holidays - delay of WIP

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jup.. true. cuz of the holidays, my work on Jetpack  will be delayed and also spectrum will be delayed.

i have to say honestly that i did not work much on spectrum version 2. its a massive work and theres so much changed in the skin that i'm gonne wait for a basic skin and then mod everything to spectrum. the details will be more realistic and more leopardish but its still a massive work and all the plugins thats are still not compatible make it very hard to do.

some good news on jetpack. i improved the skin for it and the about screen will be a piece of eyecandy (it will animate like the "add bookmark" thingy in safari)
the only big problem is that the most skin paths are not relative. so people with windows installed on D: for example might have an invisible config... something to fix ^^"

so excuse me for being ofline for a week or so.
greetings fyton5
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