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Why Make Characters?

Sun Feb 19, 2017, 9:28 AM
Because it's awesome! That's why! Haha actually I have really true reasons for making them, I keep on getting questions by people on why I make such characters, and why they have this personality and stuff, and they're like not amused. I don't know why, but it just makes me upset because I connect through a lot of my characters! For them to not like them in turn makes them not like me. It might sound crazy but it's true! Soooo, I've decided to make a little journal on my reasons behind making each, individual character!

Amber Skyy by Fyreglyphs

Amber Skyy

Amber was my first, ever, fan character. I may have thought up ideas of me being a character in previous worlds and stories before her, but she was my first serious character I've ever made. At the time, my friend who lives in Colorado introduced me to an awesome new series called Maximum Ride. I instantly fell in love, and as I read and waited for the next book to come out, I started designing.

At first she was going to just be the lost twin sister of Iggy (canon character) and join the flock once she got caught up to them, but now she has become more independent as I've worked on her character! When I first started designing her, she was going to have red wings, cheetah ears, a monkey tail, and some other freakish attributes. Over the years I've adjusted that, as well as her story I've been working on, just so it would make sense to me, my readers, and to the general plot of the MR series. I never thought she'd end up like this! I'm so proud of her, and a lot of her looks are actually from me! I've always dreamed of having wings, and I really connect through her personality and her feelings towards her lost brother. Plus, I've also thrown in a lot of my experiences in my life into her story, which is still on the works over on my fanfiction account, if you want to read!

Breezy (2) by Fyreglyphs

Beurana (Breezy) Gonzales

Breezy was my first, ever character that wasn't directly related to the Maximum Ride series. She's more inspired by the series, as there hasn't been a bear mutant seen yet! I first designed her for a group here on deviantArt: Maximum-Academy after tossing a polarbear mutant I was not really connecting with. So I started anew, and she started attending the Academy at age... 16? I believe that's right, and man did she go off from there!

I originally designed her to have my personality, and strangely enough, she changed over the years! She used to be fairly shy but loves the outdoors, like me, and as she made friendships, relationships, got married and moved on over to Hawkings-Manor, she's not that shy anymore! She is truly the most treasured character I have, as she has truly blossomed over the years. Maybe that's because I have too? I used to be really shy, and to connect with others on dA at the moment, the best I could do that was through her. She has a bit more spunk in her step than me, and has really made a good life. If she were real, like in the real world? We'd be best friends.

Zytka New by Fyreglyphs

Zytka Kowalski

The biggest question I always get is why on earth would I create Zytka. Well first off, I wanted to create a character with nearly the opposite personality of me at the time... and plus I was gonna get a teacher position at Maximum-Academy, which I still have! I also was messing around with a lot of characters at the time, but nothing was really clicking with me. I landed with Zytka, and I just fell in love with her design!

Personality wise? She was the complete opposite of me. She was outgoing, older, engaged with everybody, very flirtatious, yadda yadda yadda. But I knew I couldn't make a character like that and just... not be part of them, do you know what I mean? The main thing that Zytka and I share was the "mother hen" thing. She protects and cares for everybody, especially her close friends. She also loves kids, as well as I! I've worked with kids before and tied that into her personality to help better rp with her and stuff. As of recent though, I haven't rped her because of personal reasons (i.e. I have too many characters!) I've also been asked why her skin is green, then why she is part plant, and I always say that it's because of her design, and that, again, there are no obvious plant mutants in the MR series!

Cyan by Fyreglyphs

Cyan Pan

I love Cyan so much! She was my first character to help me fulfill my first big admin position in a group! She originates as the leader of the Adeptio Juvenis clan over at Neverland-Gangs, but currently... I have no idea what to do with her lol I wanna keep her though! When I first designed her, I know I needed to make her an elf of some kind, and I thought, well, what if she was thirteen and the clan leader job got dumped on her? Boom, Cyan was created!

I really put a lot of thought into her, especially with her skills in the gang as well as her light magic. She's especially skilled in archery, which I couldn't help but include, and makes light arrows which I was way too excited about creating. When it came to her personality I had a bit of trouble, and originally threw a lot of authoritative stuff in there, as I just recently gained the admin position, then she started to round out into a more teenager form. Then I realized that a lot of my teenager days started getting woven into her character too, especially how she handles situations lol. Her design has kinda changed? But not by much. I really do need a new design for her though.

Dekel - New by Fyreglyphs

Dekel Le’eiun

I also made Dekel for Neverland-Gangs so I could intermingle with the different gangs, and again he is also homeless at the moment. As you can see, he is a fairy. I thought, what if I could make a guy character (which I really needed at the time) and make him pretty? You get Dekel, the flirty flower fairy.

I literally designed him to be a flirt, and that's all he was: a flirt. I really didn't put much thought into his personality until recently when I was redesigning him because his old picture was just... *shivers* old, ugly art. So as I was finishing him up, I did some polishing on his background and delved more into it. Now, he's like the flirt who only flirts cuz he's kinda lonely but doesn't admit it and protects his younger brother at all costs while also providing them kinda guy. I also have fallen in love with his design, especially his hair which was inspired by an online character maker and I just went from there! I do connect with him on a deeper level, as he does communicate at times his feelings when he's nervous or just wants to connect with people. Plus, his ambitions for a great career that involves him making money as well as enjoying it is a big connection factor with me!

Echo Fullbody by Fyreglyphs


I was creating left and right for a really strong character student at Maximum-Academy at the time, as my character Breezy wasn't there anymore and didn't want to just have a teacher there. I had such a hard time making a character and stumbled upon Echo's design. I threw him together as quickly as I could, and never realized that I would be keeping him longer than I expected.

Echo is a real nerd, geek, whatever you'd call him. He loves books and he loves learning, which I never really thought of at the time I made him. I originally wanted to make a very adventurous character, which he was at first, until reality really slapped him in the face. I also wanted to always draw him with his hood up to prove he's very insecure about being part penguin, and that he hated his hair, but now he's even walked around without the hoodie on! I first made him at the brink of being a teen, still acting very childlike, and the past many months I've realized he's almost 15! So, I knew I had to work on his character, and started weaving in puberty and really connecting with the other teens at the academy. Now, he reads at least one book a day that's typically on biology or on occasion a fantasy novel. He's starting to get out of his shell now too, and realizing his personal gains and beliefs, especially his sexuality: he's asexual and doesn't really know it yet!

Janelle by Fyreglyphs


So I really wanted to make a good "bad guy" character for Maximum-Academy and I was having a lot o trouble. I wanted to create a "bad" character that really believed what she was doing was good, but also not make them insane! Then I made a background for a character, then the art, and Janelle was created! And man I am so proud of making her! She's one of my fave characters! ^^

Her design was actually made off of that subeta.hq character maker thing when I was making up a batch of adopts, and I fell in love with her design. So I swapped her out and put some other design in and started making her background and such from there. At first she was going to be a student, but she is such a sarcastic, loner gal that I decided to put her up for working for the ITex branch at Maximum-Academy. At first she was just a sarcastic bitch, pardon my french, since I really wanted a character like that, then realized that she has a very strong connection with me introvert-wise. She keeps to herself a lot, likes to sleep a lot, curious at everything, notices a lot of things, etc. I never thought that I would connect with a character like her! I'm so proud of her too, since her instincts and certain habits are basically mine!

Photo Op! Tailee by Fyreglyphs


I absolutely love this adorable fluttery girl! >w< At the time I was experimenting with making a new character that would fit over at Hawkings-Manor and she came to be! Then as time progressed, I decided to swap her over to Maximum-Academy just so she'd get an education. xP

When I first designed her, all I wanted was a character with wings, but I knew just wings wasn't going to be enough. I wanted to start them off young so she'll blossom into a great character! Tailee was then made, original name was Zhu Li Tai and her background was a tad different, but then I just simplified it so it'd not be too complicated. She also originally had magenta colored eyes cuz she was also part platypus cuz why the hell not |D. But I cut it once I got her over to Maximum-Academy. Why she has two sets of wings is the biggest question I always get! I wanted her to be part bird, but also a bit of something else, and the dragonfly DNA she has now makes her the fastest girl alive lol. I'm really happy about her design, and she has the most bubbliest personality out of my characters! I'm trying to connect to her more on a social level, and trying to see her world through her eyes is just tons of freaking fun *v*. It was then that I noticed that her hair style is basically Echo's and I was like... welp, I'll just try not to do that next time! xD

Paisley by Fyreglyphs


Honestly I only created Paisley for the sake of having another character over at Hawkings-Manor, but now she's one of my top fave characters to draw! I mean, she has okapi legs. Who doesn't love that? Plus, she's my first openly homosexual character! 

I was really inspired by a character already in a group who had very interesting legs based off a big cat, and I kinda wanted to go off of that but at a different angle. So I did research on animals with cool legs, and thought, ooh Okapi legs look badass! So I started up Paisley's character design, and man her named changed at least five times over the course of her design xD. Once I got her background down, it took me even longer to draw her! I never thought how difficult it would be to draw okapi legs!! -o- But I did it, and I'm so proud of how she turned out! I think the biggest thing that I connect with Paisley is being pretty smart at her age and loving sports despite she can't play anymore (I have bad knees and can't play soccer anymore :/). When I was young, I was told to be very smart and that's how I got into one of the best schools in the state, and if she were alive, in the real world, she'd be in the same boat. So I've been weaving in my school experience and feelings towards that, as well as mixing in some things that I'm not good at: for example, she loves acting. If I were ever up on a stage, I'd freeze and then run off cuz yeah xD

Sphale Says Hi! by Fyreglyphs

Sphalerite Fire (Sphale)

Okay the main reason for me making a gemsona was because of the god dang Steven Universe cartoon that I've gotten addicted to! Once I caught up with the show a year ago, I decided that I needed to make a gemsona, and quick! It took me a while to find a good one that'll fit with me, and I was aiming for an orange, yellow gem, and fell in love with sphalerite. In particular, the fire it has under certain lights.

I first designed her off of the gemsona.maker thing online, and she had a star on her shirt and she was part of the Crystal Gems. But as time passed, I started to create her background and making her weapon based all on my personality (I thought, she'd be a close-fighting gem but also providing distance if needed). So she can summon a meteor hammer which also had a star on it, but her background wasn't adding up with me for the longest time. Over the course of when I originally made her (by the way drawing her took me over three months ugh) I kept changing her background a lot. Once I got that down, she needed a new design to get rid of that star, because now I'm thinking, nah she's not part of the Crystal Gems, what should she look like then?? Then I did it, I made a new design of her that I am overly ecstatic about! No gemsona maker needed! Now she resides over at Gems-of-Earth and living on Earth as she's kinda stuck there but she likes it!

Her background and personality are really key parts of my life right now, as I transferred colleges to back home, and really identifying myself on where I fit in with the world and what I want to be in the future. She is a true introvert, like Janelle, really like me. Out of all of my characters, she is the one that is basically me right now in the real world, as we are handling several things together. I find joy and peace when rping her and drawing her, as she is really helping me cope with irl situations. By the way, since I completely forgot to mention this, I wanted her hair to be inspired by fire, which is my screen name on dA, and goes by Sphalerite Fire because of that! At first I wanted her to wield fire, but thought that was too much of a stretch. Her hair has highlights because my hair has highlights too! Well at least in the summer but whatever lol.

Wow I never thought I'd make this long of a journal!! I'm happy I got this down though, as people need to realize that my characters are my babies :I Don't mess with them, as you are pretty much messing with me in the long run! There are a few characters that I've made, such as Ocean Jasper, Linnie Mays, and Speck, that I haven't really made their backgrounds yet, but don't fret. I do plan on making them great characters, but that takes time and good effort from me! I have a life outside of dA, which requires a lot of studying and completing college, so that comes first ^^

If you managed to read through all of this, I thank you for spending your time doing this, as this means a lot to me. If you're interested about learning more about my characters, check out their profiles or ask them questions over at my art Tumblr!

Kep your flames bright! :flame:

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