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OC - Cyan Pan by Fyreglyphs OC - Cyan Pan by Fyreglyphs
Name: Cyan Pan
Age: 16 | July 3
Gender: Female
Species: Light Elf
Height/Weight: 5'6" / 114 lbs
Rank: Leader of Adeptio Juvenis

Powers/Skills: Light Magic - Archery

She was blessed with Light Magic, a form of magic where she can produce and manipulate light in her hands. She is not mastered in it, but is able to produce small amounts. In offense, she can form arrows that are intended for a target. If they miss, the arrow "poofs" into sparkles. In defense, she can ball up a lot if she focuses enough and create a "Blind Bomb" which can temporarily blind somebody, giving her enough to attack/escape. She also makes little light critters that dance around when she's bored. Her mastery is in archery, and fashions a collapsible bow wherever she goes (will update above picture with said bow soon). She doesn't carry arrows since she can make her own, and sticks to ranged attacks. If attacked close, she's still skilled, but not enough as she has a slim frame and less power.

Personality: Ambitious - Easily Bored - Prankster - Protective (ESFP)

Cyan tends to strive towards goals that make her better as a person and to aid those around her. She doesn't hold back as she wants to get tasks done, but often finds herself unfocused in things she deems less important than others. She's not that good at planning things unless she's fully dedicated to them, especially when it comes to keeping her gang safe and strong. She is very protective of the people she cares about, and always takes in what others are feeling/saying/doing. She can recognize when somebody isn't feeling up to par and likes to talk things out with them to help them deal with the situation. Anytime she is getting beat down, or she is just not having a good day, she puts on her best face to prove that she is fine. Honestly, she is very sensitive, but knows she has to hide her emotions in order to keep up her rep. Her way of coping with this is by either lashing out or to turn the tables on the situation. One of her favorite pastimes, with friends of course, is pulling pranks on others (silly ones, not harmful ones).

Bio: Born to Xavier Pan, leader of Adeptio Juvenis, Cyan was one of the youngest of a family of eight. Despite being one of the smallest, she grew up learning and working alongside her father. She went to some of the head meetings and quietly listened as she played with her imaginary light creatures. Her skill in light magic awed others, and her family praised her for it. One of her oldest brothers, Rafin, was destined to become the next leader of the gang and she looked up to him a lot. As he was learning how to fight, Cyan managed to convince her dad that she could too, but since she was still so small, he trained her in archery. She was very well attuned to it, taking a liking instantly. She trained alongside Rafin from time to time, but was never able to be as strong as he was. She was happy with her life and her family.

But everything changed when a single act of vengeance turned into the slaughter of her entire family. Roger Hooke was the perpetrator, and nobody saw it coming. Cyan was only 7. She woke up one day to one of her siblings screaming and she jumped up to go see what was happening, but was stopped by a terrified Rafin. He told her to hide in the trap door under their parent's bed, and at first she refused, but heard more screams and finally did. As she hid, she heard every one of her family members' screams until she heard no more. Terrified to no end, she stayed there for days until other gang members found her. It was the Bell family, who also had a daughter named Tana. She was informed that she was the last member of Pan, (unbeknownst to her that Rafin managed to escape) and they put her on a high pedestal. Thankfully, they took her in as their own, but being old enough Cyan knew they weren't her real family, but treated Tana like her own sister. As the new covert leader of the gang because of her name, she trained even more in archery until she mastered it. She was looked after until she was of age to become the leader, age 12, aiding her in decisions she was not sure of until she got a good hold on it. Sometimes she still asks the elders of the gang for advice if she's stuck.

Family: Parents – deceased, Rafin - older brother, Tana Bell - Stepsister

Interesting Facts:

:bulletblue: She takes a bit of pride in her appearance, and doesn't like being called out for being short, young, etc.
:bulletblue: She doesn't have a firm grip on her sexuality yet.
:bulletblue: She has a habit of getting to higher ground when talking to people, since she's fairly short to everybody else (ex. walking on a parking block, balancing on a ledge)
:bulletblue: One of her greatest fears are Megalania (lizard beasts native to Neverland).
:bulletblue: Her brother, Rafin is owned by thatnogoodnoob

Copyright 9 by Th3EmOo
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