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Journal Entry: Mon Aug 10, 2015, 5:01 PM
The first 20 people who comment on this journal will get a feature here, showing off some of the deviations in your gallery, that I like most.
In turn you must submit a journal like this, and give me the first slot of the 20 features! 
"The idea is not to get a free feature, but spread the art around to everyone on DA to enjoy and love!"

1. Hawkings-GroupBot

2. Soda-Snuggles
MA- Hangin' In There by Soda-Snuggles MRP- Angelic by Soda-Snuggles Contest Entry- Demon's Love 2 by Soda-Snuggles
3. Pikapowered 
Demetri's trainingA young, four year old mutant was sleeping peacefully in his cot. The mutant’s bedroom was small, with just concrete walls At least he was until an eraser slapped him across the face and yelled that he had five minutes to get up and get ready for training. "Sir, yes sir!" Demetri knew better than to ignore the wakeup call. Last time he did he had both his legs broken. The child stood up and threw off his pajama top, and briefly examined himself in the full length mirror. His muscles were coming in nicely, but he was repeatedly told his efforts and muscle were still insufficient. He wondered why he was never praised for his efforts. Demetri always pushed his body past it's limits, all the way to the point of collapsing from exhaustion.
The thoughts passed as he took off his blue pajamas, having some difficulty with his tusks, which were just beginning to grow out. He put on a black T-shirt that read ’Win or lose’ on it. His shorts matched, and he hurried out to the tra
<da:thumb id="509665739"/> Eternity's beautyA belief was formed while I watched a Fourth of July event on TV where fireworks exploded behind the Statue of Liberty. I was alone in the living room, lying on the couch watching the annual celebration. I took notice of the statue itself, lasting while the fireworks went off and faded into oblivion. After this, I set off rockets in my backyard. While my rockets faded away, the yard and ground were still there. This is where that belief came from, and I still hold it to this day. I truly believe beauty is something that lasts for ages, something never rotting, never fading. It never goes away and lasts for centuries. Fireworks and flowers are good, but they fade away quickly.
While I will completely forget what those fireworks looked like, the statue is still there today, and will be remain there for ages to come. My belief was challenged when a relative accused me of thinking humans weren’t beautiful. I stood my ground, stating that while we lasted more than a few seconds, we we

4. AeroChance
<da:thumb id="481621552"/> Stars by AeroChance Luzia's Halloween Costume by AeroChance
5. Arcanum2012
Noland's Videolog - My love.Baz sighed, he was gonna shutdown the computer when he noticed something. "Hey guys wait." He called. "There's another video."
"What?" Raven asked.
"There's another video. 'My love'." Baz said. "Must be about Kindle."
"Well click it." Raven said.
"It's from the day he left. Two days ago." Martin said looking at the time-stamp.
Baz clicked the video and it started playing.
"Noland Asher. Entry, something-something." Noland looked even worse than the day before. He looked as if he would die any second. "Kindle, I'm sorry. I wanted to have told you in person but I have to leave. I sigh of sadness for knowing I might not see you again anymore.It took me a while to see it Kindle but I love you. It wasn't love at first glance like in a fairy tale, but friendship that grew into something else." He sighed and rubbed his tired eyes. "When I saw what Itex did to you those years ago, my hearth skipped a beat and I felt anger, an anger more in
Snake Bite."Nira, are you going to answer me this time?" Nami asked. Eighteen years ago, Nami's sister was killed by her abusive husband. She was pregnant then but her baby managed to survive, Nira. Nira was another of iTex experiments, Nami took care of her as if she was her own daughter.
"Please Nira, I was worried sick," she begged. Nami and Nira never hid any secrets from each other; when Nira asked what happened to her mother Nami told her everything. For some reason, Nira wouldn't say where she'd gone off to. Nira had disappeared for a two whole weeks from the iTex base without saying a word to anyone; Nami had to lie to the other scientists, saying that she was only feeling sick, risking both their lives in this gamble. Then, just as suddenly as she had left, Nira came back as if nothing had happened.
"Sorry aunt Nami," the snake girl finally said. Nami was the only person Nira actually trusted and liked, no one else. Nami sighed and smiled kindly.
"Please, tell me what happened," Nami ask
Martin's NightmareMartin sat down on the chair with a tired sigh. "Another one." He muttered. He looked at the food on his tray and rubbed his eyes.
"Hey there fish-boy." Ava greeted with a smirk sitting down besides him. Martin simply grumbled something impossible to understand. Ava raised an eyebrow. "What, no smartass insults, no bad innuendos?" She asked. "You ok Martin?" Martin sat up and looked at her.
"Bloody nightmare." He said very slowly.
"Woo, a nightmare. What's eatin ya?" Ava asked. Breezy and Rick sat down on the other side of the table.
"Hey Martin." Breezy greeted cheerfully. Martin looked at her and gave a weak greeting with a yawn. "Are you ok?" She asked slightly worried.
"I'm good, just tired." He said yawning again.
"Martin just keeps wetting his bed at night, that's all." She said, getting a glare from Breezy.
"What happened Martin? Must've been something nasty." Rick said. Martin grumbled something and yawned.
"Here's how it goes."

6. NeonKalixy
Persona Headshot by NeonKalixy I FORGOT TO UPLOAD THIS by NeonKalixy
.:Drifting Shores:. by NeonKalixy
7. Shuu-the-Shoe
[SoA] Naz Art Update by Shuu-the-Shoe[MyM] Back to School by Shuu-the-Shoe [Other] Sometimes Deer Boys Happen? by Shuu-the-Shoe
8. OhLookItsAnArtist
Battling Demons by OhLookItsAnArtist Balance by OhLookItsAnArtist The Performance by OhLookItsAnArtist
9. :devAna-The-Driflblim:
Chibi Koi by Ana-The-Drifblim On the streets. by Ana-The-Drifblim Marionette Fnaf by Ana-The-Drifblim

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