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Ps - CS4

my Photoshop cs4 icons

4 icons
512 x 512

any requests on other CS4 APPS? just ask and they will be there in just a minute XD (i mean it XD)

greetz fyton5
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Okya, so I created one for myself ... Thnx for not listening to my request; I learned some stuff!
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Can u please make a Matlab app icon based on the same template please ...
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Gah. It's what I look for. :thumbsup:
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I like :D

Could you make a set for Adobe Illustrator that matches these?

I've been trying to come up w/ my own symbol but i keep failing, lol.
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really nice icons, cant wait to give them a try! - being featured today on jackrebel dot com. :)
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awesome! my first feature on jackrebel dot com!
thx a mill :D
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Better than mine. :/
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you came up with the idea ;) nd what does it matter XD i just saw the little iocon on the adobe site and another one posted some low res original icon so i made the 512 x 512 version ;)
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Yeah, but still I like yours much than mine. I'll try to improve mine! :D
thanks im gonna turn it into more adobe cs4 icon for personal use :)
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ok good luck ;)
OMG :jawdrop: these are awesome... umm sounds a little cheeky but can I have the .psd for reference
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only if you credit me if you use it for anything! ;)

tha linnnnk: [link]
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Nice thanks! can't wait to get my hands on cs4
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