fire-Hydrant #17" Editors Pick Daily Dozen JULY 6
NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC MAGAZINE "Spiral Staircase" Editors Pick Daily Dozen JUNE 4
NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC MAGAZINE "Self-Portrait #9" Editors Pick Daily Dozen MAY 12
NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC MAGAZINE "Urban Frontier" Editors Pick Daily Dozen MARCH 1
MAGNUS MAGAZINE Issue 018 Features "Urban Frontier" Schwinn Frontier Mountain Bike
CNN "Fire Hydrant #17" used on CNN iReports 4th of July
NORTHEAST PRIZE SHOW CAA May 14-June 25 Curated by William Stover Curator of Contemporary Art at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
ART NEW ENGLAND MAGAZINE Dec /Jan 08/09 Interviewed by Debbie Hagan about my Timelight Picture Studies...
MAGNUS MAGAZINE Issue 015 Features "Fire Hydrant # 7"

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Gary Stubelick
United States


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