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Tutorial 2: flat color



Duckmon is coming along xP. Hopefully you get what I'm saying most of the time.

Pretty much putting a layer ontop and setting it to mutiply will make white disappear when colors are added underneath and black stick out like a sore thumb: Perfect for coloring black lineart. However if its colored lineart it will blend a bit with the colors underneath (just thought I'd note that).

Yay for two tutorials in one :D, the next tutorial will be Digimon shading. And eventually I'll do one with Pokemon shading.


PS: if you're having trouble figuring out what image goes with what text. The text will always start BESIDES the image it goes with, not underneath.

PPS: Please don't ask me if X (X being whatever program you're using) program works the same. The only programs I've used of this Nature are Photoshop 6,7 and CS2. I would just mess around and see if it does, if you can't figure it out than ask someone that has used X program and photoshop versions mention above for help.
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EXTREMELY helpful! Thanks!
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