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Hi there,

I'm Tato, a 2010 SCAD grad in Sequential Arts. I make a living on commission streams in the furry community, but looking to produce more of my own original content in the future. I am also a part time accordion repairist at Accordionology in Decatur, GA.

This site is for my personal artwork; original stories and characters from various projects of mine. If you know me in the furry community, please don't discuss it here on DA or tag me, I like to keep this profile separate from my commission work. Thank you for understanding!

Favourite Movies
Road to El Dorado
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30s-40s, Jazz, Vaudeville, Big Band, Swing
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Clip Studio Paint
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Accordions, WWII History, Comics, Teaching
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I want to rebrand my personal art to disassociate it from my commission work. For the most part "ThirdPotato" is still my brand, but I want a different penname since the name I go by is quite permanently attached to my commissions. There would be no 'taking it back' since a lot of people in that community already know me by that name and have reblogged and tagged me under that name. I won't mince words, most of yall who have been following me for years know I do furry fetish commission work full time, but I don't want that to be associated with my personal art brand, so would it be weird if I just came up with a new pen name to go by, to associate with "ThirdPotato"? I used to go by Fyuvix, but it was a dumb name from childhood from a ripoff pokemon thing I had going. My current penname Tato is just a shortened verison of "Thirdpotato" so it's not entirely super-top-secret. But I don't have anything for folks to call me on my personal art accounts that isn't just my furry penname...
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... I know I said I wouldn't store my old cringey art, but here I am... I went ahead and stored 3.4THOUSAND deviations (It was an all-day endeavor XD). It was emotionally difficult to go through essentially a scrapbook of my entire life for the last 17 years on Deviantart. DA had always been a place to share, connect with people, make some life-long friends, and grow as an artist. Going through my 4.8k deviations caused me to face my past- the good, the bad, and the ugly. Literally, the ugly XD soooo much ugly. It wasn't just out of vanity, but rather, my old art represented a version of myself I no longer identify with; outdated humor, beliefs and attitudes. With the world in the state it's in today, I didn't even want some of the old stuff to be available to the public. I drew and said a lot of things in my youth that were petty, insensitive and cringe, and I want to be able to shake that and move on. I was recently forced to delete entire galleries on FurAffinity due to their
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I recently bought a commission from El--G ! They were fantastic to work with and had a fast turn-around and amazing prices! Please considering supporting them and/or checking out their gallery! They're currently open for commissions starting as low as $3. They do a variety of styles but excel at anime and manga. If you're looking for art of your ocs, I highly recommend them! If you're interested, please check out their journal here: Here's the wonderful piece they did for me of my oc, Carver, but be sure to check out their whole gallery as well!
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About your time at SCAD, did you like Savannah?

I loved Savannah and the entire SCAD experience. It's such a unique and gorgeous city-- if you can call it that. It's very small compared to Atlanta where I'm at now XD

i dont know if you will remember this, but you once posted a big character profile form under the name fyuvix. i still use it, but i cant find it here on DA. i was wondering if you took it down or something

Oh wow I'm sorry for the super late reply here! Yes, it's still available here:

Do you still do critiques?

Happy early birthday!