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Ocean Jasper by Fyreglyphs Ocean Jasper by Fyreglyphs
for Gems-of-Earth

Name/Alias: Ocean Jasper / Ocean, O
Pronouns: she/her/hers
Age: approx 5,000 years
Height: 4'8" | 1.68m


Gem Type: Quartz (Jasper)
Gem Placement: just under the back of her neck, between shoulder blades
Weapon: Bo
Ability: Heat/Fire Resistant (max 500000°F), Incredible Strength
Alignment: none

Personality: Bubbly - Curious - Cautious - Friendly - Clingy - Selfish (ENFP)

She has a very warming personality, and tries to chat with others and become friends with them. Even if there are differences, especially if they are a human, Ocean still engages them and wants to get to know them. She wants to learn more about where she was created, so she frequently takes trips to where humans live, and try to understand their lifestyle. She frequently shapeshifts to blend in with them as much as possible. But on the other hand, if something seems off or she gets a weird vibe, she tends to stray far from the situation at hand. When it comes to meeting new people though, such as bumping into them, she sometimes jumps the gun without assessing if the situation is weird at first. She tends to see the good in people first, rather than judging them based on other factors. When she's nervous or lost, she tends to lean on others around her. She puts her needs first in front of others, then if needed, help aid others. 

Background: Ocean was created on earth in a rush to make more soldiers for the Gem War, and ended up being much shorter than expected. At first appearance, she was obviously scared of what was going on, and was eager to go back into her hole and hide. But despite the fact that she seemed useless, she was thrown into the battle knowing full well she wouldn't make it but will provide some leverage on Homeworld's side. Her Kindergarten was far from the battle site, but after passing through a warp pad, she was instantly in action. She could see the battlefield, fallen gems, and both sides fighting their butts off. She was terrified, and clung to the nearest gem there in her squadron. They pushed her off and she was left to fend for herself. Greatly enough she was able to summon her weapon and fight vigorously until her physical form was badly harmed. She was left on the battlefield, bound to be corrupted but since she was poofed before many others, her gem managed to get hidden by other forces on the battlefield. Unbeknownst to Ocean, she was able to escape corruption and reform not too far from the battlefield. When she came back to it, she broke down in tears of all the gems scattered about. She didn't understand why this happened, or why she was sent to battle in the first place, so she fled and took refuge by the ocean. She spent most of her time there and grew fond of the intelligent life forms there: humans. Even though they eyed her features and oddly shaped "tattoos" on her skin, she welcomed herself to their lifestyles.

:bulletblue: Adopted by nox-draws!
:bulletblue: She likes to eat different kinds of food, but her favorite is pasta.
:bulletblue: She frequently shapeshifts into a human-like form to blend in with the humans. She likes to "wear clothes" similar to them the most.
:bulletblue: She doesn't know of Homeworld, or much about the war, but does read up on it as much as she can through human history.
:bulletblue: Her favorite earth creature is a bird.
:bulletblue: She doesn't know anything about fusion or what it is, but she loves to dance to various types of music.
:bulletblue: Her favorite type of music is pop-electronic music. She loves violins.
:bulletblue: She can extend her weapon like Goku can in DragonBall.
:bulletblue: One of her dreams is having the ability to fly.
:bulletblue: Her voice actor is G Hannelius.


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June 9, 2017
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