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MA App - Tailee by Fyreglyphs MA App - Tailee by Fyreglyphs

      [ General ]

Name: Tailee

Age | DOB: 11 | February 16

Gender: Female

Height | Weight: 4’6” | 70.1 lbs

Nationality: Korean

       [ Academic ] 

Species: 2% Anna’s Hummingbird, 0.5% Band-winged Dragonlet, 97.5% Human


She can reach speeds up to 40 mph when flying, but only for short bursts. Her normal flying speed is still pretty fast though, clocking in at 28 mph. At this speed, if one was able to watch her fly around, it looks like you can’t even see her wings. She can appear to be “floating” if somebody managed to capture a picture of her.

Weaknesses: Fragility - Poor Eyesight - Curiosity

Her wings are extremely fragile when flying, since they beat fast enough like a hummingbird and dragonfly together. But, of course, she’s also part human and still growing, causing the bones in her wings brittle to her surroundings. She keeps her wings close to herself and away from others touching them. This also affects her body structure, causing her body to be more susceptible to injury. On top of that, she doesn’t have perfect vision; she has a small pair of pink glasses that she never wears because she hates them. So she frequently bumps into things and misjudges distances from time to time. Being a kid an all, she’s always curious about her surroundings, and still hasn’t really thought of what to do and not to do, since she grew up isolated from the outside world. If there were a man saying that there’s candy in the van, she’d already be in the van.

Classes: SPAM, Health

       [ Personal ]

Personality: Curious - Friendly - Ambitious - Dependent (ENFP)

Tailee grew up as a very adventurous girl, wanting to go and get into everything she could. She listens in on other people’s conversations, touches/takes things that she shouldn’t, etc. She tends to get into trouble without really thinking about it. Once something catches her attention, she goes for it and doesn’t think to stop. She’s much like the kid who asks “are we there yet” every few minutes in a car drive. She gladly talks with others, especially since she’s curious about other people and learning about them and stuff. Her friendliness leads to her being very dependent on others, especially if they’re older (and taller) than her. She kind of follows those people around, making sure they notice her and be friendly with her.


Tailee was born to a devoted father and mother in South Korea. Both of her parents worked day and night, so she spent most of her time with a caregiver who had three other kids. Her father worked as a janitor for a large company he knew little about. Lo and behold, it happened to be an ITex branch his wife worked at. All he knew was that she worked for the “government” and that she couldn’t talk much about her day because it was top secret. Little did he know that his wife worked behind his back and injected their own daughter with DNA.

It wasn’t until several weeks since Tailee’s birth that he noticed something strange appearing on her back. He flipped and took her to the nearest hospital, afraid that she had some disease. The doctors were baffled, until somebody walked in: his wife and a couple other people. They tazed the doctors there, and knocked out Tailee’s dad and took her to ITex. Her father woke up in a room with Tailee in a crate nearby him. She was crying, and when he went over to her to try and pick the lock, his wife came in and explained that the plan all along was for Tailee to be an experiment. They argued greatly over the matter, and they eventually settled on an agreement to let Tailee to grow up with her father but go to “school” for testing.

This lasted for several years, and during this time her father made some allies to help gain custody over his daughter. Once she turned seven, he made his move and fled the country, his allies backing him up and letting him change his identity and everything. He renamed his daughter and schooled her privately in rural Japan. Once she turned ten, practically fledged and everything, he knew he couldn’t keep her hidden forever. He frantically searched for help, and fell on a poster for Maximum Academy. He took a flight out to Australia and talked to Tailee frequently, telling her that this school was going to take care of her and everything. He told her that he couldn’t go to them, but gave her directions to the school on a slip of paper. Tailee gladly did so, hugging him and asking if she’ll ever see him again or her mom. He shook his head no yet said, “But I’ll always love you, no matter how far I am.” Then he took off, leaving Tailee to go to the Academy to be safe and sound.

RP Mediums: Role Play and Contact Information


:bulletpink: Her hair has a slight pink color to it due to the hummingbird DNA.

:bulletpink: She has a stuffed pink dolphin about the size of her head she carries around from time to time.

:bulletpink: Her favorite color is magenta/pink.

:bulletpink: She has a small backpack that her dad gave her that carries most of her stuff.

Copyright 9 by Th3EmOo

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