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Fyreglyphs' 2016 Art Summary by Fyreglyphs Fyreglyphs' 2016 Art Summary by Fyreglyphs
Last post of the year! I have to say, my style has changed over the year, and for the better too! There was a small lag during the spring this past year and I mostly blame college getting me down. I plan to draw much more this upcoming year!

January Grabbed one from Dec 2015, and oh geez the style is so old xD
February Did a good slew of commissions here, and was getting better with poses! ^.^
March Slow month, all I could muster up was some adopts lol
April Again, all I could pull together was a slight redesign of one of my characters xP
May Once the semester ended, I got inspired by MR again! And wings.
June A redraw of my first ever drawing of this character! I was getting better with poses too ;)
July Major improvement here! I was getting better with drawing guys :3
August First design of my gemsona! And getting into trying different styles ^^
September Continued with different styles, and drawing more SU fan art >u<
October Kinda a slow month, but I was experimenting with styles and made more adopts.
November Starting working with more detail and aiming more on different body types and such. :)
December SU has taken over my life lol, and again going with a little bit of a style change! :D

Happy New Year everybody! And I send you all the best of luck and good wishes this 2017! ^^

Art and Characters (c) Fyreglyphs
Meme (c) DustBunnyThumper
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