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Sphalerite Fire by Fyreglyphs Sphalerite Fire by Fyreglyphs
Name/Alias: Sphalerite Fire / Sphal, Fire
Pronouns: she/her/hers
Age: 5,500-ish years
Height: 5'5.5" / 1.82m

Theme:… (Jazz/Ragtime -- Piano/Guitar/Cello)

Gem Type/Location: Sphalerite | just above left hip
Weapon: Meteor Hammer (in action…)
Abilities: Triboluminescent (has a faint glow to her and things glow when she's next to them), pyroelectric (can willingly produce and control electrical currents)

Personality: Introvert - Defensive - Willpower - Perceptive - Quirky (INFP)

She keeps to herself most of the time, but will occasionally chat with others. When she does, she has a very heartwarming personality. Sphal would definitely be an introvert, but still enjoys talking to others and getting into deep conversations with them. She blushes during small talk, as she is pretty bad at it. While she may be a little standoffish when it comes to activities, that doesn't mean she won't join. She is very selective in what she does. That's why you may see her doing two completely nonrelated activities and question her reasoning behind it. She'll often reply that it interests her. You will often see her doing her own thing, even if it requires more than one person to do it. She is pretty dedicated in whatever she is doing, but on occasion will brush the deed off if it seems unimportant. She's pretty perceptive in her life, but will only point out the small things if they really are important to really know. When something is brought up that hits a chord in her, she gets defensive. If it pertains more about her past, she'll summon her weapon to intimidate anyone who pushes her to open up. This acts as a slight defense mechanism as she avoids bringing up bad memories. 

Background: She was created on Homeworld for the purpose to primarily deliver messages, but she came out in a very unique way in comparison to other sphalerites. She wasn't considered defective as she could still do her duties, plus she was pretty well oriented in holding her own in a fight. Because of this and her uniqueness, she was ordered to work different jobs (delivering messages, right hand to commanders, informant, etc). Many gems that had to work with her saw her as a defect of a sense, since she was so different from any other sphalerite they have seen. Sphal started to dislike doing different jobs, not just because of the other gems, but because she was tired of doing different things. She just wanted to do one job like any other gem did, especially one that didn't require much talking to others. She finally mustered up the courage to ask her supervisor for a new occupation, but was laughed at and was sent back to performing her regular duties. At first she felt miserable but eventually got used to it, getting it in her mind that whatever she was doing would benefit in the long run. She finally landed a job that was said to be permanent, and she felt relieved, determined to make it good, but little did she know was that the job was to join in the Rebellion on Earth.

Once she touched down, all was chaos. She heard of the war from other gems, but never thought she'd be sent there to fight. She wasn't built like quartz. Through her many days in the war, she finally realized what they meant by "permanent" job: she was just extra muscle. Feeling horribly betrayed, she got distracted when trying to fight and managed to get poofed. Her gemstone got knocked into a stream, which then lead to a canyon, then to a ravine, far away from the battlefield. She struggled to reform, but her mine was still warped by the thought of Homeworld doing this to her. Her gem got lodged in some soft soil which then got covered and hardened over time. Decades later the mud eroded away enough for her gem to get free, and she reformed in a place she didn't know. Knowing she was lost, she got out of the ravine and realized she was nowhere near the battlefield. She wandered, wondering if Homeworld was testing her abilities or something, so she waited for them to take her back. For years. Once she realized that wasn't possible she tried to get off Earth herself. It took her even more years to realize that impossible too. Feeling distraught, she sought refuge with other living beings that didn't remind her of Homeworld: animals. She fell in love with them and their demeanor, how they grow and experience things, and lives among them.

Bullet; Orange It takes a while for her to understand jokes.
:bulletorange: She sometimes makes snide comments when she's not in the mood.
Bullet; Orange Her favorite earth creatures are bunnies. Sometimes she shape shifts into one when she's in the mood.
Bullet; Orange She tends to stray far from humans as they remind her of other gems, making her a bit distant from others. She likes to spy on them from a distance though.
:bulletorange: On occasion she'll be wearing dark fingerless gloves, particularly when using her weapon.
Bullet; Orange She often forgets her pyroelectric ability, and sometimes even startles herself since it only occurs at extreme temperatures.
Bullet; Orange Her hair is very light despite its appearance, and flows behind her and flicks like a tail. She even uses it to wrap her enemies if need be.
Bullet; Orange One of her favorite pastimes is to look at the stars.
Bullet; Orange She does have a slight bias toward fusions (a tactic to make weak gems stronger) even for same gem fusions.
:bulletorange: She's never fused with anybody before, so she still needs to get her own bearings on it.
Bullet; Orange She can use her weapon as a bola as well.
:bulletorange: Her fusion dance is lively, grounded, and different every time. She tends to meld her dancing with others to fuse easier.
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