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Maximum Academy - Event - Part 1: The Drill by Fyreglyphs Maximum Academy - Event - Part 1: The Drill by Fyreglyphs

"Good afternoon, students. This is principal Dash speaking," came the familiar voice. 

Tailee glanced up from her work and listened to the principal over the intercom, curious.
Zytka was in her office, the lights dimmed as she was listening to music. She paused it and listened to the announcements.

"Before I give these announcements, I want no one to be alarmed by what I am about to say-" There was a sudden feminine "hmph" in the background of the broadcast, so quiet one almost couldn't hear it.

Tailee narrowed her eyes a little bit. 'Alarmed?' she wondered what he meant by that. 'Is there a twister or something going to happen?' She glanced around the room of students whispering to each other, trying to guess what he might be talking about.
Zytka was on edge, the tone in Dash's voice was something she has heard before. She gritted her teeth and took a couple deep breaths before listening closely.

"This week, classes will be cut short due to emergency drills. At the end of the week, the Academy will be on lockdown. To prepare for that day, we will be practicing iTex and emergency drills throughout this week. Your teachers will be passing out papers after these announcements and go over what will transpire during these drills. Thank you."

Tailee froze, wondering what emergency drills meant. She whispered to a nearby student who just shrugged. She wondered why, and all that she could conjure up was that the Academy wasn't safe, no, they weren't safe. She fiddled with her fingers, trying to understand. She came here to be safe, why would she have to go through emergency drills for a place said to be safe?
Zytka's head fell, her eyes closed as she registered this information. She wasn't devastated, nor upset, she was tense, and all she could think of was, 'No, not again.'



All Characters (Tailee, Zytka, Echo, Janelle) (c) Fyreglyphs
Dash (c) Soda-Snuggles 
Copyright tag for Deviants 16 by rclarkjnr

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