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Still in the fusion mood, who should Sphal fuse with next? 

3 deviants said Steven Universe
3 deviants said Garnet
1 deviant said Sapphire
1 deviant said Rose Quartz
No deviants said Ruby

Devious Comments

Ozzinq--Phantom Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2017
I would have to say out of the choices you gave us from the Crystal Gems after reading her backstory,I would have to choose Garnet. ^^. I figured she would best suit her.
Not because their both fire types,but how they both seem to be quiet and distance,along with how Homeworld treated both of them.

I believe they would make a stable fusion,that's quiet and would only fuse when necessarily needed. Although that's just me talking with small suggestions. ^^'.
In the end. It's really up to you with on who you want to fuse with,as I'll be looking forward in seeing the fusion result <3.
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