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Merida and Elsa by Fyreglyphs Merida and Elsa by Fyreglyphs
Disney Princess Time!

Here are Sphal and O dressed up as Merida and Elsa for their first Halloween together! I've been trying to rack my brain for ideas on their costumes, and wanted to go for something they could both rock, and came up with the two beauties from the north! Yes, I know Elsa isn't technically a princess, she's a queen, but O would definitely rock that dress! WHICH WAS A PAIN TO DRAW, JESUS. Too. Many. Patterns. Her dress took the longest. But I absolutely love Merida's dress on Sphal! They look so darn cute!

Sphal woke up to the grinning face of O, who had her hair in a very complex braid. "Sphal, wake up! I got to show you something!"
Groaning, Sphal sat up to see O in a dazzling, sequined blue dress. It was see through on her arms and had a little train.
O twirled in it, "What do you think? Isn't it
She couldn't help but laugh. "It's... something," Sphal's eyes kept going back to it, the sun sparkling off its jewels.
"I got you a dress too! Try it on!" O held up a more subtle blue dress, making Sphal wrinkle her nose at it. Dresses, they weren't practical. They seemed to be more for show, not for... fun.
Sphal took the dress from O's hands, holding it up to look at it better. It seemed more practical than O's, but she didn't want to point that out. "Where did you get these?" she started slipping it on.
"Oh- the costume store in town!" O beamed, helping Sphal by zipping it up in the back. "I was thinking we could wear these for Halloween!"
"Hallow... what now?" Sphal adjusted the sleeves and looked down at herself. It fit well, but she felt slightly claustrophobic in it. She casually ripped the left side when O wasn't looking to let her gem breathe. "Better." She hoped they didn't have to return these.
"Ooh, Sphal you look great!" O squealed in joy, the light dancing off her dress.
"You think so?" Sphal twirled a little bit, the dress following her. It was light, and bent easily at her elbows so she could move better. It actually wasn't that bad. It was a little longer than she expected, but she couldn't trip on it, so that was a plus.
"Definitely! We'll be talk of the town!" O beamed, also twirling around. It made Sphal's eyes hurt. "Come on!" O grabbed her hand and started tugging her to town.
"Wait- where are we going?" Sphal asked, trying not to stumble over her feet.
"To go treat-or-tricking! You know, when you get free candy?"
"I do like free candy," Sphal smiled.
"Great! Let's go! Everybody is going to love our costumes, I just know it!" O started to skip towards the heavily decorated town. It had orange and black streamers, and glowing pumpkins sitting on corners, rooftops, you name it. The sun was starting to set, and people were milling about the square. Sphal's heart skipped a beat, but remembered she was in costume. She was fine, everything was fine, and she had O here with her. They stepped at the edge of town and a couple kids glanced their way, gasping and pointing at them.
Sphal paused while O jumped up and down, "See? They love our outfits!"
A laugh came from Sphal again as kids started to run over in awe, "Do you know what these dresses even came from? Or who we're supposed to be?"
O shrugged then smiled up at her, "Nope!"

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October 27, 2017
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