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Life Updates

Journal Entry: Sun Oct 5, 2014, 12:11 PM
First of all, IT'S OCTOBER.
Pumpkin Head by Fyreglyphs
I have already bought all of the necessary equipment and decorations for my dorm room, and also Homecoming is around the corner! And guess who has a date~ Haha well we're going as friends for now then we'll see from there ;)

Aaaaanyways, college life is a bitch. I did squat nothing yesterday because of a story I had to finish and I had a Capella practice and I met up with a friend and played at the arcade all night (he's the one I'm going to Homecoming with). Other than that, I'm currently studying for my engineering exam for tomorrow (yikes) and hopefully I can bring up my grade!

For my life on dA, I'm pausing on commissions and requests at the moment, but feel free to ask me about them! I can still draw and whatnot, just don't expect the drawing(s) to be posted lickity-split. I have been posting literature from my creative writing class, and I will be keeping that up as much as I can.

Also, shoutout to all of my mid-western peeps, IT'S FUCKING COLD WHAT THE HELL.

Keep yall's flames bright! :fire:

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October 5, 2014