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MA App - Zytka Kowalski by Fyreglyphs MA App - Zytka Kowalski by Fyreglyphs

I'm quite busy lately so I'll be posting a better picture of her as soon as my life isn't so crazy uvu

[ General ]

Name: Zytka Kowalski

Age | DOB: 27 | March 15

Gender: Female

Height | Weight: 5’9” | 110lbs

Nationality: Polish


[ Academic ] 

Species: 1% Rosa-centifolia, 1% Populus nigra , 96% Human

Powers: - Photosynthesis -

Unlike regular humans, she can heal much quicker if she's in direct sunlight. Filtered sunlight doesn't have the same affect. This is a daily thing, keeping her plant cells as alive as possible. If she focuses hard enough, blocking out everything around her, she can heal quicker when in the sun.

Weaknesses:- Genetics - General Weaknesses - Fire Hazard -

Due to being a mix of plant and human genes, she has various difficulties in keeping herself in a healthy state. She needs at least two hours of sunlight every day as well as constant water consumption. This is even more difficult during the winter season because of the temperature and lack of sunlight. She frequently gets sick during this season.</sub
Zytka isn’t bullet proof or anything like that. She can be injured as easily as a human can. The exception is her healing process where she can use photosynthesis to help speed it up.She is very vulnerable to fire because of the cells in her body. Unlike a normal human being, if she’s nearby any large heat source, she sweats more quickly and can catch fire much easier. Where human hair can catch fire easily, her hair catches more easily. Don’t expect her to go by campfires either.

Position:Music Teacher


[ Personal ] 

Personality: - Socialite - Tree Hugger - Anger Issue - Party Girl - Mother Hen (ENFP/ENFJ)

She may be a few years older than the students, but she’ll talk and hang out with anybody and everybody. She always tries to get people to chat with each other even if two people hate the other. She doesn’t favor being by herself, but if everybody else wants some alone time, she’ll make an effort to not bother people.
She has grown up as an environment lover, and will go out of her way to make sure the environment is safe. She tends to influence people a lot on the topic, and sometimes she can end up being annoying. She tends to eat organic foods rather than processed. So basically she’s a vegetarian.When she gets upset over something or somebody, she tends to throw things around. This aspect of her is usually triggered by people ignoring her and/or treating her in rude ways. She only acts out if other people’s actions towards her are extreme. The smaller spikes in anger are easier to suppress.She loves to party, celebrate, dance, etc. If it’s somebody’s birthday, she’ll be the one organizing the party. If something needs to be celebrated or something along those lines, she'll be there to contribute! She likes to have a good time with the people there. In her mind, parties are there to celebrate something, and people should always be happy during them.When it comes to kids and/or taking care of others, she’ll go all out and do whatever she can to make them happy. She is usually strict when it comes to younger kids who act out, and more lenient as age rises. One of the main reasons she joined the Academy was in hopes to work with the kids more.


Zytka was born to a large Polish family in eastern Poland, but because of her family’s income, she was given up to a supposed “orphan home.” Instead, she was placed in the hands of an iTex base just on the western border of Russia. The base was formatted much like a green house, and specialized in plant mutants. Young baby Zytka was injected with plant DNA along with several other donated babies.

As she grew up, she made several friends with the other mutants there. Her experiment name was jumbled, but had multiple ‘z’s in it, so she made her name up from that. One of the mutants she made friends with, she helped name him Xavie. He was five years younger than her, and had darker green skin than her. They grew very fond of each other and encouraged the other through difficult times. Zytka was known to sing to the kids, making up songs to encourage them to stay strong and stay positive. When Zytka reached the eighteen mark, she decided to bust out of there along with Xavie and a few other mutants. It was a difficult task, but she managed to free three mutants in the process. Two of them had major burns due to a fire erupting during their escape, but Xavie was as jolly as Santa.

They travelled along the border of Russia in hopes to get into the eastern side of Europe. In an attempt to cross, they were confronted with Russian soldiers and taken to the capital. Again they were studied, prodded, and split up from each other. Zytka, the oldest of all the mutants, was kept under radar the most. She had no intention of escaping and/or fighting back. Last thing she needed was to get killed and/or put in more experimentation. She insisted to be taught by the soldiers on the soldier life. As much as she loved kids and taking care of them, she needed to know how to take care of herself. Learning how to fight would be a great asset for her. There was large controversy and it ended with her running for her life on the streets of Moscow. She hid from the government and travelled around secretly without being seen. It was very difficult because of her skin, so she searched around for a place that might accept her abnormality. On her journey, she found a flier asking her if she was different and a mutant. Elated that she found the flier, she made her way to the Academy. She grew fond of alcoholic drinks on her way there, but kept that part of her only to the parties. When she arrived, she applied for the Music teacher position in hopes of working with the kids there.

RP Mediums: chat, notes, skype


:bulletgreen: She’s bisexual but doesn’t show it.

:bulletgreen: She can be overprotective when it comes to certain people.

:bulletgreen: She carries cotton in her hair and it develops as seasons change.

:bulletgreen: The cotton that grows over time in her hair releases over a time period during the summer.

:bulletgreen: When this happens, you’ll probably won’t find her being social that much during that time period.

:bulletgreen: She’s very conscious when taking care of her hair.

:bulletgreen: Don’t make fun of her hair unless you want to be kicked into next week.
:bulletgreen: She can memorize songs in less than 10 minutes (acoustics, voice, beat, etc.)
:bulletgreen: Her hair changes color by season.  Zytka's Hair by Fyreglyphs

Copyright 9 by Th3EmOo

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