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Sphale Stats by Fyreglyphs Sphale Stats by Fyreglyphs
Decided to do a little stat sheet for my gemsona Sphale!
Check out her bio here --> Sphalerite Fire - Gemsona

Strength: She can pretty much hold her own in a fight, and often uses her strength as intimidation when she needs to.
Agility: Pretty average, sometimes she trips over her own feet.
Confidence: She is pretty self-assured in her abilities, maybe more so than herself, especially since she ended up on Earth.
Willpower: She is pretty dedicated in whatever she is doing, having a slight stubbornness with it as well. If she needs to get something done, she gets it done. On the rare occasion she'll brush things off if they aren't important to her.
Social Skills: She's definitely considered an introvert, but does socialize to a point when she wants to. She's very selective in what she does, and gets worn out when she's with people too much and for too long.
Charisma: She is mostly average on this scale, as she keeps to herself more so, but has a very warm/quirky personality, and very selective in what kind of beings she associates with.
Stamina: She's pretty good with pacing herself, but sometimes her mind gets wrapped up in the moment and she sometimes forgets.
Creativity: It really depends on what the topic is about; it also depends on how she's feeling at the moment too.
Empathy: She's pretty good with understanding feelings from others, but has a hard time connecting with them.
Humor: She honestly isn't that funny, but on occasion cracks snide comments when she's not in the mood. She's a bit sarcastic at times.
Discipline: Again it really depends on the situation. She's pretty good with keeping her head straight, but sometimes her stubbornness comes and bites her in the butt.
Intelligence: She's fairly bright and learns things quickly, but some things take a little more time for her to grasp. Often times she stores something away in her mind then decides to take it out later when she should be needing it.
Perception: Since she is already pretty self-centered, she notices things from others and things that most everybody else normally doesn't notice.
Luck: Some times she has good days, sometimes she has bad. 
Skill / Special: She's pretty proud about her ability to withstand high temperatures, but often forgets that she is pyroelectric and startles herself.

Character/Art (c) Fyreglyphs
Steven Universe/Gems (c) Rebecca Sugar
Meme (c)…
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Shes cute! <3
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