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time machine for windows

just a screenshot of my little project: time machine for windows

entirely made in powerpoint 2007 (the background and twirl are made in photoshop)

with real animations and effects...

hope u like it, fyton5
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Do u think you can post up the link to download? Thanks :D
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Good luck with this!
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i almost have version 2 ready... looks way more like it.. thx!
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May I know where to download it?
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i didn't upload it... ill post a dl link when its finished
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Great, i think it will be a great animation
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the animation is very poor :(
cuz its still made with a microsoft product.. XD
but still looks quite nice
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looks cool but what exactly is this? :P
A skin for PP or just an animation :) ?
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just a funny animation... made with powerpoint =P
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your insane, but this is pretty awesome.

faved for craziness
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... lol why am i insane XD and thx 4 the fav!
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powerpoint? does it all actually work or is it just static? cool none the less!
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it works.. looks awful but works XD mayb ill upload an animated gif for u
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yeh, that would be cool.
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hello =P here it is.. its a vid.. a but compressed but still sharp.. uncompressed it was 3 gigh :O

just hit the download button
enjoy fyton5
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