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destination chaos


Non-caring is the easiest way
but to secure a passage to the 2nd plane
you have to complete level one
Their dead-smile lips turn on their TV
while urban gravestones scrape the skies
Rising over marionette cities and marionette skies

This is episode 666
destination chaos
Each and all an actor blind

(In Flames, Episode 666)

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20 mm
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Feb 7, 2012, 4:24:14 PM
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This is actually really good! It's rare to see truly good artists on deviantart (as in, who could break through as contemporary artists if they wanted ~)
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Thank you so much, I feel honored!
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Yer welcome ; )
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Very cool shot
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That is an interesting effect. What if this image was then projected onto another subject?
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It would require much manipulation because it would be very dark! :) 
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Would it be possible digitally or would it lose it's effect?
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Of course, you can do almost everything digitally :)
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Wow. This turned out extremly good!
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Thank you :D Some day I'm going to do a new version ;)
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Okay, thats worth a watch. :)
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Wonderful idea and execution.  I love how the eyes are covered by the hands on the face and yet they're still wide open, hidden context perhaps?
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Not so hidden :D Anyway, I always try to leave the interpretation to the viewer.
Thank you so much :3 
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I notice you often include text with your work.  Do you find the text provides the inspiration or do you search for something to accompany the photos?
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I make the image first and then search for something that fits. And I think all texts I've read in my life (all pictures I've seen etc) are some kind of unconscious inspirations, so it's both true ;) 
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Interesting.  Your
 Fear is the mind-killer
is from Dune, which featured placing a hand in a box. Your image contains what I assume are hands/fingers.  To me at least it seems like there might have been an association between mind and hands before you found the text which suited. it

Regardless, lovely work
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Yes, those are my hands :) 
Haha, it makes sense! Thank you for sharing your opinion :hug: 
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Wow wow wow .... =) great job
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Very interesting, never seen something of this kind with such good quality!
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