One year later, no logins.

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Long time ago since i logged into this account again.
my short story:

the plan was to make another account with a more professional name, my surname. i would upload some stuff there and then tell you guys that i had moved to another account.
last year i have been VERY busy with school and work for people around there. i did the whole light, sound and assistance of a musical with a few good friends of mine and it took heaps and heaps of time.

this little plan didn't work out exactly as planned, more delays and no spare time. barely managed to pass to the next grade of school, so no time to make some quality stuff. no inspiration to make some quality stuff.

that's why you haven't seen me in a while.

my new account is named Kevenaar :iconkevenaar: and there is some stuff on there.
i am currently busy to update every deviation in there with a more unified preview look. i have more time now and more inspiration.

as for Spectrum, my firefox safari skin, i will NOT update this deviation any longer, i sort of forgot how it all works with that css stuff, and i dont have the time and im just too lazy to update it for every new firefox version xD

guys, i hope you are still out there, stay tuned!
greetz, Ignaz Kevenaar -Fyton5
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