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Hi there,

I'm a 2010 SCAD grad in Sequential Arts. I was a self employed freelancer for 15 years and part time accordion repairist.

CONTENT WARNING: My gallery contains WWII imagery and I draw some taboo things under other pen names online. I believe all is fair game In art so long as you aren’t harassing someone, promoting hate, or spreading misinformation. If that bothers you, swipe left XD

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Road to El Dorado
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30s-40s, Jazz, Vaudeville, Big Band, Swing
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I got cancelled on social media and lost my career of 15 years cuz people dug up old stuff I drew 10+ years ago and had already deleted, and some kink art under a different pen name. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I’d be lying if I said the last 3+ months haven’t been hell, and I’m still jobless and suffering, without a computer, my apartment, and my IRL friends over it, but I won’t let some random assholes online define who I am. I’ll continue to post my personal art here on Deviantart, as this has been my art home since 2003. My policies have always been, and are as follows: I believe all is fair game in art so long as you aren’t harassing someone, promoting hate, or spreading misinformation. Cancel culture was meant to stop actual criminals (rapists, child molesters, money launderers etc) from continuing to profit from their fame, not to defame randos online cuz you don’t like some ship they support or drawing they did. Anyone who practices petty/toxic cancel culture can get lost, as well as anyone
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I want to rebrand my personal art to disassociate it from my commission work. For the most part "ThirdPotato" is still my brand, but I want a different penname since the name I go by is quite permanently attached to my commissions. There would be no 'taking it back' since a lot of people in that community already know me by that name and have reblogged and tagged me under that name. I won't mince words, most of yall who have been following me for years know I do furry fetish commission work full time, but I don't want that to be associated with my personal art brand, so would it be weird if I just came up with a new pen name to go by, to associate with "ThirdPotato"? I used to go by Fyuvix, but it was a dumb name from childhood from a ripoff pokemon thing I had going. My current penname Tato is just a shortened verison of "Thirdpotato" so it's not entirely super-top-secret. But I don't have anything for folks to call me on my personal art accounts that isn't just my furry penname...
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New Beginning

4 min read
... I know I said I wouldn't store my old cringey art, but here I am... I went ahead and stored 3.4THOUSAND deviations (It was an all-day endeavor XD). It was emotionally difficult to go through essentially a scrapbook of my entire life for the last 17 years on Deviantart. DA had always been a place to share, connect with people, make some life-long friends, and grow as an artist. Going through my 4.8k deviations caused me to face my past- the good, the bad, and the ugly. Literally, the ugly XD soooo much ugly. It wasn't just out of vanity, but rather, my old art represented a version of myself I no longer identify with; outdated humor, beliefs and attitudes. With the world in the state it's in today, I didn't even want some of the old stuff to be available to the public. I drew and said a lot of things in my youth that were petty, insensitive and cringe, and I want to be able to shake that and move on. I was recently forced to delete entire galleries on FurAffinity due to their
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Hey I hope you are doing well man, I saw you disabled your FA page as I don't blame you with Fa's new draconian policies

I do feel bad for ya overall Tato. You didn't deserve it. He that is without sin let him cast the first stone :) Glad you're still drawing, trying to make the most out of it

Just wanna pop in and check if you are doing alright. You have brought so much good art and smiles on FA and I feel so bad that it all had end in such a horrible way. Do you have some page where I can donate, because I would love to send you some support in these difficult times that you are going through. :heart:

Hey man just checking in, you been alright? Myself and others are worried

Hello! Just want to check up on you and hope you're doing okay~ :hug:

I forgot to show you this the other day. I made this for a Disney contest.

Sabrina Mouse And Garlin The Sorcerer Dragon