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Fyreglyphs' 2017 Summary of Art by Fyreglyphs Fyreglyphs' 2017 Summary of Art by Fyreglyphs
Oh man what a year it has been! I have to say, this was definitely my favorite year of drawing, I got to do so much! I have to say, my style has definitely improved and narrowed down to what feels the best for me. Now, onto the new year!

January: The beginning of the fine tuning! I started to draw more SU fusions, as well as more Pokemon, and I tried my feel of drawing people with different attributes!
February: The start of the onslaught of icons! I wanted to make myself my own icon, loved it, and then it all went from there! I also drew a lot of Pokemon this month too!
March:I drew a lot of SU icons this month, while also experimenting on different styles! 
April: My open fusion call was this month, and wow was it so much fun! Being able to see and analyze different aspects of different gems and putting them into one beautiful being? So much fun!
May: So apparently I only posted like one thing this month? And it was only Vulpix? Lol it was the end of the semester though by this time!
June: I did a hefty amount of icons this month too, as well as drawing my new gem OC Ocean Jasper! And can I say thank you to all who like my icons! ^^
July: I lot more SU art! I also was able to draw more of my characters, as well as try a couple new style tricks here and there!
August: With another semester starting, the art was slow, but I was able to draw more fusions of peoples' gems and mine! Not to mention the debut of Indigo Garnet!
September: I drew mostly Pokemon this month, but I was able to finish of another fusion call with my gem OC Ocean Jasper! Plus, a sexy Dekel with wings!
October: I drew a lot of Ghost type Pokemon since it's Halloween time! Not to mention some better art with a more fixed art style! Pretty positive this is where it started to narrow down!
November: Why did I post this in November? No idea. But hey, this was a fun month chock full of SU icons!
December: I did more work on my chibi style this month, and I also did a wonderful commission for a friend! I wanted to end this year with a little bang, so I drew a compilation of my gems here!

I had such a blast this year! Y'all are just amazing friends and watchers, and I hope to see you again in the following year! ^^

Keep your flames bright! :flame:

Characters, Art, Meme (c) Fyreglyphs
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SupremeKhi Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You had some great art this year :D
Fyreglyphs Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you! ^^
SupremeKhi Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Keep up the great work!! :D
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