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    [ General ]

Name: Echo 
Age | DOB: 15 | August 2nd
Gender: Male
Height | Weight: 5’9” | 127lbs
Nationality: Australian

       [ Academic ]

Species: 1% Eudyptes chrysolophus, 0.5% Diplomesodon pulchellum
Powers: Echolocation – Cold Tolerance – Agility

In accordance with his DNA, Echo can echolocate by clicking his tongue and/or clapping his hands and be able to detect his surroundings by the rebound of sound. He mostly uses it when he needs to, such when he’s underwater or in dark places. He is also able to withstand colder temperatures than the average human­ but is not immune to it. He is very agile in water due to his slim body and swimming skills. 

Weaknesses: Blind Spot – Overheating – Not Strong

He is blind in his left eye due to a birth defect that damaged his sight. It only affected his left eye, but it provides a major blind spot and leaves his peripheral vision limited to only one side. This gives him problems in daily tasks, especially in water and at night, which is when he uses his echolocation to help see. He is also susceptible to overheating due to his cold tolerance, and avoids warm weather. He tries to keep cool by staying inside and drinking/eating cold foods. Despite his increase in agility, he is not physically strong. He cannot hold himself up in a fight of strength, and often resorts to fleeing.


       [ Personal ]

Personality: Brave – Sponge – Clever – Protective (ENFJ)

Echo is a very bubbly kid that enjoys being with people and making friends. He enjoys both casual conversation and taking time to relax and read a good book. His friendships are very close knit as he takes pride in them, avoiding hurting their feelings and keeping him happy. He is very protective of the people he loves and will aid them in need. He also enjoys learning new things, spending a lot of his time in the library and asking questions during class. Although he may struggle on this path, he’s determined to learn more about the world and expand his mind. Being optimistic, he dislikes when people put him down for it, despite looking on the greener side of things. He is pretty sensitive when it comes to criticism and/or rudeness, often taking it on himself that he isn’t doing enough. He doesn’t like taking sides but avoids mediating as the daunting consequences of his actions paralyzes him the more he thinks about them.


Echo is a test tube baby created and raised at an ITex branch in southern Australia. The branch specialized in test tube babies and was nicknamed the “Mother” branch for this reason. The majority of staff were females, many of which hoped to raise their own child.

Once Echo was born, he was implanted with shrew DNA in hopes he would develop an echolocation ability, his experiment name being Echo because of it. In the first few years, as he was tested, the female scientist overlooking him noticed that his sight was starting to go. He was diagnosed with retinitis pigmentosa to the scientist’s dismay. Thankfully he was beginning to enhance his ability and use it to his advantage of losing his eyesight. They were able to contain it to where he only lost eyesight in one eye, as they didn’t want him to go completely blind. Being drawn to him, the scientist continued testing him despite the defect. She wanted to test his ability in water but ended up having to fish him out as he struggled to stay afloat. Despite all her tries, little Echo had no intention on learning to swim, so she implanted him with penguin DNA. Lo and behold he started to grow fond of the water, excelling in all the tests and becoming a pro-swimmer at age seven. From then on, he was deemed to be their next weapon. 

As he aged, Echo was taught the basic curriculum any other kid would learn. He showed signs of interest the more he was taught but started to hold back once he started asking questions. The more they avoided giving him too much information about a world outside of ITex, the more he grew interested. He began having dreams of the outside world, and he started formulating a plan to go see it. Around his thirteenth birthday, he decided it was time to escape. Since he grew dependent on the employees and they trusted him, he was able to walk freely and have his own room. But none of them knew he was planning to leave. He knew the exits, the building layout, the staff’s shifts, everything. He decided to “chill” nearby one of the staff’s exits when a loud alarm went off, indicating a mutant had escaped. Knowing this was his chance, he slipped out and ran for it, looking back in case they were following him. He was in luck, but to make sure, he dove into the ocean that was only minutes away to divert the trail for the Erasers. He swam for miles until he reached shore again, elated for escaping and being able to experience the world in its entirety. On his adventures of learning about the world, he found Maximum Academy, finding others like him and deciding to stay and learn more about the world.

RP Mediums:


:bulletblue: He is asexual and still trying to understand it.
:bulletblue: He is a vegetarian except for fish.
:bulletblue: He always wears comfortable clothes, and prefers hoodies over jackets.
:bulletblue: He has a slight waddle in his walk because his feet naturally point outwards.
:bulletblue: He’s ambidextrous.
:bulletblue: He’s a Huffleclaw (Hufflepuff with Ravenclaw tendencies)
:bulletblue: He squawks when surprised.
:bulletblue: He’s an avid swimmer and swims as often as he can.


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oh my god he's adorable! He should one day meet the friendly neighbourhood spider boy Arthur .u.
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Hmmm.... so YOU'RE the one who got my Xelo as their secret santa... *Looks the character over* O^O.... >///< This is adorable! Please let me rp with you!


Fyreglyphs Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
ahhh thanks! >//w//< and uh sure! ^u^
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